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Healthcare is not only about medical treatment. People who worry about their health, both physical and mental, address specialists in advance, to prevent illnesses and to improve the quality of life. So, healthcare institutions are an essential part of society. To promote services connected with healthcare, it is vital to have a powerful website. Thus, healthcare website templates, like any other medical website templates, are in great demand.

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Who Can Use Healthcare Website Templates?

Website templates for healthcare are suitable for various organizations that deal with medicine and healthcare. You can use these templates to create a site for any private clinic, daycare center, nursing institution, medical consultation center, etc. Moreover, with the therapist website builder, you can launch a website for any medical practitioner.

What Are the Features of Healthcare Website Templates?

Website templates for healthcare from MotoCMS are appropriate for a variety of health institutions. Moreover, their peculiarities make them comfortable for use by anyone. Have a look at the main features of our website templates.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality of Healthcare Website Templates

Use the intuitive website builder by MotoCMS if you want to get an astonishing healthcare website design. The functions of the builder imply a user-friendly design. Its main principle is what you see is what you get. So, even if you are a novice in web design, you will be able to create a healthcare site. You can take any necessary elements and place them into the positions that you find most suitable.

Furthermore, you can adjust your template’s pages as much as you like. You can decide how to arrange the information on your website and to build clear menus. A well-organized website that you’ll get with MotoCMS builder will guarantee smooth and precise navigation through your site, adding to increased user satisfaction. You may also use various sidebars and accordions to save space on your page and make information more visually appealing.

Responsive Design of Healthcare Website Templates

Patients don’t always use PCs to find a healthcare clinic. More and more users prefer browsing the Internet via smartphones and templates. The healthcare website builder by MotoCMS takes care of all your worries. With healthcare website design templates, you will get a site that automatically adjusts to various screens and browsers.

So, no matter how clients are searching for your healthcare institution, they will get a properly displayed webpage on their device. By the way, responsive design is also one of the key features for the search engines. So, having a responsive design of a website does not only ensure perfect user experience but also guarantees higher positions in the search engine results.

Impressive Website Speed with Healthcare Website Templates

Customers try to avoid waiting for a webpage to load, as there are different sites in the search engine results. If you want to keep visitors on your healthcare site, you should take into consideration the loading speed. We understand that sometimes people need immediate help when they are looking for a healthcare website. That is why health website templates by MotoCMS can boast of incredible loading speed. Furthermore, a fast website gets better ranking in search engine results because a good speed is a part of comfortable user experience.

Ecommerce Functionality of Healthcare Website Templates

Ecommerce functionality of website templates for healthcare supposes that your medical center will be able to accept payments online. This functionality facilitates the process of booking an appointment and paying for the visit to a medical specialist. Your visitors will appreciate the possibility to give the money for your medical services directly on your website.

Immense Collection of Website Templates for Healthcare

The great news is that you don’t have to create your healthcare website from scratch. With an incredible collection of healthcare website templates, you can find a lovely site design that will suit your needs. The templates include various pre-built pages that greatly facilitate the process of site launching. All the templates are customizable, so your task is to add your content to personalize your pages. You can upload your logo, change footers and headers, etc. Moreover, if you need to add functionality to your website, you can install extra widgets.

Constant Support from MotoCMS

Our MotoCMS team cares about you, so we provide 24/7 support to our customers. If you have any questions while launching your website, our professionals will deal with your requests as soon as possible. You can contact MotoCMS team at any stage of building your website.

How to Create Websites with Healthcare Website Templates?

Creating a webpage may be a huge undertaking. However, if you follow the steps below, you will complete your healthcare website design in several days.

1.Set Your Priorities and Choose Your Template

The website design for healthcare depends on your purposes. Start with identifying your major aims and browse a collection of templates for healthcare organizations. You may create a webpage for a clinic with the help of the medical office website builder. Also, you can create a page for an individual consultant. These pages may differ in their layout and function. It’s up to you to decide which template suits your needs best.

2. Specify Your Target Audience with Healthcare Website Templates

The healthcare consulting website templates allow you to inform visitors who your healthcare institution works with. You can efficiently indicate whether you provide services for adults, senior people, children, or whole families. For instance, with healthcare website design, it will be clear that you specialize in long-term care for seniors.

3. Describe Your Services and Set Up Prices

Your healthcare center may provide a variety of services. With website templates for healthcare, you can create well-arranged pages to present your services. It is possible to have a general page with the whole list of services and their brief descriptions. Moreover, you will be able to create single services pages to provide more details about each service.

While you are describing your services, it is a good idea to let people know your pricing. With healthcare website templates, you can create various pricing plans and efficiently demonstrate what each plan includes. For instance, with mental health website templates, such as a psychologist website template, you can indicate how many appointments or consultations with a specialist each of the plans includes.

4. Define Your Departments with Healthcare Website Templates

Describing the departments of your healthcare institution is as important as indicating your services. In fact, these are the departments that provide these services. If you state in detail which department is responsible for which services, you will facilitate the customers’ requests when they come to your center. People will be familiar with the services that they want to get, and they will also know where to look for these services. For example, if you have a center connected with different kinds of chiropractic therapy, with a chiropractic website template you can show that people can find chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage departments at your center.

5. Present Your Staff to Visitors with Healthcare Website Templates

Healthcare is about people helping other people to preserve their health and wellbeing. Thus, the visitors of a healthcare center will have a better attitude to your healthcare center when they get an opportunity to read information about your staff. With website templates for healthcare, it is possible to create the Our Team page that will comprise brief information about all the workers. Additionally, it is possible to create personal pages of each worker.

When it comes to medical staff, there is a lot of information that you can display on your page built with the healthcare website templates. First of all, it is necessary to demonstrate the education of doctors, as well as their licenses and certifications. Moreover, you can tell your visitors about the experience of your staff, mentioning their skills and expertise in particular spheres. Furthermore, you can display any special awards of your workers.

For instance, with home health care website templates, such as a nursing website template, it is easy to describe various services that nurses can provide to their patients. These services may include assisted living facility, bathing, grooming, personal hygiene, etc.

6. Provide Additional Information with Blogs of Healthcare Website Templates

You can use the blog functionality of website templates for healthcare to arrange the information on your website to the best advantage. First of all, you can present more information about your services. For instance, if your medical center deals with physiotherapy, you can give details about this kind of therapy enumerating all its advantages.

Moreover, you can tell people more about sports physiotherapy as a specific field of therapy. Additionally, it is possible to give information about massage and ultrasound therapy. Similarly, if your center specializes in GP and family doctor’s consultations, you can explain why vaccinations are necessary. Also, you can provide information about specific kinds of vaccinations, including travel ones.

7. Give Instructions to Visitors with Healthcare Website Templates

A blog is also a wonderful way to present guidelines to patients. You can instruct people what to do when they wish to come to your center. You can explain where to address first and what documents your visitors may need. Moreover, you can remind people to contact their insurance company to find out if their insurance covers certain services that they are interested in. Furthermore, you can state any specific visitor policies and requests. For example, you can indicate that children under 16 are not allowed to attend medical consultations on patients in a healthcare center on their own.

8. Offer Lifestyle Advice with Healthcare Website Templates

A blog on a healthcare center website is a perfect place to write lifestyle advice to people. Depending on the type of your center, this advice will be different. For instance, with health and fitness website templates, such as weight loss website template, you can provide tips on nutrition to your customers. People will know that they can find information that they can trust directly on your webpage.

9. Impress Your Visitors with Amazing Galleries of Healthcare Website Templates

With website templates for healthcare, you can create astonishing galleries. On the one hand, it may seem that you don’t need to post many images on your healthcare website. As medical services can be related to relieving pain, patients are not very eager to see the images that remind them of this pain. On the other hand, if your healthcare center is something to be proud of, creating appealing galleries is a must.

10. Upload Photos of Premises and Equipment

First of all, in your galleries you can show photos of what your center looks like in real life. If you have impeccable conditions in your center, you can show this on the photos. Moreover, you can add images of the modern equipment with which your specialists work to provide high-quality services. Likewise, you can post photos of the rooms where doctors provide consultations and treatment. These photos will convince your visitors to cooperate with you.

11. Include Images of Personnel and Clients

Secondly, galleries are useful for creating specialists’ profiles. With website templates for healthcare, you can upload pictures of your workers while they are performing their job. Such photos will have a personal touch for customers. They will help you to show that you maintain an individual approach to each client. It is also possible to add pictures of your satisfied customers. Working with MotoCMS media library is an enjoyable and easy-to-understand process.

12. Create Contact and Appointment Forms

A wonderful feature of healthcare website templates is an included contact form. It allows people to provide their details and to leave a message. Your staff will be able to answer such messages during work hours. Moreover, if you have a possibility, you can provide your clients with a live chat for any emergency requests.

Additionally, the healthcare website templates are compatible with an appointment form. You can install this form if you want to allow your visitors to book a visit directly on the site. You can give people the possibility to choose a necessary specialist, as well as an appropriate date and time for the visit.

Give Various Contact Options with Healthcare Website Templates

A variety of contact options is a guarantee of patients’ satisfaction, as they will be able to reach your center in different ways. First of all, people will receive services mostly at your healthcare center. So, it is vital to make the address clearly seen to all your visitors. People shouldn’t spend much time looking for the location of your center. The website templates for healthcare can boast of Google map integration. Thus, you can indicate the location of your institution on the map and facilitate searches for clients.

Apart from stating your address details, you can provide telephone numbers and emails. Additionally, you have to state when people can contact your center. For instance, with a doctor website template, it is possible to notify visitors about the hours of work of your center.

Showcase Testimonials with Healthcare Website Templates

Sincere clients’ reviews will make your healthcare center’s site more trustworthy. If you have already got reviews of people, feel free to post them on your page. With the website templates for healthcare, you will create impressive testimonials.

To sum up, the healthcare website builder from MotoCMS will provide you with top healthcare website templates. Explore the collection of healthcare centers and start your free trial today.

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