Search Engine Optimization Audit
Comprehensive SEO Analysis with Roadmap
  • Detailed analysis of your website’s health
  • Recommendations on how to fix issues and boost search rankings
  • Single easy-to-read report
  • Exclusively for MotoCMS Users
Get Your SEO Audit
Why Do You Need an SEO audit?
Let’s look at some numbers: each month there are over 10.3 billion Google searches. Phone calls from mobile search are growing by 42% every year. It means that even the most fancy and functional website is nearly useless if users can’t find it via search engines. Make sure your business is where your clients are by auditing your online visibility and getting customized recommendations on boosting your search positions.
What’s In The Report?
You get the full list of your on-site problems along with the explanation of how each of them affects your visibility in search results. Moreover, you’re offered specific action steps on how to fix the issues and guidelines on implementing those steps within your MotoCMS website builder.
Optimize Your Content
Keyword Focus • URL Structure • Title Tags • Meta Descriptions • Meta Keywords • Heading Tags • Content • Internal Linking • Image Names and Alts • NoFollow Anchor Tags
Maximize Indexing
Page Load Speed • Broken Links • Duplicate Content
Identify Linking Opportunities
Linking Root Domains • Inbound Followed Links
The MotoCMS SEO audit includes both Analysis & Recommendations with prioritized actions tailored to YOUR specific website and niche you work in. It enables you to choose the winning SEO strategy for increased conversions
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