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Whether you are a personal hairdresser, an owner of a barbershop, or a beauty salon manager, it’s becoming essential these days to have your website. A digital store or portfolio to showcase your services with images and prices. To create it fast and efficiently, you need a high-quality hair salon website builder offered by MotoCMS. Take a closer look at the collection of hair salon website templates and pick the one that will help you to create an exceptional web page.

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Hair Salon Website Builder by MotoCMS

Why do you need high-grade hair salon website templates? Well, if your prospective clients browse through various competitive websites, they may finally decide on the one that is packed with customer reviews and full of images illustrating their work. Admittedly, it should let them book an appointment without having to pick up the phone and spending hours waiting for somebody to answer their message on the site. There is no chance to get a client in the contemporary service world if you are not available online 24/7 trying to do your best to meet their requirements.

That’s what MotoCMS is aiming to achieve providing their perfect hair salon website builder for your future salon site because we've got the best beauty website templates that can help you to fulfill all the tasks mentioned above. However, the structure of the hair salon website is also of great importance, because it needs to meet your clients’ expectations still standing out of the crowd.

Responsive Hair Salon Website Templates

Old style in traditional barbershops and hair salons are closing or transforming into half-online and half-offline offices. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, so after one visit to a hair salon, they may use Google search to find another high-quality local salon in their town. Clients today trust online testimonials and reviews even more than the advice of their relatives or friends.

So, you should pay particular attention to promoting your services with a website based on hair salon website templates. It should include full functionality, attractive hair salon website design, and valuable information. To fulfill all these purposes, you may use a helpful and convenient MotoCMS hair salon website builder and an eye-grabbing barbershop website design. Check out the crucial list elements which any qualitative hair salon website should contain.

Homepage in Hair Salon Website Templates

The homepage is usually one of the most popular pages of any website. So, you should think a lot before deciding what to place there with the help of a hair salon website builder. The most needed thing is to keep it clear and straightforward, though at the same time bright and unique for it to attract prospective customers and make them want to visit your hair salon offline.

When editing the hair salon website templates, you should add images showing your employees' talent or your own. However, don't forget about the texts. They influence your ranking - so spend a little time creating or ordering unique texts with valuable information, not mentioned on your competitors' websites. By the way, besides a compelling hair salon website builder, MotoCMS also offers professional web copywriting services that can help you enhance your web page with an original, niche-specific copy.

About Us Page

Many companies nowadays neglect this page as they think that customers care more about their services and location than about the history of the company or the information of the people who work there. Hair services seem to be a more personal sphere of interest, so it's a different story this time. About Us page created with one of the hair salon website templates is an excellent opportunity to tell the people your account, introduce yourself and your staff, a bit boast of your experience, and include some images and photos representing employees and portfolio examples. When your clients decide to visit the place, they know what to expect and don't feel uncomfortable. Thus, go to the control panel of hair salon website builder and launch a professional-looking page that will bring you benefits.

Services Page in Hair Salon Website Templates

It is unreasonable in the modern world to make people call you to find your prices or even services available. Some prefer writing a question in a messenger. Others - will leave your page as soon as they see the lack of information about services, employees, working schedules, and prices. Why not make your prospective customers fully informed on the Services page? The more information you give them on this page using an understandable hair salon website builder, the more chances people choose you over your competitors. The page made with one of the hair salon website templates should start from the clear and precise list of services with prices and details. The rest is up to you, though don't make this website page too filled with data for clients not to get puzzled.

Pricing on the Services page is optional, though recommended. We realize that not every company wants to display their prices openly, but it is one more reason to trust the company and turn to them in the end or to move to another website. Clients of hair salons are used to save time, so they will not be glad to spend hours trying to get to know what your salon’s price range is.


A gallery aims to showcase your work. It is your chance to explain your work level without words and show your best work with previous clients. The hair salon website templates gallery is the place where you can add as many great photos as you wish. Your prospective customers will visit this page to understand the standard of your work or to get a little inspiration before deciding to change the image.

Testimonials and Reviews

As we have mentioned before, nobody trusts a word nowadays. People require reviews of previous customers and testimonials of satisfied users before pulling the trigger on paying money. A few real customer reviews on the Testimonials page and scattered around your hair salon website will help you attract new clients or make those who doubt to make a quick decision. Fortunately, with hair salon website builder from MotoCMS, you can create a compelling page for clients’ feedback with no effort.

Contacts Page of Hair Salon Website Templates

Your contact details must be as easily found and understood as possible. The contacts page should also be in the main website navigation bar. An excellent contacts page contains your company name with logo (for it to be noticed further in the street or the ads), address, and contact numbers. The beautiful idea is to have there are also direct links to your social media accounts. We believe you don't imagine a high-end hair salon website without fantastic Instagram and Facebook accounts. As for the sphere you work in, Pinterest and Twitter reports may also be of great value.

Online Booking Options

Before building the site with one of the hair salon website templates, look at some present examples. One of the most significant advantages of the modern hair salon websites is that they offer the ability to access their calendar and book an appointment directly on the site without the need to call or text. This option looks way too technical and impersonal, though MotoCMS hair salon website builder considers it and makes it a reasonably easy task these days.

Many prospective clients who value their time and efforts will expect your hair salon website to have this useful feature. It’s a great idea to add a Google map on the bottom of each website page (in the footer) and put a huge separate one on the Contacts page. It may be beneficial for your visitors facilitating their choice, and also improves your salon popping up in the search results.

Online Store

If you not only offer services but also sell beauty-oriented high-quality products, such as shampoos, balms, mousses, gels, and hair care products, then you may also need to add an online store to your hair salon website. This option will enable people to buy goods directly without having to visit your hair salon physically.

Best Hair Salon Website Templates - Create the Site of Your Dreams

Let's take a look at MotoCMS website builder for the hair salon that can help you generate your salon site with the components mentioned above in no time. Thanks to a great MotoCMS beauty salon website builder you can save a bunch of time and money for creating great content (both text and photos) and for developing your professional skills in the sphere.

The principal purpose of any hair salon website is to attract new clients and make a profit higher subsequently. So, the first thing to think of is hair salon website design. In MotoCMS collection of the best hair salon website templates, you can find excellent themes with clean, modern hair stylist website design and well-planned menus and structure that will help give a clear view of your salon site.

Design in No Time with MotoCMS Hair Salon Website Templates

The best hair salon website design plays a vital role in the successful promotion of your hair salon website. Depending on your ideas and vision, choose the perfect template for it to be your site's basis. It can be either bright or reserved, multicolored or minimalistic, modern or classical.

All MotoCMS hair salon website templates can help you make a beautiful hair salon website because they are intended for ease of use and no-limits communication between customers and staff. If in this competitive field the design of your hair salon website stands out from the pack, you more chances to be noticed and chosen than your competitors.

Responsivity & Mobile-Friendliness of Hair Salon Website Templates

In this hectic world people may come to an idea to change their hair image, to make a new haircut or to create a festive look at any place or time, so you must be sure that your website looks equally great on all possible devices, no matter what size or resolution their screen is.

Complete mobile-friendliness and responsiveness are what all MotoCMS hair salon website templates can boast. The images are, and you can have no doubts that your clients can look through them in the gallery on their mobile phones. The booking system also works well on all types of devices not slowing the work of the website and not irritating your customers with the need to wait.

With MotoCMS hair salon website builder, you can also be 100% sure that your site is SEO-optimized to get you to the top of Google search results. You can also order separate SEO services from the best analytics and writers to put your hair salon website at the center of your marketing strategy.

2-Week Trial Version of Hair Salon Website Templates

If you can’t wait to start creating your hair salon website, you have a chance to try any website design for hair salon with full functionality for two weeks. So, get started right away to make yourself sure MotoCMS is right for you! What is more, if you decide to buy the selected template during the trial period, all the changes you've made will be saved. You will not waste your time and effort repeating the same steps with the builder.

No Programming Skills Needed!

The best part of working with a hair salon website builder is that everyone can create an excellent website to spread the word about their brand even with a skill gap. MotoCMS hair salon website templates with a comprehensive website builder admin panel and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality is a fabulous tool. It is for people who are not keen on programming or web design.

Surely, if you are a professional web developer, you can use it successfully too, especially if you want to save your precious working time and efforts. As mentioned before, MotoCMS website composer incorporates a simple drag-and-drop function that enables you to add, move, or delete the content as you wish when customizing hair salon website templates. Any creator of the hair salon website can transform their website blocks and sections without trouble.

MotoCMS Hair Salon Website Builder - Functionality

Find out a sea of seemingly endless options included in MotoCMS website builder for hair salon to help you represent your salon in the most welcoming way. Let’s dive deeper and get ready to make your choice. With all MotoCMS hair salon website templates you get not only powerful hair salon website builder, but also all the required functional elements, including colors (using an easy-to-understand Color Picker tool), pictures, different fonts, and other solutions.

Being a professional in the hair salon industry doesn't equal being a skilled programmer or web designer. We, at MotoCMS, know that you may not have any expertise in site-building. However, with our great drag and drop website builder, you will not have to write a single line of code!

Fast and Furious Hair Salon Website Builder

You can start a site for your clients in a few minutes and get a complete one in 3 days or even more. Using a drag-and-drop function of the hair salon website builder is as simple as just moving, adding, or deleting blocks with titles, texts, and images. If you need any extra functionality - there are no limits! You can utilize helpful widgets to make your hair salon website even more functionally rich.

With hair salon website templates, you don't require to buy additional software or specific services. There are also no boundaries your imagination and creativity can't cross! Any tiny detail or feature can be modified. If you have some experience in coding, you can embed your code or upload additional media files as well.

Social Media Integration

MotoCMS gives social media integration a lot of attention and guarantees that users get all the opportunities of customizability and control in working with their social networks. With MotoCMS hair salon website builder, you can conveniently add social media buttons on your blog and your website's other pages. It makes your social media just a few clicks away from a site, so such features also facilitate following your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts by your loyal customers.

SEO Features of Hair Salon Website Templates

Building organic traffic is necessary for the success of your hair salon website. So, you should choose the MotoCMS - a hair salon website builder that focuses on SEO. MotoCMS offers you extensive SEO options. Utilizing them, you can make your website favorable for search engines, which will lead to more traffic and subsequently more clients and more profit for your business.

Due to MotoCMS hair salon website templates, you can use on-page SEO tools without being an expert in SEO factors and Google ranking. Titles, meta tags, and descriptions, keywords, image alt tags are all the points you can easily edit with the comprehensive hair salon website builder.

What is more? Great Google ranking will allow your prospective customers to find your company fast or to make a choice in your favor if they are not sure what hair salon to choose. There is no point in making a beautiful, well-designed, and fully functional website that nobody will see. If you are not sure that the basic SEO features, you can ask the MotoCMS team of professionals for help. They are always willing to help you.

Excellent Hair Salon Website Builder - Go Online Today

So, the main features of all MotoCMS hair salon website templates for building the website which attracts new clients and makes them stay are:

  • fashionable hair salon website design up to the latest tendencies in the beauty industry;
  • easily-made changes and simple editing thanks to the convenient hair salon website builder;
  • 100% responsiveness and mobile-friendliness of hair salon website templates for clients including the booking widget;
  • other useful widgets and modules, including a chance to create beauty blog;
  • demo version with full functionality for 14 days to try all the features and assess the design;
  • 24/7 customer support provided by the friendly team via diverse communication channels.

As you can see, making a site with a hair salon website builder is a piece of cake! Though if you still have trouble modifying hair salon website templates yourself, the MotoCMS team of experts can assist you! Our team can answer all your questions concerning your website and give valuable advice. We offer you a reputable hosting provider, help you during the installation process, and can provide you with a turnkey website service if it is necessary. Our team is also keen on on-site SEO service, great web copywriting services and speeding up page loading.

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