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Do you feel an urgent desire to tell about yourself to a broader audience? Would you like to bring your talents into the spotlight, demonstrate them to the online community? Maybe you are going to get a new job? Building a web page is probably the best solution in this case. We advise you to use MotoCMS personal website builder to create a personal website, which will provide you with the irresistible self-presentation. By the way, you will it make up yourself no sweat.

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MotoCMS Personal Website Builder

What is a personal website? It is a web resource that tells about your personality and projects. It is a great way to introduce yourself and draw more new potential clients and partners. Create a personal website, and you will get an excellent platform explicitly tailored to make you stand out for the online community.

Having a well-designed personal website made up with one of personal web page templates, you get plenty of new opportunities for development, recognition, and business enhancement. It is worth to use a personal website builder as it is the best way to express yourself. Having a cool web page, you can spread the info about yourself throughout your business niche. It will surely make people notice your talent, expertise, and a variety of skills you possess.

Best Personal Website Builder - What to Expect?

Are you still hesitating whether to create a personal website or not? It’s quite natural to consider the significant benefits of investing your time, efforts, and money into the venture. Let us help you to figure out the reasons for doing that. Supposing you are a web professional. Maybe you are a graphic designer, artist, marketing specialist or an expert in any other field. A site created with one of MotoCMS personal website templates will help you to:

  • establish a brand and gain the reputation for it;
  • gain new connections;
  • make more money selling your projects and works;
  • get hired in case you have a dream job.

The great thing about a personal web page is that it enables you to reach all the objectives listed above with ease. Well, the takeaway is that with a personal website builder you can burst into cyberspace for the commercial purpose, building trust in the industry, finding new opportunities, or starting a new stage in your career.

Personal Website Builder from MotoCMS - Features & Essentials

We offer a fool-proof drag and drop website builder. It has been around for ten years already bringing high-end personal website templates to the market. In a word, MotoCMS is the best way to create a personal website and succeed on the web. Thousands of people worldwide that have already chosen this builder for creating their web pages can’t be mistaken. The builder offers an easy-peasy admin panel, and it works the same perfect in any web browser.

No Web Development Skills Needed

Neither additional software nor other professional skills are needed to create a personal website. With drag and drop functionality you can succeed without professional help. Just tweak the layout the way you wish. Additionally, the personal website builder is equipped with an intuitive control panel. Thanks to the feature you will enjoy the process of building your website in a visual mode without any coding skills. The only thing you need to do is select one of the personal web templates and customize it via the panel with the help of the set of its excellent tools and widgets.

Compelling Personal Website Templates

Each personal profile website template powered by MotoCMS is fast and feature-rich. Together with the best personal website builder, you get the ability to create a personal website of any complexity level. Please note that all the designs are responsive and cross-browser compatible by default. This way you may be sure that your future web page will look amazing on any device and web browser.

Web Designs Functionality

MotoCMS templates are fully-customizable by nature. However, they come with rich functionality and design by default. You will find niche-specific designs in this collection that perfectly fit:

  • personal assistants and trainers;
  • personal profile and designer portfolio sites;
  • photographes, fashion stylists, artists, bloggers, etc.

Of course, you may want to edit the original layout. In this case, you may feel free to go to the admin panel of the personal website builder and make all the required changes using various widgets and integrations.

Personal Blog

The templates have personal blog option. The blog is a serviceable add-on on any web page. When you add a blog to your website, you create an additional place for representing yourself, your experience, skills, talents, whatever. Great, but that’s not all. A blog is one more opportunity to grow your audience by capturing them with interactive blog posts related to your field.

MotoCMS personal website builder allows you to add a full-fledged blog to your web page in a few clicks. You can use it as a source of traffic and one more tool for the brand establishment. The blog feature is available for any of the personal website templates you’d choose to create a personal website. Would you like to add a blog on your site? Use the blog website builder with a template you want and enjoy a premium blog right on your website.

Demo Version Is Available for Free

Would you like to make sure if it’s that easy to create a personal website with MotoCMS before paying any money? You can do it, test the personal portfolio website template from our collection in action. We provide a free trial period that lasts for two weeks.

During the trial, you will be able to use the personal website builder with all its advanced functionality - widgets, modules, tools, and integrations. You will get full access to the chosen template. It will let you make up a mockup of the future website and then buy this design with your adjustments. The modifications you make to the template is stored for 14 days of your trial.

Please keep in mind that in case you want to request another demo or do not want to proceed with the payment after the test, all the amendments you’ve made will be lost.

Expert Technical Support Included

Anytime you need guidance when getting started with personal website builder, have a question about the template functionality or have any other issue during the workflow, MotoCMS tech support team is ready to assist. We care about your comfort. All support managers have extensive knowledge of MotoCMS products. It means that the guys are capable of resolving any issue or question you might have.

If you like to find answers yourself, you can use the Help Center. What is it? It is a platform created for MotoCMS customers. They can learn more about the products, find useful tips, and hints on website construction or post requests concerning the significant issues.

Key Points To Consider When Creating Your Site with Personal Website Bulder

Undoubtedly, the best way to create a personal website is to buy one of the templates above. We believe that it will become your decent online presentation. Though, there are some aspects to focus and work on when including or excluding your future website’s design or functionality elements. Let’s make a quick recap of them.

Stylish Design

The first one is an appealing layout. If you want to look classy, it’s better to avoid color overloading. You have a few seconds to make the first impression on site visitors. It’s not much time, so the design of your web page must be well polished in order not to cause immediate site abandonment.

Thus, we recommend you to look at the clean, minimalist designs at first turn. They will give you the possibility to draw visitors’ attention to you and your projects instead of loud colors and annoying color combinations. Search for consistent and eye-candy personal assistant website design. It will let the user focus on your portfolio and personal details.

Don’t get upset if you can’t find the right template on the web. You can always make necessary amendments yourself with the MotoCMS personal website builder and its handy Color Picker tool. It will help you choose the most eye-candy color scheme that will draw users’ attention and highlight the significant data at the same time.

Unique Logo

The second point is an original logo with tagline. As far as all of us know, a logo is placed in the header section of your website pages, so it is one of the first things a user sees when they enter your resource.

Hence, you need to make sure that it is clear, engaging, and has a brief but targeted tagline that accurately describes your activity. Do not make your logo complex. It shouldn’t be challenging to understand what business you are running. Keep it as eye-grabbing and straightforward as possible.

Are you stuck with logo creation? No worries, we are ready to help you out. MotoCMS with its personal website builder offers professional logo design services. Our creative designers will craft a custom logo specifically for your company considering your personality, style, vision, and, of course, the services you provide.

Simple Navigation

The third point is intuitive navigation. It is vital for any website as the navigation should be comfy and not too confusing. The visitors should enjoy their stay on your site, discovering its pages.

You can enhance their excitement with your fast and easy navigation. The access to the works you would like to feature should be smooth. The users should feel at home exploring the best of them. We can advise you to segment the projects you have. Dividing your projects into logical parts, you save visitors from confusion any and create a professional image for yourself.

If you want to create a personal website with proper navigation, you are welcome to browse personal website templates powered by MotoCMS personal website builder. With these comprehensive solutions, you will be able to launch a nice personal web page with usable navigation. You will be able to segment your projects efficiently as well.

Prominent Call to Actions

Call to actions (CTA) are utterly essential as they target the visitors to act on your site. They gently involve the users in your game. If you are reading this text, you are probably going to create a compelling web page with a personal website builder.

You need to consider adding CTA buttons that are aimed to bring the user exactly to the step they need at that specific moment. It’s better to keep things simple and think about the primary purpose of your website.

Think well what you want visitors to do and to see on your site. Then you can encourage the users` act using a neat call to action buttons available on your website pages.

Appealing About Page

May your About page be eye-catching. MotoCMS personal website templates let you create a stunning About page, which is a crucial element of any individual website. A professional looking About page is a must have for a photographer, artist, painter, designer, whoever site.

Personal website builder will help you tell your captivating story by placing interactive content enriched with fantastic visual effects to the one essential page. Provide mesmerizing facts from your life, your expertise in the selected field, achievements, and other stuff that will demonstrate your skills and talent to your visitors.

Add your photos and images of something original done by you. All these will help you draw users’ attention and spark their interest to explore your portfolio website further.

Include Trust Signals

Include customers’ reviews to your personal trainer website design. We don’t think that anybody is going to question the power of social proof. It is immense. You can use this power for building trust and drawing new website visitors.

What you need to do is ask your customers to share feedback about your products/services and post their testimonials at a separate page or as a block on the front page of your site via the personal website builder.

Any of the personal website templates from MotoCMS collection will help you make up an engaging testimonials page that will grab visitors’ attention immediately. Reviews will make you look far more credible and show that the services or products you provide are asked for.

Quality Images

The next point is - images. You should take care of pics as they are aimed to entice visitors from the very first second on your personal website. However, all the photos you use must be of the highest quality and fit the overall style of your web page. Images shouldn’t divert visitors’ eyes from the main content. Just the opposite, beautiful photos are your best tools for capturing and keeping potential customers.

The trap is that big images can slow down your website, which negatively affects site ranking. So, don’t forget to compress all the files before uploading them via the personal website builder.

Social Media Icons

Provide easy access to your social media accounts. Getting started with your website pay attention to social widgets. MotoCMS offers them in the admin panel of the personal website builder. They are aimed to connect your social accounts with your website seamlessly. We mean that site users will be able to get to your Instagram profile or Facebook page right from the site.

Social media connected to a website is very helpful if you want to create a professional website look promoting your work on social media especially if you already have your interested audience.

SEO Optimization

And the last but not least feature is SEO optimization of your website. Why do we talk about SEO optimization? Because the primary goal of search engines is to provide searchers with info they are looking for.

So, having a gorgeous personal website is not all. You must double check that all page titles, meta descriptions, and at least basic keyword phrases that describe your service are at place. Otherwise, your chances to succeed are second to none.

Websites that lack good content and metadata do not make sense to search engines. So, it is essential to optimize your web page to appear high in SERPs not to lose crowds of potential customers who search the web every day. If you are new to SEO optimization, use Google SEO guideline and plenty of default SEO options available in the admin panel of all MotoCMS personal website templates.

Don’t hesitate, go to the control panel and tweak your web page according to current SEO requirements.

Matchless Personal Website Builder - Don’t Wait, Start Today

As you see, MotoCMS has everything you need to create a personal website that compels. We are sure that you will find the workflow with our personal website templates enjoyable.

Each website design powered by the best personal website builder lets you create a custom website which brings your personality into a highlight and draws visitors’ attention to your projects. So, don’t wait, grab the most appealing template and set up your professional website with MotoCMS today!

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