Make An Exceptional
Wedding Invitation Website

That your guests will never forget!
  • Cross-Device Website
    Your wedding invitation website will have an exquisite look on all devices with any screen resolution due to its responsive design. Therefore, the visitors will be able to check your invitation from their mobile phones, PCs or tablets.
  • Easy-to-Manage Media Library
    Want to add more images, files and recordings? It will be simple as ABC with our user-friendly media library. Simply drag and drop the elements you want to use and voila, your wish is granted!
  • Diverse Photo Galleries
    Three elegant photo galleries designed in accordance with the latest trends will give your wedding invitation website an eye-candy look. Choose the design you like and amuse your guests with unforgettable photo shoots.
  • Video Widget
    Use the opportunity to give a fresh and lively appearance to your website using videos and animations. Using this template you will be able to embed any recorded video messages for your guests in the blink of an eye.
  • RSVP
    A welcoming response card and additional functionality will help your guests to quickly inform you if they can attend the event. It is much faster than numerous calls, emails and a face-to face meetings, and sure it saves your precious time before the wedding.
  • Live Directions
    Map inserts will help your guests to never get lost and see the place of the event beforehand. Easy navigation and an immediate access make the process pretty convenient and fast.
  • Countdown Timer
    One more cool feature is an inbuilt timer that is counting down the days and hours till the beginning of the ceremony. Therefore, your close and dear will always know the exact time of the event and will definitely arrive in time.
  • Social Media Integration
    Thanks to a full social media integration you and your guests can spread the word about your wedding on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to make the event even more expected.
Create Your Wedding Invitation Website
With Any of These Templates
Premium $117
  • Single Site License
  • 1-Year Hosting Plan
  • Template Installation*
  • Content Customization**
Standard $57
  • Single Site License
  • 1-Year Hosting Plan
  • Template Installation
*Template Installation service is included into the Content Customization Service.
**By content customization we mean updating the default content with your own, changing the color scheme and logo if requested.
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