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Interior Design Website Templates

MotoCMS interior design website templates are your comprehensive solutions for building outstanding sites code-free. Whether you are a pro in website construction or have no idea on how to create a website for your interior & furniture company, MotoCMS is your best match! Pick the design you like and build a web page with ease thanks to a completely drag & drop interface!

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MotoCMS Interior Design Website Templates

Interior design is a distinct business niche for all the imaginative people who adore changing various interiors for better. If you know that your calling is to make cozy homes from average houses, then you surely need to create interior design website. But how and where do you find the best interior design website templates for your web project? We at MotoCMS believe that good quality can mean reasonable prices.

That is why we offer you to have a look at the collection of interior & furniture website templates. Here you can find numerous options for many businesses connected with the interior design services. What makes our home decor website templates one-of-a-kind? Well, several features will undoubtedly grab your attention. Learn more about our website templates for interior design, choose an excellent interior website template, and start growing your business online today with MotoCMS!

Best Interior Design Website Templates for Furniture & Decor Websites

When it comes to the best interior website design based on ready-made interior & furniture website templates, you need to analyze all the features that your ultimate website should have on the way out. There are certain things you need to consider.

First, you can enlarge your clientele faster if your website looks professional. Of course, the functionality of the site is also very significant. Also, presenting your projects to clients is much easier if you can merely lead them to your website. Undoubtedly, if these clients are new, you need to make sure you do not keep them waiting.

Thus, you need website templates for interior design with high loading speed. And most importantly, the art of interior design is 99% visual. That is why you always need to care about boosting your customers’ attention with fascinating photos.

Advantages of MotoCMS Interior Design Website Templates

To gain success in this business, you need a professional website with the high loading speed and various gallery options. It may seem that to create an interior design website is very expensive. The good news is it is not. For example, our collection contains interior website templates for companies that make or sell furniture, provide design consulting, or specializes in flooring, lighting, wallpaper installation, etc. Every interior website design template from MotoCMS has all the essentials that will help you to make an interior website that makes clients stay focused on your business. See all the features in detail below.

Diverse Choice of Furniture & Decor Templates

We at MotoCMS understand that the niche of interior design covers a multiplicity of web projects. So, we update this category with innovative interior design website templates on an ongoing basis. Thus, you can create an interior website that will specify and emphasize your business as a unique one. The list of home decor website templates is broad. However, we will consider the most popular business directions below.

  • Interior design studios and commercial interior agencies;
  • Home decor & interior services;
  • Outdoor and indoor furniture manufacturing;
  • Office furniture production;
  • Furniture shops and enterprises;
  • Home and office remodeling companies;
  • Window construction and installation services;
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies;
  • Interior tile companies;
  • Reclining and motion furniture production;
  • Appliance repair services;
  • Wood, hardwood, laminate, vinyl flooring and carpeting companies and factories;
  • Decorating ideas blogs and portals.

Fully-Editable Designs

The list brought up above is only a minor part of businesses you can take online with MotoCMS. Take a closer look at the whole assortment of interior design website templates and choose the one that appeals to you and meets your expectations and project requirements. In case you can not see the perfect product related to your niche, do not worry! You can customize every interior website design up to your taste and so make it fit your business perfectly.

Ultra-Responsive Templates

Being a designer in heart, you certainly understand that a poor presentation can cost you an arm and a leg. Thus, you need to make sure your future website will highlight your interior projects and will showcase them in the best way possible. So, you need to opt for mobile-friendly solutions only to make your site look engaging and function well everywhere. Fortunately, all the interior design website templates powered by MotoCMS are responsive and cross-browser compatible.

Thus, your clients will enjoy an excellent site performance on the bulk of devices and in any web browser. All the images and content blocks will appear professionally. So, you will not have any worries on how your recent home decor artworks look on users’ gadgets.

Seamless Website Editor

Interior design website templates with mobile-friendly nature come as a great way to build a site. Well, if you deal with a complicated website builder that drives you nuts, the responsiveness takes a back seat. With MotoCMS, you can forget about these issues and problems. Each website template for interior design in this collection allows you to create interior design website yourself without the need in additional help or assistance. How can you achieve this on your own?

The answer is pretty simple - meet the drag and drop website builder that brings joy at a glance. Besides top-notch interior website templates, MotoCMS produced an easy website creator. It excludes any reason to hire web studios or freelance web professionals to work on your site’s project.

Convenient Control Panel

Here you get an efficient admin panel that allows you to take control over your website layout design and filling. Moreover, every element is based on the drag and drop system. Hence, the only thing you need to do to create a website for your business is to choose specific blocks and apply them to your site’s pages. Notice that each element of your site is fully-editable with MotoCMS interior & furniture website templates. Feel free to change colors, add or remove pages and widgets, customize images and do any other things to get the most out of your web project.

Specific Widgets and Tools

All interior design website templates in this bundle boast a range of useful features that will help you to create interior design website and so to succeed with your business on the web. It is worth mentioning that all furniture website templates come with an exceptional variety of widgets that you can quickly realize in your websites.

For example, there is an Appointment widget by Acuity Scheduling. It will be especially helpful for interior designers and interior design studios. Furthermore, if you want your clients to book appointments and schedule meetings right on your website to discuss all the interior details, this tool is your match.

One more sufficient thing that you surely need to add to your site is Google Map Pro widget. Not only will it help your visitors to find your location, but it also will please their eyes with markers and a customized look of the map. Another good thing for interior design businesses is a connection with social media.

All interior design website templates come with significant social widgets and a new Instagram Post widget that allows you to showcase the images and videos from your interior studio account directly on your website. You can see the whole list of tools right in the panel or learn more about the last-added widgets on the release notes page.

SEO Options

No wonder, search engine optimization is a thing that all online business owners want to succeed with to get higher rankings for their websites. However, not all of them know how to adjust their sites for popular search engines. For example, Google created its own search engine optimization guide that is open-source, and so, everyone who wants to make the one’s website friendly and noticeable for this engine can discover everything on how to do it.

Nevertheless, if you create interior design website with ready-made solutions, you should make sure they give you opportunities for proper site optimization. All interior design website templates based on MotoCMS come with diverse SEO options that will help you to set up your website like a pro. Thus, working with these tools when choosing interior and furniture website templates, you can create imposing meta tags, enrich visual content with alt attributes, and more.

Reliable Support

A satisfied client is our main gift and a reason to feel proud, so your pleasure of working with our interior design website templates is what we stand for. Thus, we provide you with full assistance that is available 24/7. Our support representatives can reach you in the most comfortable way of connection: via email, in a live chat or with the help of an instant callback.

Feel free to ask any questions concerning home decor website templates and the website creation process in general. The support team can even guide you through the site building if necessary. Furthermore, there is a Help Center where you can get to know with versatile, useful guidelines on how to work with interior and furniture website templates, get the latest news about products and services, submit your requests, etc.

Free Test

There is one more great news that we want to share with all clients who would like to take their businesses online with interior design website templates from this collection. MotoCMS offers you to try out any home decor website template in a free two-week test-drive. You get the full functionality in a free version and so can easily create interior design website free of charge.

During the trial, we store all your modifications. Thus, after the testing period, you can get a full mockup of your site containing all the necessary edits. Nevertheless, we should notice that if you do not get the template after your free test-drive is expired, you will lose all the changes you’ve made. Additionally, if you want to try other design, you can change the template for the free test.

Create a Website in a Few Steps with Interior Design Website Templates

Website building with MotoCMS interior website templates is enjoyable and, above all, efficient. We prepared for you easy instructions so you could deal with it even faster!

Pick Up the Domain and a Web Host

These two things come as your fundamentals if you want to create interior design website that works like a well-oiled machine. MotoCMS, with its interior website templates, provides you with hosting independence so you could select the provider that meets your budget and needs. However, there are some verified web hosts that our customers especially love when launching their sites.

Feel free to learn more about the CMS web hosting, available plans, and specials. By the way, most of the providers allow you to get a domain name for your future website for free.

Select the Interior Website Design and Customize It

The is a variety of interior design website templates to choose from. MotoCMS prepared for you loads of breathtaking furniture website templates so you could pick a perfect remodeling website design for interior & furniture business and create interior design website easy and fast. Additionally, there are premium templates that feature with unique design and editing opportunities.

After you’ve chosen the one from website templates for interior design, request a free test with your email address. Or add the web theme to your cart and complete the purchase. Then you can start the customization process. Edit the design according to your liking, choose blocks, drop them to your pages, apply widgets, modify the color scheme with Color Picker tool, add your content, and you’re ready to go online!

Double-Check, and Publish

After all the work with interior design website templates is done, examine your site, make sure your content is unique, and describes your business services accurately. Strictly avoid misleading, your visitors should understand what your site is about, what kinds of activity you provide, etc., at a glance. Also, re-check the weight of your images. Too heavy visuals on your website may cause its slow performance and so to reduce your ranking. Use PageSpeed Insights tool to make the analysis of your web pages and discover everything on how to boost them in the right way. Enjoy a powerful interior website and meet a steady flow of clients!

Choose MotoCMS Interior Design Website Templates

As you can see, we can help you create interior website yourself. With MotoCMS interior website templates, you receive everything you need for a remarkable and functional site made easy! So, take a look at our furniture website templates and build a website that will not only make your competitors jealous but also will help your business grow online!

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