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Videographer Website Templates

Are you a videographer? Are you looking for a perfect solution for your videography website? Be sure you are in the right place. MotoCMS offers a variety of spectacular videographer website templates which will fit your needs. The videographer website builder is your complete solution to launch a professional website with ease!

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Videographer Website Design
$8.2/mo $9.9/mo
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Drone Website Template
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Video Web Page Template
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Video Blog Website Template
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Film Production Company Website Template
Mark Kleiman
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Video Production Company Website Template
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Drone Photography Website Template
Video Drone
$32 $49
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Video Web Template
Video Content
$8.2/mo $9.9/mo
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Video Portfolio Website Template
$8.2/mo $9.9/mo
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Landing Page Blogger Template
$32 $49
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Videography Website Template
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TV Channel Website Template
Flash TV Channel
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Video Gallery Web Design
Video Graph
$32 $49

Videographer Website Templates from MotoCMS

MotoCMS videographer website builder is fully responsive. The admin panel allows making all changes to your videographer website template in mere seconds. It lets you customize a website’s color palette, adjust the layout, and tweak text styles. With a collection of widgets, you can add any design element you need including Slider, Grid Gallery, Carousel, Social Media buttons, Maps, etc.

You can also increase the functionality of the videographer website builder by adding third-party software like chats to its Header or Footer. You can also easily embed YouTube and Vimeo videos to the content. Another one feature that is worth mentioning is that MotoCMS video website templates are SEO-friendly. With integrated SEO functionality, you can set up pretty all vital search engine optimization options. MotoCMS supports MySQL databases and MotoCMS 3 Store plugin.

Why Choose Videographer Website Templates?

Save valuable time with the MotoCMS videographer website builder. Pick the best website builder for videography and take advantage of a variety of tools to promote your business online. MotoCMS is a reliable site builder with a unique set of widgets, options, and features. It is a perfect solution for those who do not have in-depth knowledge in programming and website building.

Primary Features of MotoCMS Videographer Website Templates

MotoCMS website builder for videography is the best option to create a successful website quickly and effortlessly. Just in a few hours, you can create a videographer portfolio website that showcases your works to the world market.

Complete Solution

MotoCMS videography website design includes a license, ready-made template layout, control panel for editing template content and 24/7 technical support. MotoCMS videographer website templates are easy to use and manage for both advanced developers and beginners. The end-user can manage the site made on MotoCMS without any additional knowledge or programming skills. Our intuitive interface offers a range of options that are familiar to any Internet user.

Easy Content Filling

The WYSIWYG editor (“what you see is what you get”) is an excellent tool for users of all levels and skills. Now site management will be performed with ease and joy. Add and format text, change the font, color scheme, text fields or their directions, drag and drop elements. Our controls and tools allow you to meet any challenges quickly and creatively.

Furthermore, MotoCMS videographer website templates allow you to create as many pages on your site as necessary for your project. You can add pages or pop-ups to your site, even when it is up and running. Add page, link, delete - all this is easy to do in a couple of mouse clicks.

Advanced SEO

MotoCMS videographer website templates allow you to create SEO-friendly websites easily, without having any specialized knowledge. Bringing your site to the top of search results is not even an issue. We offer you more than you expect. Besides the fact that your website will be indexed, you can optimize it using the capabilities of the MotoCMS control panel. SEO-friendly URL structures, an automatically generated sitemap, the ability to integrate Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools - this is not a complete list of MotoCMS benefits!

Responsivity and Safety

MotoCMS videographer website templates are fully responsive. It means that each video blog website template will automatically adjust to the screen sizes of the device which is used by the user to preview your website.

MotoCMS pays excellent attention to the security of your site. The videographer website builder control panel has a secure input. We protect the content of your site, information, and functionality. The security of your website is a responsibility that MotoCMS takes seriously.

Media Library & Pages

The control panel of MotoCMS videographer website templates offers a built-in Media Library with a useful tool for uploading images, video, music and other files to your website. Moreover, you have the opportunity to close your website builder during the construction work. Instead of a standard image, you create your own page "Site under construction", add pictures, texts, scripts, etc. Also, with MotoCMS tools you can easily create a unique and non-standard 404 page.

Blog Functionality

Separate “Blog” section allows setting up and adding a blog to your website what can be very useful for videography portfolio websites as well as for commercial projects. The option to add a full-fledged blog is available for all videographer web templates you see in this catalog. Thanks to the intuitive nature of MotoCMS videography website builder, you can edit the blog according to your requirements with ease.

Extra Benefits of MotoCMS Videographer Website Templates

Using MotoCMS, you will be able to drag and drop any widget you want. It is pretty simple and does not require any coding experience. Each widget has its properties that you may change to customize your videography website design and make it look the way you need it. However, we also serve additional services that you purchase together with your favorite videographer website design.

Hosting Independence

Do not hesitate to choose any hosting provider you want. You need to make sure it corresponds to the particular hosting requirements:

  • PHP version v.5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1;
  • Zend Guard Loader for Moto CMS HTML;
  • MySQL database support for Moto CMS 3.

Excellent Support

There is no other place where the support team is as effective as at MotoCMS. MotoCMS technical support representatives are always at your disposal to provide helpful assistance. You can get in touch with an expert via the ticket system, a live chat, or even talk to a personal manager via phone. You will be surprised with the benefits you get, compared to other companies.

Regular Updates

We update MotoCMS videographer website templates constantly. Our developers work on the new pack of features and new functionality and release it in a pack almost every month. Usually, all users subscribed for updates receive ten updates per year. We analyze your requests to make sure that the released features and functionality fit your needs. Each update can bring you new widgets, buttons, eCommerce plugin updates, further actions related to the editing process, and other improvements.

Moreover, with the new updates, we fix bugs and possible issues related to the cross-browser compatibility, proper display, mobile and local versions, etc. Feel free to visit our Release Notes page and learn about our latest updates and features added to MotoCMS 3 and MotoCMS eCommerce templates.

Videography & Cinematography with MotoCMS Website Builder

Videography is a new kind of cinematography that uses video cameras and editing systems as a technique for film production, and multimedia devices for their reproduction. It refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media (for example, video recording, direct disk recording, or solid-state drives or SSD), and even streaming media. This term includes video and post-production techniques. It is the equivalent of cinema. However, the images are recorded on electronic media, not film.

The emergence of videography owes to the development of consumer electronics of the highest complexity and the creation of devices for recording images on magnetic media - camcorders and household devices for image reproduction via the video recorders. That is why the videographer website builder came up on the market later. Versatile, ready-made videographer website templates appeared so that the website creation became smooth and fast.

With the appearance of digital imagery in the 1980s, the discrepancy between videography and cinematography began to fade. The advent of computers and the Internet has created a global environment where the video capturing covers far more areas than just shooting a video from the camera, including digital animation, games, web streaming, video blogs, spatial visualization, medical visualization, CCTV and production of high-quality bitmaps and vector images.

With the formation of this type of screen art, several clearly defined directions emerged: advertising, music, and action (wedding, etc.). According to the principle of addressing video, the videography can be divided into two types - mass videography, which is addressed to the mass viewer (music videos, advertising) and private videography, sent to one person or group of people (wedding video, etc.). The development of the videography area, as well as technical progress, has led to the fact that modern videography has a huge arsenal of creative techniques that allow you to solve any task professionally.

A videographer is in charge of small scale video productions or live events recording. They usually shoot sports events, performances, commercials, birthday parties, short films and, of course, weddings. By the way, videographer website templates from MotoCMS allow you to launch a professional site for every video production servile line you provide. With an easy videographer website builder, there are no limitations but multiple opportunities.

The minimum set of equipment for creating a videography product - a video film, includes a video camera only. You can create a finished movie with its help. However, much more interesting and visually more spectacular work is created using computer video editing - editing moving images using special editing programs, such as SONY Vegas or Adobe Premiere. For viewing the result of publishing, the work is recorded on DVD, Blu-ray, flash card or hard disk, or downloaded to a specialized video service on the Internet (for example youtube). The video can be played on various multimedia audio and visual devices - DVD players, TVs, media players, projectors, personal computers, laptops. Here you can try videographer website templates free of charge. Register a 14 days trial and start to create the best site for videographers right away.

Wedding Videographer Website Templates

Wedding videography is one of the youngest screen arts. The development of videography is associated with the appearance of mass models of video cameras and video recorders in the 90s of the 20th century on the market. The development of this type of screen creativity has led to the fact that videography has become quite widespread in various fields of human activity: events and holidays, music and sports, art, and science. Videography uses the same psycho-physiological characteristics of human perception of visual information as other types of fine art - cinema, painting or graphics.

The early days of wedding videography were notable by primitive techniques. The equipment mainly produced low image quality. Video cameras required much of the light, had a blurry image, reduced color saturation, and single-channel poor quality audio. Besides that, those cameras were lumping, with a separate unit that was connected to the video recorder via a cable, which limited the videographer's motion.

Wedding videos then published on wedding website templates were not edited during the post-production at all. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the situation began to improve. Moreover, videographers started to form regional and national organizations. The largest organization which is currently active is called Wedding and Event Videographers Association International (WEVA).

We don’t remember days, we remember moments. Wedding videography is the documentation of a wedding on video. The final product is usually called a wedding video, wedding movie or a wedding film. The beautifully captured wedding will never be forgotten. Wedding photos are essential too, but being able to hear the laughter and speeches is priceless. It is what a wedding video about. It gives you a timeless result - your wedding memories that you can replay and share endlessly.

A professional wedding videographer website to show your work online is an excellent opportunity to get famous and demanded. Besides that, you can use it to express your personality and present your ideas. Check out the variety of MotoCMS videographer website templates and choose the one you like. By the way, we offer a free trial for each video production company website template. Do not hesitate to register and try the best website builder for video portfolio.

Types of Wedding Videographer Website Templates

With a powerful videographer website builder, you can easily compose responsive pages to showcase any wedding video you want. Videographer website templates from this collection allow you to launch a fully-featured video website on the fly. See the most popular types of wedding videos you can post to your site in one click.

  • Engagement/proposal video. This video documents the proposing of one person to another. Usually, the other person does not know anything about filing so the videographer can catch the surprise and authentic reaction
  • Invitation. It is a short video that includes the invitation of the viewer to the wedding.
  • Video scrapbook. This type of video consists of the photos displayed on the video. It can include sounds or video footage but is predominantly photos.
  • Love story. Usually, it is an interview of a soon-to-be couple about how they met, what they think about each other and what are their plans.
  • SDE or same-day edit (also called a wedding day edit). A short video that includes getting ready for the wedding ceremony, photoshoot, and first dance. This video is usually shown at the end of the day as a summary of the wedding.
  • NDE or next day edit. A next day edit has the same concept as the Same Day Edit. However, it is made overnight to be played the next day. This type of video is common among counties where weddings last a couple of days.
  • Bridal elegance. This type of video represents the bride in her wedding gown.
  • Highlights. This type of video is usually up to 10 minutes long. It simply highlights the best moments of the wedding day. The video can show the sequence of the day in chronological order or not. The last type concentrates on the story. Thus, moments & speeches are shown out of chronological order. Highlight videos are usually shared on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

Videographer Website Templates - Tips to Succeed in Your Career

A wide range of website templates is handy for seamless and fast website creation. However, there are other necessities you require to have a successful career as a professional videographer. Follow some simple tips below!

Collect Your Equipment

Gladly, we live in an era where high-quality digital cameras are made to be affordable and not very expensive. You can start your practice with the gadgets you already have, such as your smartphone. Just do not forget about these simple rules:

  • Do not shoot vertical videos. Shoot in landscape mode.
  • For better video quality use back camera, not the front one.
  • Turn on the grid on the screen for keeping your phone level correctly. Later, you can purchase a tripod, external microphone for better sound or even a gimbal stabilizer.

Create a Plan

Produce a storyboard which illustrates the sequence of what you need to shoot. This will help you visualize the final product. For example, in wedding videography, the videographer should know when and how to take videos of the groom, bride, guests, and the wedding party. Videographer website templates by MotoCMS there are multiple striking galleries that will help you to post all the pictures and represent them in the best light.

Think About Lighting

One of the most simple and great secrets about the creation of professional videos is good lighting. Decide how much light do you need and where you want it to be placed to achieve the best video quality. Don’t forget about regular lamps and sun. Think of how it can work for you depending on the specific scenes.

No Clutter on Background

Make it simple and clear as much as you can. Do not shoot anywhere. A lot of videographers use solid-colored backgrounds or even bed sheets. The primary purpose is to minimize elements that will make the scene look cluttered because this will take attention away from your subject.

White Balance

Temperature and color correction is significant. Especially when you are using more than one camera to shoot the same scene. The default settings may differ. Set white balance on all cameras before shooting. It will save you a lot of time during the editing process.

No Shaky Videos

You don’t want the viewers of your artwork to feel seasick. Try not to move your camera unless you have to. Use a tripod or flat and stable surface. Don’t make sudden pulls and treat your camera as a full cup of tea.

Create a Quality Website with MotoCMS Videographer Website Templates

People use the internet to search for anything they need: products, services, and even businesses. When somebody is looking for your type of business you want to show up but not just show up, you want to show up and look good.

Looking good is critical because your website is the first impression you give to your potential clients. Before they even talk to you or see you, they see your website form the opinion about your business. The site has to be well-organized, clean, user-friendly, modern, branded, and functional. Our videographer website templates undoubtedly correspond to these requirements.

Add your works to showcase your art to your potential clients. Don’t forget about a contact form, chat, or call option. People always require a quick answer to their question and a smart solution to their problem. A quality website has to be cross-browser compatible and responsive. On average, 85% of users browse the internet using a smartphone instead of a PC. So, pick MotoCMS today and create a professional website that will rock online!

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