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Eco-Friendly Stretchable Flash CMS Template

Eco-Friendly Stretchable Flash CMS Template - image

Eco style is very popular in fashion, construction, food industry and in web design too. It's always nice looking and easy to use.

This Flash CMS template is created in white and light green tones and it seems that the whole theme is weightless and it can fly. An interactive drop-down menu makes it easy to navigate through the website pages and to find information you need. When you switch pages it supplements with a beautiful leaf fall – it really looks nice. And the template allows to comment on video files.

The Flash CMS template will be good for spa salons and beauty centers, environmental and green organizations. The built-in event calendar will help to arrange your work schedule for days, weeks and even months. This Google Calendar is well known for you, so it will be very easy to use it.

And the most significant feature of this Flash template is that it can be stretched at height. It gives more space for content, so all you want to display via the website will be easily found.

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