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All members of modern society know rights and obligations, so they want them to be observed strictly. And if in some aspects of life one can succeed by studying the basic principles of local legislation, then with others there can be many questions. Buying a house, car, guardianship, etc., people face with so many legal nuances that legal help is necessary. Can you offer professional advice and defend the interests of clients? Then use the lawyer website builder to create a convenient legal web design. Maybe someone needs your legal backing right now!

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Lawyer Website Builder – MotoCMS Solution for Legal Profs

As a rule, lawyers and legal consultants are quite popular specialists - the long queues in their offices and offices evidence it. Users can find legal services online increasingly, as the Internet opens up new opportunities for finding quality services quickly. However, at the same time today, there is vast competition. Moreover, this industry is full of professionals who are doing everything possible to attract customers. Therefore, to beat the competitors and expand your modern law firm, you need a high-quality and contemporary website made with one of niche-specific law website templates.

For instance, MotoCMS lawyer website builder has the functionality that allows you to establish relationships with your customers quickly. In addition to the attractive design, intuitive interface, and ergonomic navigation, the lawyer website templates have tremendous adaptability and settings for SEO optimization. Create lawyer website that can not only be found through search engines easily but also lingers on it for targeted actions.

What Are the Advantages of the Best Website Builder for Lawyers?

MotoCMS is a reliable, functional, and simple lawyer website builder, which has occupied popular places on the web development market for more than ten years. Thanks to Moto CMS, thousands of popular websites were created, which actively help their owners to conduct business from year to year. Well, we understand that our customers know best about what kind of web resources they need. Therefore, we offer a tool to help you realize your dream web project without specialized skills.

1. Cutting-Edge Lawyer Website Templates

Our professional designers replenish the collection of law office templates on various topics regularly. Each solution is perfect for several business sectors of legal advice. Therefore, you can be sure that your future site powered with the best website builder for lawyers will meet all the technical requirements of modern web design and will comply with professional identity. Use the range of lawyer website templates if you want to create a website for:

  • the provision of lawyer aid;
  • legal advice;
  • assistance with registration of real estate transactions;
  • ensuring the protection of labor and civil rights;
  • provision of notarial services.

It does not matter whether you are engaged in individual practice or work as part of a team of specialists. Each law firm website template operated by lawyer website builder will help you get the most out of your online marketing with the minimum initial investment.

2. Rapid Content Management System

On the market with increased competitiveness, the quality and efficiency of the services provided play a crucial role. We cannot influence the quality of your business in any way. After all, the number of satisfied customers and your professionalism determines this. However, MotoCMS can help you reduce the processing time of applications and, therefore, speed up the workflow.

Legal services are not an industry where speed is paramount since the time of registration of formal documents established by law. However, potential customers are more likely to choose the site of the specialist who will load quickly. The load time of lawyer website templates does not exceed two seconds, so MotoCMS with its lawyer website builder is considered one of the fastest content management systems.

3. Drag-and-Drop Editor

A modern popular site is a combination of a set of technical nuances, high-quality content, and compliance with current user requirements. Most beginners are afraid to create lawyer website, as they believe that they will not cope with intricate the lawyer website design themselves. However, we hurry to convince you that, with the best website builder for lawyers, you can create a full-fledged web resource. So, your creation will not yield to the projects that IT specialists develop.

The lawyer website builder has a built-in drag-and-drop editor, thus that the workflow is similar to a popular children's game. You do not have to learn to program and write long lines of code. Instead, you can select the items you like, move them around the workspace, and resize with a few clicks. Try it yourself and make sure that it is easier than it seems.

4. Absolute Adaptability

Adaptability and cross-browser compatibility of the law firm website builder are a few basic technical requirements for new sites. Thanks to modern technologies, the Internet is available almost anywhere in the world, so it is more convenient for users to purchase goods and services online from a phone or tablet. In this case, desktop versions are inferior not so much in download speed as in the convenience of displaying essential blocks of content.

Using the lawyer website builder, you will get a ready-made web project with several versions that will display on various screens correctly:

  • desktop computer;
  • smartphone;
  • a laptop;
  • the tablet.

Cross-browser compatibility of the best lawyer website templates ensures that your web resource will display in popular browsers rightly. Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome - no matter what the client uses of this, your site will retain all the functionality and essential content.

5. Extensive Functionality

For most professionals, a personal site is, above all, a business card and a portfolio of their work. A set of widgets lawyer website builder will allow you to place all the necessary information about your services, employees, prices, and even customer reviews. However, if you want to get ahead of competitors, your site must also support the ability to process applications and online consultation.

Lawyer website templates together with Moto CMS attorney website builder support particular application forms. Ones contain fields where visitors can enter their contact phone number or email. Also, forms have a text area where the client can describe the essence of his question and ask the experts to figure it out. Use the best website builder for lawyers to configure pop-up notifications to push the visitor to the target action gently and provide user interactivity.

6. Impeccable Support for Lawyer Website Builder

Official documents require increased attention and do not tolerate excesses. Therefore, experts who often work with this prefer specifics and scrupulousness even in daily routines management. Recommendations regarding the workflow of lawyer website builder are accurate and informative; each option has tips. You do not have to spend time studying long useless guides and unnecessary information. However, unfamiliar terminology and technical nuances can raise several additional questions. To help you figure it out and launch the project as quickly as possible, MotoCMS offers customers a qualified support team.

You can seek online advice or call a specialist at any time. The support team works seven days a week. We will be happy to provide you with prompt assistance and support any initiative related to the development of your business. We provide a full-fledged support for every lawyer website template you see in the collection.

How to Create Lawyer Website that Converts?

According to the concept of identity, for most people, legal services are associated with impeccability and reliability. The site, like any other advertising resource, is a tool to attract new customers. Therefore, if you want your legal site to contribute to the expansion of the client base, you need to take the development process responsibly and seriously. Before getting acquainted with the technical capabilities of the lawyer website builder in more detail, we recommend that you explore some interesting ideas.

Select one or more and implement it in further development. Thanks to this, you can create a competitive website without the help of marketing consultants.

1. Explore Competitors

Lawyer website templates are designed by professionals with the standard identity of law firms. Thus, you can be sure that all the necessary functionality will place on the pages of your site. However, local law may impose additional content requirements. Therefore, we recommend that you initially familiarize yourself with the websites of your competitors.

Pay special attention to the sites of those legal organizations that will locate on the first page of the search engines in your region. To find them, you will need to enter into the search form standard queries. If you are a narrowly specialized specialist, you can explore the sites on the same topic and familiarize yourself with the web resources of full profile companies besides.

Through the use of tools for auditing, you can calculate the most effective methods of promotion. We remind you that the lawyer website builder allows you to perform SEO optimization. Therefore, having studied the competitors, you can not only organize the content effectively but also provide your site with search engine optimization.

2. Implement the Must-Haves

Practicing lawyers need to spend quite a lot of time working with documents and court proceedings. In this case, the management of the site for them can be an impossible load. To ensure that the time spent on maintaining web pages pays off, place on your website pages the information about:

  • Pricing for your services. Indicate whether you use a fixed payment system or hourly.
  • Lawyer's industries in which you specialize. You will not waste time-solving family problems of a client if you work with labor law?
  • Your place and time of work. You can conduct an online consultation, but you will discuss pressing issues with the client only in the office.
  • Contact details and logo. Phone numbers and names are best indicated on the home page. If you use a logo, place it in the site header.

3. Choose the Right Marketing Strategy

There are many marketing techniques that you can use on your site. Since a legal site with screaming headlines and promotional banners does not inspire confidence, you need to look for alternative ways to attract attention. The lawyer website builder has many new tools for this, for example, counter widgets. The more cases you win, the better lawyer you are, right? With these simple widgets, you can visualize your productivity and build trust with future customers.

You can also create lawyer website with a separate page for a free online consultation. In this way, you will show people that they are interested in their problems, and not in personal gain. However, you do not get money for it but spend your time. So think about free consultations being just a part of a marketing strategy.

4. Start a Blog

You can also attract the attention of visitors if you start a personal blog. Every law website design powered by the best website builder for lawyers has a blog functionality. If you publish original content, unique articles are what guarantees you a high ranking on Google. The higher the rating of your site, the more people will turn to you. It is noteworthy that even with a competent advertising company; sometimes, the first visitors need to wait at least several months. However, one original article with useful information and tips can lead customers within a few days after creating the site.

Also, a blog is a tool that makes you more accessible to your potential customers. They can comment on your posts, ask questions, and eventually contact you for services. Unfortunately, not all visitors have time to search for your contact information after reading the article. Therefore, do not forget to provide lawyer website templates with visible target action buttons.

5. Create a Suitable Style

In addition to the design that will fit the corporate style, there are several other ways to increase the confidence of potential customers. Use only verified information and position content intelligently. Check out the widget groupings that the lawyer website builder implements to split a large amount of text into several small sections.

People who need legal assistance are often under stress. They will have to share personal information with you and relive emotional moments once again. So you need to create lawyer website that will reduce the stress level of your future clients. The plainest way to achieve this is to install an accessible 'About Us' page where you can:

  • post photos of your employees;
  • provide some necessary information about the education and field of specialization of your subordinates;
  • add links to social networks or personal blogs of employees;
  • post real customer reviews you have already helped;
  • share the achievements of your company.

Lawyer Website Builder – User Guide

So, you have decided on future marketing strategies and prepared information that you post on the site. Let's get down to the most interesting - the direct work on creating a web resource. The best lawyer website templates are ready-to-use solutions, so you can fill the pages with content and start the project right away. If you wish, you can give your website uniqueness and make it more original. Follow the simple MotoCMS instructions to create lawyer website that will help expand your options.

Template Selection and Activation

All lawyer website templates have a free trial period for 14 days. Activation and deactivation of solutions take several minutes. Therefore, you can start building the site immediately or choose one sample to study the functionality of the lawyer website builder.

You can also view a demo version of the site in the detailed information of each legal website template. Learn what happens if you click on the target buttons, test page transitions. Unfortunately, compact design does not involve the use of all functions and widgets. Therefore, choose the solution that will meet your requirements and desires.

To activate the template, you only need a valid email. Select the one you like, click on 'try for free' and go to the control panel. If necessary, you can enter the phone number, besides, to receive expert advice in the future.

Admin Panel

Website creation is a meticulous and thorough process that contains many nuances. So that you are not confused and do not lose essential settings, we have divided the workflow into several necessary steps:

  • Editing pages. You can test the future site and customize the display of it on various devices. Also, here, you can customize pop-up notifications, change background images, and edit system pages.
  • Design. Customize colors, fonts, and backgrounds for each structural element. Take advantage of the best website builder for lawyers to edit indent values and sizes, check out the widgets.
  • Media Library. One is the built-in data managing system of the lawyer website builder. Upload the necessary media content in a few seconds to access it anywhere in the editor.
  • Blog. Set up ready-made templates for posting or create new ones. Add texts, edit the time and date of their download.
  • Settings. Connect tools to audit the site, debug link redirection. You can also generate a sitemap and customize the indexing of pages on your own.

Appearance of Web Pages

MotoCMS lawyer website builder allows you to change the look of your website pages the way you prefer. Thus, the workspace of the page editor consists of three sections, such as:

  • General settings. Study the site structure and pop-up notifications.
  • Appearance. See how web pages will appear on different screens.
  • Additional settings. Set individual parameters for each page element separately.

If necessary, you can edit the default pages, delete them and add new ones. To speed up the work, you can use the duplication feature. If you are creating a new page, but do not want for some reason to publish one on the site, you can save it as a draft. Also, the page editor allows you to change the website in sections. Thus, you can create a unique header or footer without disturbing the overall design composition.

In the advanced settings, you can set the values of some SEO options and customize the background of the elements (image or color). Do not forget about the system pages that will be displayed if your site suddenly does not load. All aspects of the lawyer website builder have default values; however, you can change them with a few clicks.

Widgets and Blocks

The drag-and-drop editor of the best website builder for lawyers has a system of content blocks, which simplifies the process of work. The lawyer website builder has many structural elements that can group. Thus, you can operate with whole content blocks or edit them separately.

Since the use of all available widgets would be impractical, study the entire range to select the most appropriate. For example, you want to post pictures of employees but have only a few images of the whole team of specialists. In this case, you can replace the standard image fields with the grid gallery widget or slider.

If you want to a radical transformation of the lawyer website templates, learn how to structure widgets. You can group items in a row or container, and then set general parameters:

  • adjust the indents between the content;
  • set individual display settings;
  • change the position of elements;
  • add link;
  • select a design and size.

Features of Blog and Media Library

The ready-made site is a set of files, including those that will be displayed on web pages when used. For you to be confident in the preservation of content and to have access to it at any time, MotoCMS lawyer website builder has a built-in blog and media library.

The media library is a cloud data storage with a convenient file system and a built-in image editor. Each file you upload will be available in any of the editing modes. You can also upload images and videos from social networks directly, which saves time.

The blog provides many opportunities for those who are interested in regularly publishing useful information. You do not have to think about creating individual pages for each article and each time create the corresponding content block. Having designed a publishing template once, you can use it an unlimited number of times. In blog mode, you can track the date, time, and status of ones, add tags and provide articles with unique meta tags.

SEO Optimization in Lawyer Website Builder

No matter how informative and attractive your site is, how good is it if users don't see one? For your web resource to appear in the search engine results, you need to add some SEO settings on the lawyer pages website templates:

  • titles and keywords;
  • unique URLs and descriptions;
  • attributes alt images;
  • sitemap.

In addition to the above options, the lawyer website builder allows you to generate a sitemap and customize the appearance of links. If you wish, you can always ask for help from the staff of the support center. Get advice from a qualified specialist or assign SEO optimization to professionals.

Installation of Lawyer Website Templates

After you create lawyer website with Moto CMS lawyer website builder, you will need to take care of hosting and installing a web project. If you have enough free time, you can study the appropriate manuals and choose the right provider yourself. In another case, you can entrust the installation of the site to our specialists.

MotoCMS also offers customers the services of reliable hosting providers, with whom we have been cooperating for many years. Together with the lawyer website templates, you can purchase a subscription to the hosting. Thus, you will receive quality services at reasonable prices and will be able to forget about the need to search for hosting companies for many years.

Audit and Site Management

Did you manage to build your site into the top search engines, and you want one to stay there as long as possible? Use the audit services always to be aware of current requests. Among the many analytical systems, Google does not lose popularity from year to year. Therefore, you can create accounts in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and then connect them in the settings of the lawyer website builder. Synchronize these services with your site to be able to track statistics and find out what your customers need.

Optimization and Promotion

The secret of MotoCMS success is that we provide comprehensive support to our clients' web projects. In addition to the convenient lawyer website builder and a range of design templates, reliable hosting partners, and operational support, we can offer users additional customer services for website optimization and promotion:

  • creating unique text content;
  • individual development of design and logo;
  • creation of visual content and advertising banners;
  • tools to enhance security (SSL certificate and GDPR audit);
  • SEO optimization and audit;
  • creating and launching advertising campaigns.

Do not be afraid to make your dreams come true and expand your business. After all, you can always count on timely and high-quality assistance of MotoCMS specialists.

Get Profitable Web Resource with Lawyer Website Builder

MotoCMS best website builder for lawyers is a unique solution that can be used to outrun competitors and launch a personal website in a few days. Thanks to the attractive design and responsive functionality, users will enjoy interacting with you. You will be able to use your future site not only as a business card but also for legal advice and online booking.

It is worth noting that the lawyer website templates are responsive, which means that they do not need to create a new mobile version. They will always look the same on a large monitor and the screen of a phone or tablet. Also, all demos are free and do not have functional cuts. By purchasing the best lawyer website templates once, you also get access to free updates.

Thus, working with MotoCMS lawyer website builder, you can create lawyer website in just a few days. At the same time, your web resource will not lose its uniqueness over the years!

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