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The niche of medicine is broad and, in these times, insanely competitive. There are plenty of private clinics, offices, and hospitals related to various medical services. If your establishment is in this list, it is the right time to think about a website. MotoCMS medical office website builder aims to help you create a remarkable medical web page which will fascinate clients, emphasize your reputation and proficiency, and will surely make you stand out among others.

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MotoCMS Medical Office Website Builder

Medicine is about taking care of people. Therefore, it is essential to make your thematic site comply with this principle. Potential customers visit the web resource to obtain the necessary information. First of all, they are attracted by a bright picture and a useful site, which they can access from any device. That is why all the medical website templates look attractive enough, so they have an excellent first impression.

The next thing that visitors will focus on is the placement of functional blocks and easy navigation. Thanks to the medical office website builder, you can simplify the navigation on your site. Everything is quite convenient and resembles a child's play. Be sure to create an ergonomic site; you can get it even without special skills!

Create a Perfect Site with Medical Office Website Builder

The absolute majority of Internet users search for information related to health. Thanks to the medical office website templates, you can declare yourself as a first-class specialist and promote the services you offer. Aggressive design and lack of usability scare off visitors. Therefore we pay particular attention to each healthcare website design from medical office templates collection.

Website Adaptability and Simple Design

People may need your help at any time, so each clinic website template fully adapts to all kinds of devices. All the designs powered by medical office website builder also are cross-browser compatible, so the performance of your site will be the same great in any popular web browser. Beyond that, the usability of the functional part will help users quickly find the necessary information. The more accessible the medical site is, the more customers will want to visit it.

Neutral Color Themes and Vibrant Set of Widgets

Color directly affects not only the perception of a person but also one’s health and psyche. Designers who work with medical web projects, always try to make the atmosphere as pleasant and clean as possible. Pastel colors evoke a sense of calmness and security, so they are must-have for medical sites. Thanks to multiple widgets available in all medical office website templates, you can highlight important information if you place it in separate widget blocks. Share information about your services and company employees. Tell about your success story to attract even more potential clients!

Feedback and Booking Forms

In some cases, the visitor will want to get advice without leaving home. Due to the variety of feedback forms, you can work online and consult the patient at all moment. Besides, MotoCMS provides multiple opportunities for online booking. Thus, thanks to the Appointment by Acuity Scheduling widget, your clients will be able to book consultations directly on your medical office website. Just go to the admin panel and apply the widget to the selected medical laboratory website template.

Why Choose MotoCMS Medical Office Website Builder?

The primary advantage of cooperation with MotoCMS is that with minimal resources you get a high-quality website. Get to know the editor right now! You do not require much time and effort. Each option has a useful prompt, while each element is fully adaptive. If you have any questions, our tech support will assist you as quickly as possible.

Easy Registration

You do not need any investment to get started with the medical office website builder. Pick a desirable medical website design and request a free trial period. Then sign in or register a new one. All you need is email or the comfiest social account. Next, you will receive a notification with a link by which you can immediately go to the editor.

Ergonomic Navigation

The interface of the medical office website builder is intuitive due to conciseness and minimalism. Website development involves several necessary steps — no extra buttons and incomprehensible functions.

  • Editing pages. Here you can refine the appearance of each of the medical office website templates. You can add and delete pages, manage widgets, change the design.
  • Blog. Separate structure for content management. Here you can post articles, edit them and manage the time of publication.
  • Settings. This block contains the additional functions of the website builder. Connect analytical tools, set up page redirects, expand the possibilities of feedback, etc.
  • Support. If you have any questions, feel free to refer to this section. Here you can contact a specialist directly or find additional information to solve any problem.

Available FAQs

You can get to the help section from the edit mode directly. Anyone can work with the medical office website builder — no matter what level of computer skills you have. The main thing is that you are a professional in your industry, and MotoCMS programmers will take care of the rest. If you still doubt your abilities, then welcome to the FAQ section! Here you will find many useful tips and tutorials on working with the website composer. You can also always sign up for a free e-course. Leave a request with your email address, and we will send you a free tutorial.

Simple Website Creation

All depends on your desire and free time, of course. You can deal with the medical office website builder by trial and error independently. However, professionals know that it is better to spend some time on additional training than to solve other tasks. Free tutorial on working with MotoCMS is explicitly designed for such experienced connoisseurs.

You will surely cope with the task efficiently by going through learning divided into several stages.

  • Stage one. You will get acquainted with the demo version, choose the hosting and domain name for the site.
  • Stage Two. Overview of the functionality of the admin panel. Here you will learn about the capabilities of the medical office website builder and its central structural units.
  • Stage Three. The manual is available to explain to you the principles of working with the structure of the site and the media library.
  • Stage Four. All the fun usually happens near the end. Here we will learn how to edit the look of the site, work with themes and background images, etc.
  • Stage Five. Medical office website templates are ready-made solutions. However, sometimes you have to change something, add new things and delete unnecessary ones. At this stage, we will learn how to work with widgets.

What Else Can a Medical Office Website Builder Offer?

Working with MotoCMS editor does not require any financial investments. After a quick registration, you can start working on your web resource. Demo version is available for each medical web page design for 14 days. You can get to know with the capabilities of the builder or create a full-fledged site during this period. Every day, we do our best to provide you with a hassle-free website construction — large selection of medical office website templates, usability editor, responsive support. A list of our capabilities is not limited. What else can we offer you?

Hosting Independence

Like any digital resource, each site has a certain weight, so it needs to be stored somewhere. Your web resource is a collection of files and a database that your visitors see. Hosting companies allocate storage space for this data. Fees and services vary by vendor, and that is why we want you to select the best provider without any persuasion.

Nevertheless, if you are just unfamiliar with reliable web hosting companies, take a look at CMS hosting providers that our clients choose regularly. Pick the best plan that meets your expectations and get a secure hosting. Just like with the medical office website builder, you do not need additional knowledge and skills. All our hosting partners strive to make everything clear and straightforward, to instill in you the desire to grow and move on.

Template Installation

The final product usually has many files. Therefore, many users worry that they will not be able to launch the site on their own. How to solve this problem with the help of medical office website builder?

  • Take advantage of the support center and study the corresponding tutorial;
  • Contact the operator and get advice;
  • Entrust it to our specialists completely.

After working with the medical office website templates, organizational and technical issues may seem like a tedious chore. Mainly to save your time, we provide additional services for site enhancement and promotion.

Additional Support

The MotoCMS Help Center works around the clock. However, during peak periods, lines can be overloaded, and the answer is needed immediately. For your convenience and to save time, we have introduced the Premium Support service. How is this different from standard support?

  • Response speed. Even with the highest workload of specialists, the response time will not exceed two hours. You also take a priority queue.
  • Installation service included. We will not only advise you on technical issues regarding the medical office website builder but also help you to install any of the medical office website templates.
  • Webmaster’s Help. The option is particularly relevant for those users who prefer to collaborate with other professionals directly.

Individual Development

Patient health is always more important than website creation. For this reason, you will sometimes have to delay the development process. Do not worry; our specialists are ready to back up you at any time! Individual development will allow you to use the programmer's hourly services. Cooperation will be as comfortable if you state your wishes in advance and specify your needs competently.

Also, this service is suitable for those who want to integrate a third-party application into the site. The extensive functionality of the medical office website templates allows you to work with social networks and Google services. If you want to connect a third-party application to the site, load a database or add a unique option, you can always use the services of MotoCMS developers.

Google AdWords Audit

The beginner is quite tricky to understand the nuances of web analytics. Do not waste time on working with keywords, developing sophisticated marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Better use the services of MotoCMS specialists. Our experts will help you get comfortable with your Google AdWords account so that your advertising campaigns will be more effective. You will also receive additional useful recommendations regarding the implementation of marketing strategies.

Multilingual Site

Competent specialists are appreciated all over the world. Why not? Expand your capabilities by making the site multilingual! In addition to the new widget in the medical office website builder, we will help you to:

  • create an internal reference architecture;
  • work with the multilingual structure of the site;
  • prevent duplicate content by changing SEO settings.

Positive SSL Certificate

Some sites have a lock icon near the page address in the browser. Similar image means that the site has an SSL certificate installed and all information is transmitted over a secure protocol. A protocol is a set of rules that a browser and server use to exchange information securely.

SSL certificate does not allow fraudsters to intercept or replace personal data of users, such as contact information, bank card numbers, logins, passwords, email addresses, etc. With a one-year positive SSL certificate, you can guarantee your customers that their data will be reliably protected.

Unique Content

The site must be updated regularly, and MotoCMS medical office website builder serves clients with a handy platform for the content implementation. Quality content will attract the attention of new visitors and help expand the customer base. But there is one more important point which is worth paying attention. Tell visitors about your success or share useful health information. There is not always enough time and inspiration.

If you want to please users with new content, despite unexpected situations, you can use the content creation services provided by our expert copywriters. We will create unique texts for you in less than seven working days! Do you need advertising posts on social networks, informative blog articles, other content solutions? MotoCMS copywriters will always come to your rescue!

Email Distribution

For example, you want to share important new information, but you are not comfortable sending an email to every registered visitor. Agree, it is pleasant to receive a beautiful letter that contains useful information and a link for a quick transition. Would you like to share information about a new service or an innovative medicine with your clients? We will help you create your email campaign. Specialists will carefully study your services, help you to segment the audience and create letters that no one can pass by!

MotoCMS Medical Office Website Builder - Availability and Reliability

Time is the most valuable resource, so we make sure that our clients can get the desired outcome as soon as possible. All medical office website templates are full adaptive for your client’s needs. You can create a website with MotoCMS in just a few days! For this, it is not necessary to study programming and web design trends. Select the desired items, move them in a couple of clicks and edit. MotoCMS offers innovative solutions in a complete set.

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