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Legalor is a contemporary law office website template suitable for attorneys’ websites. Its flexible design and the drag-and-drop functionality ensures the ease of customization, while pre-designed niche-specific pages greatly facilitate the process of website creation.

Customizable Law Office Website Template

This modern law website template includes topical images and various blocks that correspond to the needs of legal offices. At the same time, it is possible to personalize the design as much as necessary. You can edit various website elements, including headers, footers, backgrounds, icons, buttons, etc. The visual attorney website builder will let you see all the changes instantly.

Law Office Website Template for Legal Firm Presentation

The homepage of this law enforcement website design aims to introduce the main spheres of activities and the service line the firm provides. Using well-designed blocks that combine icons and text, you can insert information about legal practice areas in which your company can help clients. Additionally, there is an appealing block that emphasizes the company’s values and benefits.

To make information look more convincing, you can add an animated counter. It is an excellent tool to present the number of satisfied clients, cases solved, years of experience, etc. Also, add customers’ reviews and show real-life feedback to potential customers. To save space and to make testimonials more engaging, you can use a carousel slider included in the law firm website template.

Best Website Template for Law Office

The Services page demonstrates the list of legal areas in which the firm specializes. With the MotoCMS legal services website template, you can quickly name the spheres and provide brief descriptions to clientele. After that, connect the blocks with separate pages that describe this particular service in detail. Add as many pages as you need, stating what kind of legal assistance consumers get within each service.

Moreover, this law firm website design lets you introduce the staff, adding contemporary animation. It is possible to create a tile gallery by adding images of workers. Then, there is an opportunity to combine text descriptions with the pictures, making the former visible only when a person holds a pointer on the photo. Such an engaging presentation of staff adds to the stylish design of the law office website template.

Create Law Firm Website with MotoCMS

To motivate people to cooperate with your company, you can provide a free consultation. This attorney web template lets you place an easy-to-understand contact form for people to fill in if they wish to get advice from you. Moreover, the social options of this law office website template will allow you to link your website to various pages on social media. Connect the site with the company’s profile in different networks and link information about workers’ to their social accounts.

The blog functionality of this website template for a law firm website lets you create regular posts. Thus, it is possible to describe the most challenging cases that your organization has solved. Also, there is an opportunity to answer the most common questions and show people that they can always get support at your legal agency. Thus, pick this design and go online effortlessly with MotoCMS!

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Jake Elliot Verified buyer

Perfection. Just a perfect thing. No issues, no bugs, no coding - MotoCMS did all that for me and all I need to do is just to click few buttons and insert my content as I wish. Really easy and effective!

Tina Verified buyer

nice job, MotoCMS professionals!. Keep it up! MotoCMS took everything in their hands and built this website template which let me create my office website in few days. Unbelievable!


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