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Art Gallery Website Templates from MotoCMS

Are you a featured artist who wants to create an art gallery website? Are you fond of fine art and would like to share your excitement through a full-fledged online resource? Well, MotoCMS with is explicit art gallery website builder is ready to help! Browse a complete assortment of art gallery website templates and launch a compelling website with ease!

Art Gallery Website Template
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Photographer Web Template
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Art Gallery Website Design
Fine Art
Gallery Web Page Design
Natalie Barnes
Photo Gallery Page Template
Focus Portfolio
Gallery Website Design
Glance studio
Image Gallery Web Template
Portfolio Focus
Photography Portfolio Website Design
Website Template for Art Gallery
Photography Portfolio Website Template
Anna Solas
Landscape Portfolio Template
Tattoo Website Design
Museum Website Template
Museum Website Design
Dino Museum
Photo Gallery Blog Template
Photo Blog Website Template
Photo Portfolio Website Template
Gallery Web Template
Eva Savits

Art Gallery Website Builder from MotoCMS

Fine art is always in trend, regardless of times and fashion. It is a thing that makes a heart beat faster at a glance. Therefore, if you want to create the best art gallery website, you have come to the right place as Moto CMS with its broad selection of website templates for art gallery is ready to assist you!

Thanks to a feature-rich product, you can create art gallery website effortlessly, with no need to be a design or development specialist. Thus, being a true art lover, you can easily launch a striking web resource to draw fans, sell artworks, share your attitude to fine art with the world, and even more. A professional-looking painting website gives you multiple opportunities for promotion and brand establishment. So, choose one of exquisite fine art photography website templates and get started today with MotoCMS!

5 Primary Features of MotoCMS Art Gallery Website Builder

Each of photo gallery templates powered by MotoCMS comes with the particular essentials that make it become your number one solution for building a creative wall art site. Let’s define all the benefits you get below.

1. Robust Moto CMS Builder with Intuitive Interface

Art gallery website builder is a full product with a majestic content management system in the core. Being advanced in functionality, it is user-friendly and straightforward in use. Thanks to a comfy admin panel with drag and drop nature, it allows you to create a multi-page modern art website with no need to code at all. Every element and every widget of all painting artist website templates can be easily changed or placed wherever you need in a few clicks.

Furthermore, with a vibrant variety of add-ons packed with a website builder for artists, you can create a beautiful representation of your contemporary art gallery and artists who create such stunning masterpieces.

2. Art Gallery Website Templates with Crispy Design

Each template for art gallery website is cross-browser compatible and has a captivating, responsive layout. Moreover, all the art gallery website templates have a set of ready-made and fully-customizable pages, Google web fonts, subscription forms, and more. Thus the only thing you need to create art gallery website is one of the beautiful artwork designs powered by MotoCMS art gallery website builder.

3. Seamless Blog Functionality

The blog is beneficial for any website whether it is a portfolio, an artist’s site or the art gallery, whatever. It is your checkpoint to start an interaction with the interested audience so that to grow a source of social shares and organic traffic. Beyond that, a fully-featured blog is perfect for stating your brand. That is why we are happy to let you know that an option to add a blog to your site is available with any art gallery website design of your choice.

Write compelling articles and post regularly to engage the target audience with fine arts essentials. Grow the popularity of your art blog by creating various guidelines, sharing your expertise on art posters, and so on. With Moto CMS art gallery website builder, you have a space to unwind when it comes to the blog customization and post publishing specifications.

4. SEO Integration

In these times of the competitive world wide web, search engine optimization allows you to grab a significant number of new clients without paid advertising. All you need to do is to optimize your website pages with appropriate keywords related to the niche of art, provide proper metadata, and write a copy with harmoniously-implemented keyword phrases. Doing this way, you notify Google or any other search engine that your website is useful for web searchers so that it surely has to appear in the search results.

For this reason, we enhanced all art gallery website templates with a variety of default SEO options which you can use to optimize the content on your site according to the latest requirements of search engine optimization. Add page titles and meta descriptions, spice up images with ALT attributes, and refine the page structure effortlessly!

Additionally, art gallery website builder boasts an integrated Google Analytics that will help you to get all the insights on the organic performance of your site, users’ behavior flow, top pages, conversions, etc.

5. Reliable Tech Support

We want you to achieve your goals in website construction as soon as possible so you could get started representing your art exhibitions on the web. That is why our technical support team is at your disposal online and offline 24/7. All the agents are ready to assist you in a live chat, via email or with an instant callback. Feel free to ask questions about the art gallery website builder and request guidance as we are here to help you build awesome sites with ease! You can also visit our Help Center; it is your best place to explore our products’ essentials and to submit your ticket requests.

How to Create Art Gallery Website?

Well, it is easy with MotoCMS art gallery website builder! We prepared for you some simple steps so that you do not miss out and perform everything correctly from the get-go!

Decide on the Fundamentals

First of all, you need to select a secure website hosting and a proper domain name for your future art gallery site. Keep in mind that the web address of yours has to be concise and catchy. The idea of your online art gallery site has to be clear at a glance. Speaking about the web host, it is vital as it ensures the bug-free website performance round-the-clock.

That is why it is so essential to pick a reliable provider. If you opt for art gallery website builder from MotoCMS team, we are glad to advise you the verified CMS web hosting providers that our clients choose on an ongoing basis. Most of them suggest that you get the right domain name for free.

Select a Perfect Template and Edit the One

When you are finished with the domain and hosting, it is the right time to weed out the best online art gallery website template. View out the full catalog of art website templates and choose a design that appeals to your the most and meets your requirements. After that go to the control panel of the art gallery website builder and start the customization workflow.

Edit the layout up to your taste, change the colors, apply necessary widgets, insert the content, provide persuasive descriptions of the artists, and your art gallery website is ready to go!

Check, Publish and Promote

Do not forget do double-check everything before publishing your website. Make sure all the texts are error-free and fully describe your art center website. Moreover, put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and have a fresh view on your site’s mockup before the actual publishing. If you like the result, save all the changes in art gallery website builder and go live.

Then start the promotional campaigns. Create accounts on all popular social platforms and post the new art events, exhibitions, and conferences related to your art gallery. Your primary mission is to capture more new people who love fine art just like you. Be trendy and follow the art news to represent them with your particular point of view. Besides, use the power of email campaigns to notify clients about upcoming activities. In case you are not familiar with effective newsletter creation, get to know with extra customer services from MotoCMS.

Art Gallery Website Builder - Your Site Checklist

We also prepared for you a detailed list of must-haves that you surely have to do when building websites with MotoCMS art gallery website templates. Following these points, you will create art gallery website which everyone will want to feature.

  • Custom web address and an email, based on the chosen domain;
  • Excellent template with broad functionality;
  • Creative, compelling logo that matches the entire color palette of the site;
  • Comfy site navigation;
  • Evergreen content with good readability;
  • Clean, non-destructive background;
  • Top-quality images with descriptions;
  • Outstanding portfolio;
  • Short, SEO-friendly URLs for every page;
  • Consistent metadata on each page;
  • Links from your social accounts to the site and vice versa;
  • Newsletter signup box.

All artist website templates from MotoCMS allow you to add mentioned-above details to your site code-free. Take advantage of the drag-and-drop principle and enjoy the outcome!

Get Started with Art Gallery Website Templates for Free Today

There is good news for all Moto CMS clients. We offer you to test any template from every angle for free. Provide us with your email and request a free trial period which lasts for two weeks. During the trial, you can take advantage of the complete functionality of the art gallery website builder and its control panel with lots of widgets and tools. Try out the product and feel free to make modifications with the layout as we store your edits for the entire demo period.

Thus, hurry up to pick the right website design! Choose one of the art gallery website templates and make a dream website with Moto CMS!

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