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An art portfolio is not just a collection of your artworks, but a way to demonstrate your capabilities to interested persons. A good portfolio will help you find new customers or get a wished job. What about a professional website that will help to make a good impression and simplify the search for orders? With the collection of art portfolio website templates on MotoCMS art portfolio website builder, developing a web resource will not take you much time and will not require special skills. Try and make sure that a full-fledged site in a few days is a reality!

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Art Portfolio Website Templates from MotoCMS

Today, there are many ways you can announce yourself to the whole world. Most ones are accessible thanks to the Internet that allows people to know about you. Of course, you can create accounts in social networks and specialized resources. However, a personal site remains unrivaled.

After all, this is an excellent platform for posting work, and your web resource can Discover new opportunities for your creativity today with art portfolio website templates from MotoCMS! Unique collection of ready-to-use photo gallery templates, easy editing, and high quality with little investment. simplify your work by becoming your assistant significantly.

Why MotoCMS Art Portfolio Website Templates?

Each business niche has specific requirements for website design. The art industry is no exception. Indeed, in addition to essential technical must-haves, creative people need additional tools to reveal their personalities. Therefore, art portfolio website templates have several features that distinguish them from other MotoCMS design solutions. These art and photography website templates have all you need to launch high-converting, state-of-the-art online portfolio sites that matter!

Spectacular Galleries for Posting Works

Correct placement of works in the art portfolio is the key to the success of your site. The more pictures and photographs stand out, the more attention they can attract to themselves. Therefore, the main feature of art portfolio website templates is the tools for working with the media. In addition to the standard image widget, MotoCMS best website builder for artists can offer you several spectacular galleries for publishing entire albums. In the latest version of the art portfolio website builder, you will find:

  • carousel;
  • grid;
  • slider;
  • tile gallery;
  • advanced slider.

Depending on the number of works and the concept of art portfolio website design, you can use the galleries individually or arrange several. What about a polished presentation on the main page of the site? Thus you will capture the attention of visitors in the first seconds. Explore all the tools of the art portfolio website builder and make your portfolio unforgettable genuinely!

Easy Editing of Art Portfolio Website Templates

The art portfolio website builder, where you can edit the selected template, has an intuitive admin panel. Thus you can create not only a beautiful online portfolio but also add functional pages, that demonstrate your offers, their cost, and customer reviews. Moreover, the built-in editing modes will save you from the need to use additional programs or services of expensive specialists.

Choosing art portfolio website templates, you get a comprehensive, multi-purpose product. Thanks to this, you can launch a fully functional web resource in just a few days. What about changing the artist portfolio website design dramatically? Try a simple visual page editor that implements the drag-and-drop function. With MotoCMS art gallery website templates, you can place chosen content blocks in any part of the site and update entire galleries with a few clicks of the mouse. No lines of code and problems with the functionality!

Built-in SEO Settings in Art Portfolio Website Builder

Do you want clients to be able to find a site with your portfolio through search engines? It is one of the most challenging tasks of web design, the solution of which we also took care of in advance! Using art portfolio website templates MotoCMS, you can optimize the pages of your web resource yourself. Follow simple SEO optimization instructions with helpful tips. Thus, each page of the site and elements of art portfolio website design will be visible on Google and other search engines.

Thanks to the art portfolio website builder from MotoCMS, promoting your site will become not only a feasible task but also an exciting experience. You do not need code skills or web design knowledge. We have added all the settings in separate blocks that you can edit easily.

Fantastic Upload Speed

The high-resolution photos can slow down the page loading speed. Visitors will leave your site and will not see the best work if the page loads too slowly. That's why art portfolio website templates built on the fastest and most functional MotoCMS 3 engine. Your potential customers will get access to the necessary information and extensive galleries almost instantly, even using the mobile Internet. Moreover, you can ask our experts to help you with the optimization of your site at any time.

Fresh and Trendy Artist Portfolio Website Design

The best MotoCMS designers created all art portfolio website templates. Thus, you can be sure that any of the selected solutions will correspond to the latest fashion trends. Our experts took care of all the nuances, starting with fonts, ending with the composition of the interface elements.

Also, all MotoCMS solutions have a set of ready-made content blocks and elements of artist portfolio website design. Thanks to this, you can change buttons, colors, background images, add new texts, and change the general appearance of the page in a flash. You don't need to bother with the color wheel and spend time looking for the perfect color combination. The photo gallery page template already contains a convenient design set of color solutions.

Some Useful Tips for Art Portfolio Website Templates

Today there are a considerable number of specialized platforms for placing an art portfolio, such as Behance, My Portfolio from Adobe, Viewbook, Dribbble, Dunked, etc. But a personal site looks more presentable and professional. Therefore, potential customers are more likely to give preference to specialists who have their web resources.

Many beginners are afraid to create a site, thinking that it is expensive and complicated. However, MotoCMS convinces them of the opposite of even greater efficiency annually. The collection of art portfolio website templates is the first step to developing a full-fledged web resource without specialized skills and massive investments. Moreover, our experts have prepared some useful recommendations for you so that you can create an attractive website without third-party support.

Responsible Portfolio Management

Before activating the chosen creative portfolio website template and starting editing one with art portfolio website builder, we advise you to select works for further placement. In the portfolio, you need to place the best examples. Which samples are the best - you decide; however, it depends on the purpose of the site and the selected target audience. To get a permanent job or a freelance order, you should choose works that:

  • match the needs of the business niche that you involved;
  • solve specific problems (demonstrate your ways of solving atypical issues);
  • show your strengths;
  • may find understanding among visitors (be original, but do not forget about practicality).

If you do not pursue the goal of receiving online orders, you can quite afford to publish creative, original ideas, more conceptual and unusual, in the portfolio. In any case, do not forget to update the art portfolio website templates following new publications.

Essential Nuances of Art Portfolio Website Design

Since the sphere of contemporary art is highly competitive. That's why the design of the site is of paramount importance. If visitors cannot evaluate the look and content of the web resource in the first few seconds, they will close one and look for the next one. Therefore, when creating an art portfolio website design, it is better to focus on quality rather than quantity — fewer jobs, fewer menu items, fewer words, and buttons. Extra elements attract attention and make it difficult to evaluate the main thing.

If the portfolio is extensive, you should consider navigation. It is especially true for those designers who work via several specializations immediately. You can use the menus predefined in the art portfolio website templates by default or use them as an example. You can also combine work in the following areas, such as logos, corporate identity, labels, websites, etc. For those who have already chosen the primary specialization, sorting by business lines is suitable.

Artwork Description with Art Portfolio Website Templates

For each portfolio, it is worth adding a name and release date. For example, it may look like the gallery template for blogger. Additionally, you can also describe what task you deal with and why you chose this solution briefly. You can also add case study format materials, namely, stories about phased development, with intermediate results, problems, and solutions. Thus, you will show your professionalism and inspire confidence in you as a professional.

If you enjoy not only the results of the work but also the process itself, you can study the blog mode in the art portfolio website builder. Create a separate web page for phased development publications and please visitors with regular updates. The blog tools will help you simplify this process and allow you to carry out the following actions directly from the control panel:

  • choose the time and date of publication;
  • monitor the status of the placement;
  • conduct SEO optimization of new pages before release;
  • create articles in the built-in editor.

Promotion with Art Portfolio Website Templates

Sometimes novice designers think that for a successful promotion, it is enough to place works on Behance. However, accessible resources are so crowded that the portfolio there is lost quickly. You can receive an order on a similar site only if you find yourself in the top authors. Therefore, for people of art, it is best to promote themselves on social networks. Regular publications increase the chance that potential customers will notice you.

To promote your work outside the site, art portfolio website builder offers a set of integration widgets with:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • YouTube;
  • Pinterest;
  • MailChimp.

Pay attention to reviews as well. You can publish feedback on specific works, as well as on the cooperation process as a whole. Do not forget to ask permission from clients or invite them to do it themselves. To do this, add the Disqus widget to the pages of art portfolio website templates.

Final Touches When Polishing Art Portfolio Website Builder

Career growth is possible in any field of activity, even if you are an art freelancer. Over time, you can remove work from your portfolio that you no longer like, and delete something non-actual. However, do not forget to post new examples that are even more stylish and effective than before. Feel free to explore new features of the art portfolio website templates. A variety of tools will always help you find what you need to implement your ideas.

Art Portfolio Website Templates - Grab Benefits and Inspire!

Now you know everything you need to create a professional web resource based on art portfolio website templates. Choose one of the solutions you like, edit it to your taste, upload your works, and start to conquer the world today! What about a full-fledged site that will help reveal your personality if you do not have enough time?

With MotoCMS art portfolio website builder, it becomes possible! If necessary, our experts will provide you with comprehensive support at any stage of site development with art portfolio website templates. We will help you solve any problems from the choice of art portfolio website design to one's optimization . We get inspired by your creativity and desire to bring beauty to the world. So we would like to encourage you and help you get even more fans of your work.

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