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In case you need a perfect design to create a video website, MotoCMS with its compelling video website templates is your match! Browse the vivid assortment of well-crafted designs and pick the one to rock with your site on the web! No special skills required!

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Video Website Templates from MotoCMS

There are several occasions when an ordinary person might need a video production studio or a videographer. These events include birthday parties, weddings, engagements, contests, holidays, and other joyful reasons. There is one more category of crucial importance and high popularity - corporate video. As there is a demand, there should be a supply. So, have a look at these eye-grabbing video website templates selection. These video production website templates have been developed by the top web programmers.

So, you will have no issues with the loading speed of your website even if you choose to pack the site with massive data, like hundreds of complete videos. As a professional videographer, you will have an excellent opportunity to create a video website that stands out among others! So, concentrate on capturing the right moments and let MotoCMS videography website templates do the rest.

Best Video Website Templates for Videography Sites

Do you want to get professional solutions on how to promote your moviemaking brand? Wedding videography, filming, advertising, video editing, or video production is what you’re in? You’re a videocam man or a big videography company and don’t know how to show your work results and awards to your potential clients? Try the best video production website templates and see what your business or hobby needs for growing!

The Simplicity of Use

All our video website templates boast high functionality and are easily editable. You can add loads of information to your site to represent your business in detail. For example, you are free to add and edit the data concerning your future projects, your weekly or monthly performance schedule as a videographer or informing clients about your achievements.

Comfy Media Library

And let’s not forget that our admin panel gives you a chance to upload all possible media files to the website, including your full-length videos, and latest teasers or trailers. With MotoCMS video production website templates, creating the breath-taking atmosphere on your website is a piece of cake!

Video and audio players with an unlimited number of Media Library items, galleries, different image presets, social widgets will make your videographer website stand out among many other similar ones due to a 100% responsive and fast layout, awesome design with smooth animations, and advanced SEO settings and tags.

Two-Week Test

We can give you one more reason to create a video website with MotoCMS. We offer you a 14-day trial for any videography website template. Amazing, right? This way you can understand what our responsive video website templates are about and fall in love with their elegance and style!

Expert Support for Video Production Website Templates

Don’t worry if you know nothing about website creating, because our extraordinary video web templates are accompanied by an expert 24/7 help which can answer any question you’ve got and also can guide your work. Just choose a comfy option to connect: either via an email, live chat, or an instant call back. We are always glad to give you extra assistance.

Video Website Templates - Create a Video Website with Ease

We would like to facilitate your work with simple instructions on how to build your videography website without any problems. For that purpose, you can follow these uncomplicated guidelines.

First of all, you need to choose a proper web address before you create a website using video website templates. Many trustworthy domain name providers function on the Internet. Due to them, you can pay for your domain just a small reasonable sum of money. After that, search for a reliable hosting provider. A good host is a basis of any website of excellent quality. Selecting a hosting provider which offers you the best hosting plans is drastically essential. If it is so, later you will enjoy a website that runs with high quality 24/7. Otherwise, your prospective clients will not be sure of the quality of your video services.

Choose One of Videography Website Templates

When you have completed all the foundations, take a look at various video website templates in this collection. Pick one of the video production website templates you love from the wide variety of others. Make sure the design truly fits your preferences and needs. In our catalog you can easily find beautiful video templates for:

  • commercial video production;
  • video gallery;
  • video hosting services;
  • videographer personal profile;
  • film production companies.

And what if you do not see a template that fits your specific business concept? Then you can always customize any other video web page template that you find attractive in the category of video production website templates.

Change and Customize Selected Video Website Design

There is a key point which allows you to create a video website for making your business successful and beneficial - ensure that your brand’s message is emphasized and the genre of video works is stated specifically and vividly.

In each of the video production website templates, you can add essential content to spice up raw information. For example, stories following the videos and your bio. Furthermore, remember to give your customers social proof through positive reviews of previous clients. It will surely make your website more reliable. What is more, you should pay special attention to social media connection and newsletter options. In all of our video website templates, you can find a useful admin panel. It will facilitate filling your website with unique content and original design.

Boost Your Video Making Website

Need to keep your visitors interested and motivate them to return to your website? Want them to turn to your regular customers? The only chance to achieve it is to start a blog. All video streaming website templates in our collection have blog functionality. So you can work with a fully-functional blog on your website troubleless. Then only save the results of your customization.

Create a Video Website with Video Website CMS for Free

One of the main advantages is that we offer clients a free trial period for all the video production website templates in this category! It allows you to get acquainted with our website builder. Besides, you can create a functional version of your website. Fill in your email, and we will send you the link to the demo immediately. Be ready to make changes, to add certain blocks or widgets, to upload your content. Your web project modifications based on video website templates will not be lost during the free trial. However, if you do not purchase the chosen video web template after 14 days, all the changes you’ve made will be lost.

So, the website building process with MotoCMS videography website templates is simple and very pleasant! We suggest applying only the best video production website templates. Then you will be able to make a stunning website for presenting your projects and achievements and become successful on the Internet!

There is no time to wait, browse the collection of alluring video website templates and create a video website that rocks!


Are Video Website Templates suitable for creating a website for video editing courses?

The clear concept of website specialization is important for successful work because understanding what you are will make it easier to choose the right widgets and tools for your web resource. We can say with confidence that among the Video Website Templates you will definitely find a version of the template that can easily be turned into a successful web resource for conducting video editing courses. Because of the ability to post videos, you can demo work examples or post tutorials, you can also create a form to register for classes or a forum where students can share their knowledge and ask you questions.

Will I be able to post high quality videos on the site created with the help of Video Website Templates?

For websites that specialize in video content is one of the most key questions and the answer is yes, you can upload full-length high-quality videos, edit them and post them on the website created with video website templates. Moreover, thanks to the multifunctional integrated player to manage these videos is easy. And the most pleasant thing is that even by uploading a huge amount of videos to your website you and your clients will not experience the least difficulty associated with the speed of the site download because optimization is one of the main tasks we set ourselves when developing this templates.

How much can I change the Video Website Template?

As much as your time and imagination allow. In a video website template, you can change literally everything. From website colors to icon size fonts and animations. You can remove unnecessary features or add new ones. Imagine yourself as a creator and imagine the website that you wanted to visit, a service you would like to buy. This is the right way to successfully create a unique website. And thanks to the set of features in MotoCMS designer doing this will not only be easy but also fun, because you do not need to be a programmer, and all the changes will take place before your eyes.

Can I sell the website created with Video Website Templates?

Yes, you can use a video website template as a base for your business to sell websites to other buyers. After acquiring the template, it goes to your complete disposal, you can edit it, sell it or transfer it into use. You can also use the White Label service to set your rates on templates and resell them to your customers.

Can I change the program code in Video Website Templates?

The main idea of the video website template is that all the changes that are needed to configure the site would be done without writing code and involving programmers. All widgets, changes in color, animations or background of the resource, and adding or deleting unnecessary columns or pages can be done in visual mode, and it is much easier than writing code. But if you have a specific task, such as adding a third-party application to your website, that requires a change in the code and you can change it any way you want.
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