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Wedding is a very significant event for everyone. That is why we always look for the best wedding planning services to make the occasion beautiful and memorable. However, due to the high competition level, it is pretty hard to find a reliable wedding planner who will do the best. Therefore, if you hold a wedding business or want to design a creative wedding invitation, you definitely should have your website. MotoCMS prepared for you a gorgeous collection of wedding website templates that will help you to create a wedding website that matters!

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Wedding Website Templates to Create a Wedding Website with MotoCMS

Do you help people to have the wedding of their dreams? Do you have products or provide services that can make any wedding day unforgettable? If yes, an attractive website is your number one tool to promote and manage your wedding business. What is more, with a wedding website your company will stay afloat under the changing circumstances of the business world.

So why not try to increase your chances to become successful in the wedding market and create a wedding website with a professional design? MotoCMS wedding photography website builder can quickly help you to deal with it. In this category, you will find wedding website templates with sophisticated design and advanced functionality.

Each of these wedding invitation website templates has all the design elements you need to spread the word about your wedding services, dresses, jewelry, or include the information about your wedding and invite the guests with an online RSVP form.

Wedding Website Templates - Main Features

In our life, there are many moments that we would like to capture so that in the future, we will gladly remember them. Wedding day is one of those. Thanks to modern technologies, you can create not just a bright photo album, but also a full-fledged web resource that will store your impressions. It is also the best solution for those who work in the field of wedding business.

There is a diversity of essentials on why wedding planner website templates powered by MotoCMS are outstanding and impeccable. We guarantee that you will enjoy the website creation process based on our website creator. Well, see the entire list of features below.

Mobile-Friendly and Intuitive Wedding Website Templates

First of all, each destination wedding website template comes with a fully responsive design, and so, your future wedding website will look fabulous on all types of devices. Visitors can see your content not only from a desktop computer but also from a smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, all the wedding website templates come with a smart website builder. It boasts an entirely intuitive nature and drag & drop functionality. Thus, you can create a wedding website without anyone’s assistance by managing blocks and adding your content.

Advanced Customization

All wedding website templates have a convenient control panel that allows you to set up the site exactly how your wedding planner business or your wedding event needs. The whole collection of wedding planner website templates comes with a vibrant variety of widgets and modules to help you build the best wedding website ever. Also, there are advanced SEO options that come with every wedding web page template. They will help you to take your website to the top of search results.

Trial Period

Besides, do not forget that you can test out any of the wedding event website templates for two weeks without any fees. MotoCMS provides a free trial period for all wedding website templates. You can request it using your email address only. Feel free to create a draft of your wedding website. All your edits will be stored during the whole trial period. Thus, you can test the selected template or immediately create a full-fledged website based on it. Choose one what is right for you!

Cutting-Edge Support for Wedding Website Templates

In case you are all about the wedding hassle and have many things to do before the event - our support representatives will gladly help you with the installation, editing process, and will incorporate all the changes you want to make. Our agents are ready to assist you via email, phone, or live chat. Furthermore, there is a handy Help Center that allows you to get to know different product essentials.

We appreciate your time, so our experts are ready to assist you at any time. Feel free to start an online chat with a MotoCMS specialist or request a consultation by phone!

Make a Wedding Website with MotoCMS Wedding Website Templates

What we offer you today is a fantastic collection of wedding invitation website templates to help you create a wedding website and edit it with ease. Here you can find a template for all types of businesses that specialize in the wedding industry.

For example, it will not take much time to search out responsive wedding website templates for the following websites:

  • wedding photographer’s portfolio;
  • wedding planner website;
  • wedding online shop;
  • wedding catering business;
  • personal wedding website;
  • full wedding event management business;
  • wedding venues business, etc.

You will surely find something to your liking! Just have a closer look at the detailed information sections and demo versions of our wedding invitation website templates. Create a wedding website that will hypnotize your clientele with joy, happiness, and grace!

Create Your Wedding Website with Ease

At MotoCMS, we believe that everyone can create an excellent wedding website design. Moreover, we think that it should not matter what professional background our buyers have. That is why we produced the best CMS for a wedding website. All our wedding website templates have a robust admin panel that is easy-to-operate.

All you need to do to manage your website successfully is to drag and drop certain content elements. You can fill in the required information fields of the finished template or create something extraordinary on its basis. By doing so, you form a unique layout for your wedding websites for couples. Moreover, with the handy control panel from MotoCMS, you can edit every single detail you see on your site.

And the best part is that with ready-made wedding website templates, you do not need to have an MSc in Computer Science or any prior knowledge in the web programming to benefit when making your web page.

How to Create a Wedding Website?

To use the wedding website builder, you need a little time and your desire. To register on the MotoCMS website, you only need a couple of minutes and a valid email address. Then select one of the templates and click on ‘try for free.’ Follow the link from the email to the control panel and start the workflow.

If you want to make a genuinely marvelous wedding site with one of wedding website templates, here are several tips which might be helpful.

1. Think About Hosting

You will surely need hosting to store the files of your website. Thus, you can get uninterrupted access to it from any device. Today, many Internet companies provide hosting services under different conditions. Check them out to choose the right one and create wedding website with own domain. If you haven't picked it, click on the chat and our representatives will give you a piece of advice regarding the best wedding website templates and hosting.

MotoCMS collaborates with the best hosting providers because we want our customers to get not only quality websites but also ready-made web projects. Choose a reliable hosting provider to have a website with a hassle-free and round-the-clock performance.

2. Select the Design and Apply Your Edits

Choose a simple wedding site template that fits your tastes. Check if the chosen wedding design is mobile-friendly to make sure that it will be appropriately displayed on tablets and smartphones. Install the template and customize it according to your preferences. You don't need any coding skills to create a wedding website with MotoCMS wedding website templates, because they all have a user-friendly admin panel. Therefore, you can customize the look of your website using the visual editor.

Switch to editing mode to see how your site’s pages will look on various devices. You can delete or add the relevant sections, edit pop-up notifications, and much more. You can also add some SEO settings, such as meta tags.

3. Publish Your Website & Promote It

Examine your web project one more time before publishment and get ready for the guests! After that, use the full power of social media to share it via the most popular social networks. Do not forget about the blog as it is an excellent tool to interact with your audience. Fortunately, all wedding web templates from MotoCMS have a broad choice of social widgets and boast a blog functionality.

Feel free to use blog features that you can access from the admin panel! Choose a publication date, provide articles with different headings and URLs. Managing site content is straightforward.

Wedding Website Templates - Website Creation Tips

Depending on the niche that you occupy in the wedding business, the wedding planner website templates can become both an extensive working portfolio and landing pages for events. A variety of design features will allow you to create a high-quality web resource that will delight all visitors to your future site. Try all the widgets and combine them precisely in the composition that can fully characterize your business.

Perfect Solution for Wedding Photographers

Today, a personal website can become not only a business card but also a bright portfolio. Tell us about your success with the help of the wedding website builder. If you want to do this, the admin panel has the following features:

  • Variable galleries. Do you prefer classics or love something futuristic? Try numerous sliders, carousels, grids, or tiles to find what your skills best demonstrate precisely.
  • Convenient buttons. Make sure that your web resource makes a good impression, not only through beautiful images but also easy navigation. You can do these using settings for button widgets.
  • Text options. We made sure that the text content is entirely consistent with the media. Thanks to the emphasis on typography, published articles will perfectly complement your work.

E-Store Options for Wedding Website Templates

As in any business site, the functionality and design of the online wedding store must fully meet the needs of customers. For your web resource to attract not only the external shell but also informative content, pay attention to the following features:

  • Ergonomic menu. Thanks to a multi-level menu that you can edit easily, your visitors will never be lost on your site.
  • Speedy performance. Wedding website templates can pleasantly surprise not only the beauty of the design but also the speed of loading media content.
  • Intuitive interface. Feel free to take advantage of widgets! Create a unique and user-friendly site using intuitive buttons and blocks for placing content.

If you like one of the templates that do not have an online store function, you can always fix it with the eCommerce plugin. Our experts will take care of the implementation of the module in your template so that you can sell your services or products on the Internet!

Essentials for Wedding Coordinators

Another advantage of using wedding website templates is that you can easily connect third-party plug-ins or use built-in, for example, countdown counters. Google modules are also supported. Thus, you will be able to plan the event with high quality and report it to all participants.

Feel free to use the social networking buttons to share the news! Do not forget to provide information about events with high-quality photos and video. Try a media library and a blog to upload and manage the content quickly.

You can also use feedback widgets to interact with customers quickly. Use the contact form to register an application or widget for online chat - visitors will appreciate the efficiency of your service!

Personal Wedding Website

Wedding is a severe and responsible event. A personal website is the best solution because you will receive not just a beautiful photo album, but also a full report on the occasion. If you are planning to create a web-resource using MotoCMS wedding website templates, take a look at:

  • Blocks. As in the children's designer, these elements combine several structural units. Competent arrangement of blocks is responsible for the compact design and information content of the published content.
  • Time widgets. With the functionality of wedding website templates, you will never forget about the date and time of a relevant event if you use particular elements to work with time, and location.
  • Possibilities of contact forms. If you create a wedding website before the event, you can save a lot of time and money on interacting with guests! Use your contact form to provide site visitors with all the necessary information.

Get started Today with MotoCMS Wedding Website Templates

Using MotoCMS, creating a full-fledged wedding web resource is as easy as drinking a cup of coffee. You can get a creative website without special skills in just a few days. Choose one of the ready-made solutions, fill the pages with informative content, make changes to the layout, and enjoy the results of your work. We have provided everything that you may need in the process of creation.

It does not matter that you take part in the organization a large-scale holiday with a lot of guests or a quiet, closed celebration. You want to keep memories from the wedding carefully.

So, browse the whole assortment of wedding website templates to create the best wedding websites with MotoCMS!


Is there a gallery of ready-made images in the Wedding Website Templates?

Weddings are always attributable to solemnity and celebration and no matter what website you create. For the sale of dresses or Kettering or you want to make a website with a portfolio of your professional photos. In the wedding website, templates we have already added high-quality photos and videos that will help you create the best wedding website. Thanks to the intuitive control adding photos or videos to the templates are very easy l. All changes will occur in your eyes. Tell yes your favorite wedding website.

Will I be able to establish customer feedback with the Wedding Website Templates?

Converse with customers is something that helps to get even more pleasure from work thanks to the rave reviews and at the same time, it helps to establish tasks that are required to solve in your business. In the wedding website templates, you can organize feedback with your customers in any form convenient for you. You can create a page with feedback about your already completed projects or an open page with the ability to ask questions about your services. You can create instant chat or choose a classic form of communication via email.

Is it possible to demo a wedding album from the Wedding Website Templates?

A wedding album is almost the main attribute of the wedding and what clients pay great attention to. That’s why posting your best photos to disassemble your website is the right thing to do. With wedding website templates you can design this album unforgettable, thanks to the multifunctional admin panel to pick up and compare options of color feed and frame design, choose animation options and even add touching music to highlight the solemnity of the shots.

Can I use the Wedding Website Templates to create a website for my wedding?

Organizing a wedding is a complicated and rather stressful process. But it can be made easier with the help of wedding website templates. You can greatly simplify the task by creating a website for your own wedding. There you can post information about the upcoming event, place a detailed program of the evening, add a video from the performance of the band that you invite, place a detailed menu with treats you will post to guests, and even send out invitations to guests with an online RSVP form.

Is it possible to install interactive elements in the Wedding Website Templates?

Wedding photos and videos are something you not only want to look at, but want to touch. So interactive elements are so important that customers can literally feel what they are ordering. Among the wedding website templates, you will find options of websites that give this opportunity. With the ability to post videos and photos with various animations and browse, your customers will be able to get to know your services. You can also create an interactive shopping cart for your online store where you can add as much information as possible about what your customers are buying.
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