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In case your business relates to law and its essentials, a professional, consistent website is your checkpoint. MotoCMS is ready to cover you from every angle. Browse through the broad assortment of fully-featured law website templates and select the one to launch own web project dedicated to legal services with ease!

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Feature-Rich Law Website Templates from MotoCMS

These days a remarkable website is a must for any successful business. Law company is not an exception. You will need to create lawyer website if you own private law practice or work for a renowned law consortium. The main idea is that the Internet world is getting the #1 choice for selling and buying law services. So, for law business, it would be more than advisable to take advantage of the benefits of the online world. But how do you become a part of this world?

First of all, you should try to find the best cms to create law website. The good news is that you seem to have completed this task if you are visiting the MotoCMS website now. Here you will find a diversity of law office website templates powered by a robust and user-friendly law firm website builder. These designs will surely help you to succeed with your mission.

Law Website Templates - MotoCMS Essentials

When you are done with your search for the best cms, you should concentrate on the concept of your future online project. What law company do you represent? What legal services does your company provide? Do you want to include a price list of your services online? Consider all these questions before having a look at our collection of law web templates.

What we offer is a stunning package of law office website templates with the highest functionality and at a reasonable price. What do you get if you choose to create a website with MotoCMS?


For starters, each law firm website template is unique in terms of design, making the law website templates powered by MotoCMS a real bargain. You only need to find the one that suits your vision of law business. You can try all the law firm website templates you like for a 14-day free trial period.

Another advantage of our designs is that you can freely modify their look using the website builder admin panel. What is more, feel free to customize everything in detail. Edit fonts, the navigation menu, the background animation, etc. The flexibility of MotoCMS law office website templates gives you a chance to control the content and the layout of your online project.

If you have a closer look at the lawyer website design, you will notice quite a few appearance features that make them also stand out on the web market. First of all, law website templates are aimed at law companies of different sizes. Both owners of small law firms and big law companies will appreciate the excellent price-quality proportion in MotoCMS designs.

Our law web templates are excellent for showing your clients the case practices you work with, tell the latest news about your firm, and even to start your blog on legal topics.

Design Features

Law companies are thought to have flavorless and bland websites. Would you like to break this stereotype? Then create a law firm website on the base of MotoCMS law website templates. Click buttons, enjoy the stylish background which will not distract visitors of your law agency from the main content. From time to time you may also put pictures on your site and, of course, one impressive image on the home page.

Law office website templates also contain textured design features as, for instance, a jQuery slider on the homepage to make your message more prominent. There you may include images and text blocks and create a pleasant introduction to your site. The overall lawyer website templates design should still create a feeling of trust and confidence.

Web pages layout of any of our law website templates is user-friendly. The content is organized in an easy-to-read manner. There is enough white space, the colors balance, and the navigation functions well. Law templates come with different icons, logos, and buttons, and so, there is no chance that visitors will consider the site old-fashioned. MotoCMS solid and rather fascinating law web templates are also a great solution for legal companies that are imaginative and inspired. Pick MotoCMS attorney website builder to create your personal business site right now!

Free Demo

Becoming a successful lawyer is hard, especially if you have no attractive website. MotoCMS law website templates will bring something new and spicy into your lawyer work. Our designs will make your business dreams come - try the live demo and prove this yourself. The free demo of all the law office website templates will allow you to get acquainted with the design in a closer view, and to try to make all required modifications.

Lawyer companies usually predict a lot of changes along the way, and our designs allow making them fast and conveniently. You buy a favorite law firm web template only at the end of the trial 14-days period when you realize all the benefits of it and your choice is clear.

Responsive, Cross-Browser Nature

Tell your clients that they can try an excellent mobile or tablet version of your website and enjoy the visit due to responsive design. MotoCMS law office website templates guarantee that your website, devoted to the legal sphere, will be cross-browser compatible and fully responsive. Your visitors may use various devices to work with your website in different browsers. Modern clientele uses their smartphones and tablet PCs to find a lawyer along the way as they are very mobile and live in a fast-changing world.

With law website templates from this catalog, your content is readable, and your layout looks beautiful on the device of any resolution in any browser. It will be a handy way for your legal services company to gain more popularity. So, join MotoCMS satisfied customers right now!

Vibrant Assortment of Designs

Law website templates powered by MotoCMS cover the whole sphere of legal service and interaction and can be divided into several subtopics:

  • law firm website designs;
  • private lawyer website templates;
  • immigration lawyer web templates;
  • lawyers bureau & assosiation designs.
  • attorney website design templates;
  • legal services and information templates.

Admin Panel and Website Creator

No doubt, when you create lawyer website it should look trustworthy and reliable. That is why it makes sense to build a law website with the best law website templates. Do you represent a big law company? Are you a self-employed lawyer? No matter how big your law business is these days, you will still enjoy the functionality of the MotoCMS law office website templates.

Our premium law web templates contain content blocks and the drag-and-drop page builder. The combination of these components makes any template easy to manage and user-friendly. Also, the drag-and-drop functionality facilitates the process of creating a unique law website. If you create a web page with our lawyer website templates, you have all the chances to win the trust of your potential clients. With the best law firm website design, increasing your client base will be really easy.

Our law website templates come with a manageable admin panel. You will appreciate its intuitive interface. This admin panel was designed to suit the needs of busy people who know the real value of time. Create a law firm website which is unique and professional only by moving around many content blocks. And do not forget to apply different eye-grabbing widgets! The integrated widgets and tools will help you to transform this website beyond recognition.

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is extremely important if you want your site to be visible for search engines. Generally, your website's position in search results depends on the level of optimization you provide. Creating your legal bureau or firm can be tough, especially with all the online techniques. Being focused on the aim to create a law firm website, we enriched our law website templates with built-in SEO options to help you boost your ranking.

They will enable you to set up a website from scratch without any difficulties. Surely, good SEO is not an easy thing to achieve. You need to monitor the site and always follow search engine updates, especially in such a fast-changing sphere as law. There are certainly some details for a better site show-up in different search engines. You should pick appropriate keywords which will facilitate your website appearance to people’s requests in such a competitive field. Write good content and create clear and precise words about the specialization of your company and the service you provide to your clients.

Do not forget to control your efficiency by using analytical tools. They will show your business progress as well as assist you in getting more prospective clients. You can use Google Analytics and Google Trends. These tools are your main solution for raising the number of your clientele.

Professional Assistance

We, at MotoCMS, understand that you are a professional in the legal sphere, though you do not necessarily know a lot about programming and web design. Know what? It is not needed. With the help of our comprehensive website builder and user-friendly admin panel, you will fulfill all the steps yourself. We have also prepared ourselves for the situations when you still have trouble or difficulties creating a site. Video tutorials for every single page of the website turn the whole process of creating a website into an entertaining game. We at MotoCMS care about our clients’ time and money. That’s why it will not take you more than a couple of days or even hours to create a website with our law website templates.

It is convenient to test key functionality with the help of a free demo for 14 days, available for all of our law office website templates. Then you can make a rational decision, and buy a legal website template that appeals to you the most. Moreover, to help the beginners, MotoCMS with its law web templates provides newcomers with all the necessary tech support. Call us 24/7 or write in a live chat. Get the assistance from our customer support agents who seem to know the answers to all the questions.

Get started with MotoCMS Law Website Templates Today

As you see now, long and hard search for the best law firm website templates is over! Look at the perfect collection of law office website templates. Pick the best one with our 14-days trial, live demos, and detailed information. If website development is not of your interest, try the top professional 24/7 technical support and much more. Enjoy the website construction with MotoCMS designs!

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