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Event planning and coordination are not easy tasks, as they require a lot of attention to a lot of nuances. But now allow yourself to relax a bit because your web-based assistant will do a significant part of your work easily. Use event planner website builder to create a site that will help you open up new business prospects today without specialized skills and investments. Check out the exclusive collections of event planner website templates from MotoCMS and choose the one you like the most.

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Event Planner Website Templates from MotoCMS

One of the most critical tasks of an event manager is to attract the attention of visitors to a future event. What is the point of a fantastic party if no one comes there? However, you can solve this problem with ease thanks to event planner website templates. Coordinate the actions of participants, make announcements and newsletters, post-photo-reports of the work done in real-time on the pages of your site directly!

All MotoCMS event website templates are ready-to-use solutions, thanks to which you can run a full-fledged business site yourself. Without studying programming and essential financial investments, you will receive a web resource that meets all modern technical requirements. For our specialists, the development of event planner website templates is a creative process. That is why the event planner website builder is so easy and seamless.

Therefore, we want you to enjoy the creation of a multifunctional site as much as possible. Focus on the quality of the content, and we will take care of the difficulties of practical implementation.

Distinctive Features of Event Planner Website Templates

Each business sector has unique requirements for the submission of information. Depending on why you create an event planning website, you determine the specifics of the design and functionality. The color scheme, the number of content blocks, and the placement of media depend on the target audience of the goals of the event campaign entirely.

In any case, event planning website templates are universal solutions. No matter how you use ones, every MotoCMS event management company website template will implement must-have technical features.

Adaptive functionality

A variety of modern gadgets has made adaptability a fundamental requirement of web design. If earlier, it was a pleasant addition, now it is a vital necessity. Since among the many competitive companies, potential customers will choose the one with the most convenient site. One of the main advantages of MotoCMS event planner website templates is that when you purchase event planning website template, you get several working versions of the site for:

  • desktop computers;
  • mobile devices;
  • tablets;
  • laptops.

Moreover, event planner website templates will automatically adjust to the resolution and size of the screens. They are also browser friendly. Regardless of whether your visitor uses Safari or Google Chrome, the functionality of your site will be fully available.

Awesome Toolbase

Thanks to the widgets and modules included in the event planner website templates, you can expand the capabilities of the Internet resource of your campaign. For example, create a podcast page or set up an online broadcast of party preparations. You can establish feedback with visitors through unique contact forms and the Disqus widget. The functionality of the blog will allow your users to follow the latest news, and you - to publish ones without significant effort.

The event planner website templates are also Google-friendly. Feel free to use Google services to make your site even more ergonomic. For example, supplement the block with contact information with a mark on the map. MotoCMS does not impose restrictions on the use of third-party plugins and modules. You can connect new applications using the Embed and iFrame widgets safely.

Ergonomic Modification of Event Planner Website Templates

The event planner website builder implements the drag-and-drop function, so editing the site will have several advantages:

  1. All edits occur in real-time. Thus, you do not need to be distracted by reloading the web page and worry about incorrect updates.
  2. You can change the design section by section. Event planner website templates have a block structure. Implement new functionality without fear for the integrity of event planning website design!
  3. Edition to the parameters of blocks and widgets occur in a few clicks. Resize the interface element and drag it as in Tetris to the place you like.

Unlimited Demos

The guarantee of the quality of event planner website templates is that MotoCMS does not impose any restrictions on their functionality. You can edit one and change the functionality as you like. For 14 days, you have free access to all the features of the event planner website builder. After that, you can purchase a template and run a ready-made website or experiment with a different design.

Additionally, you can study the event planning website templates in demo mode in advance. In the detailed information section, you will find the one live view function. Thus, you can explore the capabilities of each turnkey solution without going into edit mode.

Cutting-Edge Event Planning Website Design

Event sites are different from many others in a large number of details significantly. Therefore, the complexity of developing event planning website design is that the content should attract attention and at the same time, not make web pages overloaded. MotoCMS solved this problem - we instructed the collection's development to professional designers. Choosing event planner website templates, you can be sure that you provide the maximum of useful information in an ergonomic format.

Besides, event planning website templates by event planner website builder look modern and trendy. Users will be surprised by the respectable appearance and responsive functionality of your site pleasantly. The versatility of MotoCMS solutions allows them to be used both for organizing private parties and official events for various target audiences.

How to Create an Event Planning Website?

MotoCMS capabilities allow not only editing event planning website templates but also creating unique web resources from scratch. To do this, you can use the presented models as a sample and combine in one project several of your favorite distinctive features ones. In this case, we recommend that you study some simple tips from leading designers initially. Thus, you do not forget to realize all the necessary functions in the process of your creativity.

1. Choose Bright Event Planner Website Design

When visitors are seeing familiar logos and slogans, they will imbue with trust in both the organizers and the event. If you are a professional event planner, you can select a separate content block for placing your portfolio. With the event planner website builder, you can also post information about famous guests of the event or sponsors.

If the event has a story, show it to the site visitors. Tell them about how successful and cool one went at last time. Use photos of the crowd of spectators or a headliner during the performance, videos made during the event preparation process. To do this as spectacularly as possible, you can study the gallery widgets and place the ones you like on the pages of the event planner website templates.

2. Post Announcements

If the planned event involves the implementation of not one action, but their chain, do not miss the opportunity to inform your audience about it. Take a visitors' interest in short presentations of lectures, concerts, or parties that they have yet to see in the future. Describe them clearly; complement thematic pictures or enticing bonuses that guests can expect there.

Do not forget to supplement the information in the announcements with exact or approximate dates of upcoming events. To surprise users, you can diversify event planning website design with countdown counters or progress bars for visualization.

3. Interact with Visitors

If you create an event planning website to draw more attention to an event, use a few tricks to provide interactively:

  • Implement an online booking system. Regardless of whether it will be a ticket reservation or registration, you will simplify the guest process of acquiring a place at the event significantly.
  • Create a separate page for the photoblog. Large-scale events distinguish by meticulous preparation. Share the holiday atmosphere with guests before the event.
  • Share information outside the site. Event planner website templates equipped with social media integration buttons by default. However, the widget collection also has special ones for creating email newsletters.

Among features of the event planner website builder, you can find Acuity Scheduling and OpenTable to streamline your planning and online booking processes. Thus, you can save time on sending invitations and chat with guests online at any time convenient for you.

Additional Opportunities for Event Planner Website Templates

Learning the features of event planning website templates is not only simple but also useful. After all, in addition to the necessary technical capabilities, you can find something special. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the creation of the site does not require the connection of third-party programs. Moreover, you can publish news, update web resource versions, and conduct audits directly from the control panel! Find out what excellent bonuses you can discover when changing event planner web template.

Editing Modes of Event Planner Website Builder

To simplify the workflow, MotoCMS experts have identified several separate workspaces within the event planner website builder:

  • Editing pages. Change the appearance of the site and its functionality for each version separately. Prescribe Meta tags, configure pop-up notifications and menus.
  • Design. Customize the appearance of the content blocks by first familiarizing yourself with the parameters of event planning website design. Explore the collection of widgets and modules to optimize your site.
  • Blog. Manage your posts in blog mode - set the time and date, track the status. The built-in text editor allows you to edit articles directly in the admin panel.
  • Media Library. Cloud data storage supports a vast number of different formats. You can also upload media from your accounts on social networks directly, and edit photos in the event planner website templates.

Multilingual Support

Some large-scale events require the presence of foreign guests. Perhaps your visitors would be more comfortable if the official web resource supported several languages initially. If you create an event planning website using the MotoCMS event planner website templates, you can make your site multilingual easily. To do this, you need to duplicate the corresponding web pages and link them together with menus and buttons. You can get more detailed information from our specialists or in the Moto Help Center.

24/7 Help for Event Planner Website Builder

The editing workflow of event planner website templates is an intuitive and straightforward process. However, the abundance of unfamiliar terminology and functionality may confuse the beginner. We also understand that organizing events is time-consuming so that you may run out of time. But do not be afraid! Experienced professionals from MotoCMS are ready to come to your aid at any time 24/7.

  • Not sure how to select and activate event planning website templates? Start an online chat on the MotoCMS website directly!
  • Unfamiliar options for event planner website builder raise questions? Call your assistant from the control panel!
  • Does website installation seem complicated and incomprehensible? Delegate time-consuming tasks to competent professionals!

Together with the event planner web template, you get a quality guarantee and lifetime technical support. Feel free to contact us with any technical questions. We will also be pleased to study your thoughts and ideas regarding expanding the collection of templates to make them even better.

Make History with Event Planner Website Templates

Well-developed event planning website design is not only a great way to attract attention, but also an excellent opportunity to save on advertising. By creating an event website, you get a professional assistant who will help you solve fundamental organizational issues. Forget that developing web resources is complicated and expensive. With the event planner website templates from MotoCMS, you can create a full-fledged website without specialized knowledge in just a few days!

Plan meetings, invite guests and share valuable information without the experts' invaluable help. After that, you can easily change the event planner website design for new events or use the current site as a colorful portfolio. Make modern history with MotoCMS event planner website builder right now!

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