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Originally designed as a theme for a video drone company, this drone web template can suit any service-oriented business. Being a part of the premium family, it contains numerous pre-made pages. Their main goal is to facilitate the process of creating your website.

MotoCMS Drone Website Template

Each page can be edited via handy website builder with the drag-and-drop functionality. This drone video theme also contains the Color Picker with its customizable dominant color palette. In practice, it means that you get full control over the re-design of your future website. With VideoDron, you can stop outsourcing right now.

You will love the presale policy of MotoCMS! Watch the live demo to experience the beauty of this drone website template. Register a free 14-day trial and learn about the real potential of this premium website template! Contact the 24/7 support team, including your consultant, when needed. MotoCMS knows that your future website deserves the best!

Customer Ratings & Reviews(7)

Nero Destroy Verified buyer

We adore new technologies and got this site to sell our staff online. So far it's the best site in terms of SEO features and optimization

Jack Conrow Verified buyer

Looks great. It looks like you made this template exactly for me. Perfect design with the ready-made blocks. These blocks certainly were made qualitatively. Thank you for the product.

Bob Verified buyer

awesome responsive template . I was gladly surprised that the website has a mobile version. And it is as good as the pc one! Moto CMS team has done a great job while creating such easy-to-use turnkey websites. I’m quite sure I am going to continue using their templates for my business.

Thomas Russell Verified buyer

Thanks to pre-sale and support teams. MotoCMS must be greatfull to their pre-sale and support teams. They helped me to choose the right template and then help with all my questions (and I had too much requests). Now I'm working with template and with the help of both teams, it is very easy for me :)

Luca Jackson Verified buyer

Nothing compatible in admin panel. MotoCMS have a modern view on design of CMS. In admin panel, they have big left and right bars, but they don't disturb you while working with template. I think non-developers (like me:) ) prefer MotoCMS templates.

Michael Simpson Verified buyer

GJ!. I've tested this template for 2-3 days and I've checked all widgets, presets and functions of this template, I don't know why you set 14 days)) Easy to use drag&drop system, responsive and with blog function...the template about drons and I will make about VR :)

Finley Shaw Verified buyer

something new in CMS era. this block editing is something new. i've never seen CMS with such feature. If developers of anothers CMS systems read this review, MotoCMS is one step ahead ;)


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    Changelog Entry

  • 2019-12-18
    • - The ability to specify a background color when activating the "Sticky" mode was added to the Container widget. In this case, the background color of the Container may be different in the normal mode and in the "Sticky" mode;
    • - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
    • - Bugs fixed.
  • 2019-03-28
    • - A new feature was added to the admin panel. It is an excellent alternative to LiveChat which allows clients to get in touch with you via the most popular messengers and also leave their details for further contact with managers;
    • - Tags and Categories for Blog are added to the admin panel. They will help you to sort out your content and so will make the search on your blog comfortable and efficient for users;
    • - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
    • - Bugs fixed.
  • 2018-10-12
    • - Google Map Pro - a new advanced Google Map widget was added to the admin panel. Using it, you can not only connect to Google Maps and display your office location on the website pages, but also choose different map themes, customize the controls display and add the necessary markers;
    • - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
    • - Bugs fixed.
  • 2018-08-14
  • - Tabs widget was added to allow users organize content effectively;
  • - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
  • - Bugs fixed.
  • 2018-03-12
    • - Added pop-up window functionality to allow users create and edit pop-ups;
    • - The Accordion widget was added. This functionality allows to improve design and display content in a new way;
    • - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
    • - Bugs fixed.


  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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