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If you want to create wedding photography website, you are at the right place. This page will offer you a shortcut to the resource that will make you famous. It contains a variety of best wedding photography website templates powered by wedding photography website builder. The best thing is that you even don’t need to have web design and web development skills to build your photography website.

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Wedding Photography Website Builder from MotoCMS

Wedding is one of the most important events in a lifetime, so people want to save memories about this special day forever. That’s why they are very picky about choosing a wedding photographer. So, the more beautiful is your website, the bigger are your chances to get hired. With wedding photography website builder your coding experience does not matter at all.

You can create a beautiful website even if you want it to be complex. Each of MotoCMS wedding website templates is utterly beginner-friendly and boasts a super simple visual drag and drop editing and responsive design. The intuitive website builder will give you everything to breathe life in your new project and start your brand online.

Easy Website Creation

The entire website creation workflow with the wedding photography website builder is easy. To create your wedding website, you only need a desire and a perfect template. You will have a vast choice as we have a vivid selection of wedding photography website templates in the inventory.

Then you need to customize the chosen design and upload your content. It can be quickly done thanks to the advanced functionality of the website creator. You will be able to change the layout the way you wish - edit its color scheme and structure, upload your images, add your logo, and write unique texts. The final result will look as if you made it from scratch.

Adding custom SEO and analytics is the next step. When your website design is ready, it's time to optimize it and take care of its performance. Use our wedding photography website builder to add necessary SEO settings to your website. You will find simple tips on the process in our SEO optimization guide. Track the results of your efforts with Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics integrated with the admin panel.

Then it’s time to publish and promote your website online. Your website is live, and you are ready to show it to the world. You can promote your business online and connect it to the social networks with the help of intuitive admin panel powered by wedding photography website builder. It offers many helpful widgets, such as the Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, or Pinterest Board, which let you share the latest feed right on your website. Add Social Buttons and share the content to create even more significant buzz.

Drag & Drop Wedding Photography Website Builder

You don’t need to know coding to edit wedding photography website templates. Drag and drop editor allows you to do everything in visual mode by simply dragging and dropping the elements. Your level of expertise doesn’t matter. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will arrange your texts, blocks, and make them live in a couple of clicks.

Responsive, Mobile-Optimized Design

We have already mentioned above that having a responsive site is crucial. Wedding photography website builder allows you to build exactly this kind of website. Create a responsive website that will work flawlessly across all available screen sizes. Each wedding photographer website design is developed with the help of the latest technologies, so it allows you not only make each page of your brand new website beautiful but 100% responsive. We mean that it will look great on any device, from a desktop computer to tablet, or mobile phone. Your website will get a better mobile search ranking as well.

Ecommerce Functionality

All wedding photography website templates allow you to create a high-converting online store with ease. Advanced eCommerce features powered by MotoCMS let you build your business, sell products and services. Products' catalog with filtering and search options, secure payment gateways, tax and shipping settings, flexible payment options and a secure checkout are all included in the template package.

Wedding Photography Website Templates Load Lightning-Fast

All of us know that people hate waiting. That's why fast loading speed can be proudly named among one of the most significant advantages of MotoCMS wedding photography website builder. We reach the high loading speed thanks to the advanced system architecture, so you can be sure that your website powered by MotoCMS will load in a blink of an eye. It’s also a guarantee that your visitors will have the best user experience, which will boost your sales and conversions.

Additional Integrations and Plugins

Wedding photography website builder is getting better day-by-day. Our professional developers add new functionality to the latest releases of the admin panel regularly. For example, these integrations and plugins include a new Google Map Pro widget, Advanced Contact Form plugin, Instagram Post widget, new Tile Gallery, Popup widget, Appointment by Acuity Scheduling, OpenTable and Airbnb Booking Integration, and many others.

SEO Settings

You can have the most beautiful website on the web which will stay unnoticed unless you apply the best SEO practices to help it rank. Simple website builder by MotoCMS has advanced SEO settings which will help you do that right. You will be supported with the appropriate functionality and a comprehensive SEO guide to building the proper URLs, meta tags, and more.

24/7 Technical Support

You buy wedding photography website builder from MotoCMS in one package with expert 24/7 customer support that will help you out in case of an issue. No issue or question cannot be solved by our friendly support managers be it a question on website customization or, say, choosing a proper template for your online project. Remember, we are always here to assist you.

Try Before You Buy

Well, you don’t need to pay a cent if you are not sure that the template you have chosen is one of your dreams. We allow you to test the functionality of a wedding photography website builder for two weeks.

How can you get your free 2-week trial? First of all, pick a good-looking wedding photography timeline template, then sign up for a free trial. You don’t need to provide us any payment details; we don’t require that. All we need is your email to send a link to the requested template.

Want to check more than one product before making the final decision? No problem, you can explore as many templates as you need. And the last thing we would like to tell you about the trial - we save all your edits, so you don’t need to start over after the purchase.

Wedding Photography Website Builder - How to Pick a Template?

In wedding photography business website layout has crucial significance. The paragraphs below will tell you how not to get lost in the variety of gorgeous wedding photography website templates you see above.

Only the Best Photos

This tip is more about your own wedding photos than the ones coming with wedding photography website templates by default. You must learn to resist putting everything on your website. A few so-so photos can break your business. So, upload only photos that are your absolute best via the Media Library of wedding photography website builder.

Also, when people come to your site, they want to see the photos that look highly professional. Top-quality equals to high-resolution in customers’ minds. Review the photos you’ve got on your site. Unfortunately, high-resolution images can slow down your website, and that’s an issue. You can solve this issue by compressing all the imagery.

Mind Your Target Audience

Make sure that your web page targets your demographic. What do we mean by that? Include photos of the loving couples that look like people you are going to photograph. It is a psychological trick. The takeaway is that using pics portraying people related to your targeted audience increases the chances that they will like your website.

High Contrast Always Looks Better

You surely noticed that photos look better against some backgrounds than against the others. Try out your pictures on different backgrounds and choose which one works best for the types of photos you shoot. We recommend to try out different images as well. You need to test several photos to make sure that the color you’ve chosen works well for most of the pictures you might put later.

Minimalist Wedding Photography Website Templates

Choosing a spacious wedding photographer website template with lots of negative space is an excellent way to focus users’ attention on your images and not on the unnecessary decorative elements. Moreover, minimalist websites load faster, which means that you kill two birds with one stone.

Minimalist designs with simple layouts always look trendy and professional. You’ll see that the right arrangement will considerably increase the power of your images.

Story Matters the Most

The beginning and the end of a story are the essential parts. Treat your website like a story. When you are arranging your images via the admin panel of wedding photography website builder, put them at the beginning and the end because, as we have already mentioned, these are the key areas.

Why is the beginning important? If you don’t have crisp images at the very beginning, people won’t explore your site further. Why is the end important? Because we remember the last impression thinking about something. Don’t post too many images at the end as a rare person is patient enough to view the entire list.

It is better to place the best shots in a slideshow on a first page. Then you can offer a more extensive selection deeper in their website for those who haven’t been impressed enough after viewing the slideshow. And of course, feel free to put another portion of terrific photos in the extended selection. The loop is closed. The trick works like a book with a thrilling plot. It is a win-win strategy.

Choose Mobile-Friendly Templates

Did you know that 48% of users think that if a website is not working properly on their smartphone, it’s poor service. (The survey was carried out by Google.) As you understand, this number is only going to rise each year because more people cease to forgive websites that are unable to provide a fantastic mobile user experience.

The days when it was enough to have a mobile version of your site are gone. Today responsive design is a must. Your site experience must be consistent across any screen size, be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone. If you know that top-notch mobile experience is what your customers want, deliver it to them with MotoCMS wedding photography website builder!

Scrolling over Clicking

We started to talk about modern users’ preferences in the paragraph above. Most of them are using touchscreens, mouse wheels, or trackpads, which means that they can scroll through a website with a flick of a finger. Scrolling lets the users continue discovering more of your web page. But what happens when you require your visitors to click a link? You are forcing them to make a decision.

Furthermore, the pages that are designed to be scrolled guide the users through a story site owner wants to tell in the correct order. Just agree that it’s way easier to move just a little further down the page then decide to click a link that is here to take you to some other place.

Show Pricing

These days nobody wants to fill in a contact form to get an email with your prices. Not so long ago, the users agreed to do that, but not now. Today the reality is severe - if people don’t see the pricing on your website, they abandon it. They don’t have time to bother, and they want to know the info immediately. They don’t have time to bother, and they want to know the info immediately. The information must be at fingertips. Use wedding photography website builder to edit a pricing page or create a new one from scratch.

What does it mean to wed photographers? You can put your general starting price or state your detailed pricing. The choice is up to you. We don’t know which option is closer to you but will give a piece of advice. Never make your pricing challenging to find because people will not waste their time looking for it.

Stay Up-to-Date

Most of the current wedding photography website templates are equipped with blog functionality. Blogs are a great way to keep your site content fresh. For instance, you can share a slideshow of your favorite photos from the previous year.

You can also regularly update your main images, including photos from the most recent weddings. It is an advantageous practice as your clients featured in the pictures will eagerly share them with friends, which will bring more traffic to your web page. Besides, people will realize that you are an asked for wedding photographer.

Be Open & Get Personal

Don’t hide behind a generic studio name. People want to see your photo on site. Millennials or new generation people are connected ones. Before hiring somebody, they want to know them on a personal level. If you don't post the photo of yourself on your site, prospective customers will search for it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Images, or Instagram. If you have kids, pets, etc., include their photos as well. Give site visitors what they wish. They want to relate to you, so give them that pleasure. Share all information they can associate you with.

Create Wedding Photography Website Today with MotoCMS

The entire assortment of wedding photography website templates aims to help you get the best outcome in your website construction. Each product comes with particular features that allow you to build a dream website conveniently and efficiently! So, grab the design you like the most and get started with your web project with MotoCMS wedding photography website builder!

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