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E-learning is one of the most amazing inventions of our time. In addition to significant resource savings, people have the opportunity to improve at any convenient time. Support them with this - create an online educational platform right now. MotoCMS will help you not only increase the number of students, but also build an academic website without any extra effort. All you need to do is take some time and choose one of the exclusive academic website templates from MotoCMS.

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Academic Website Templates by MotoCMS

More professionals who have achieved some success in their field, over time, thinks about sharing their knowledge with others. In the era of modern technology, the solution to this issue is elementary - create an academic website. Moreover, a new web resource is not only an excellent business card but also a tool for making good money. Also, you get a personal assistant who will help you solve the problems of planning and organizing events, and simplify interaction with students.

Want to build an academic website without a lot of money and cooperation with incompetent professionals? Do it yourself! The collection of academic website templates from leading MotoCMS designers is a set of web-projects ready for launch. Now to get a web resource, you do not need to study web design and programming. Choose one of education website templates, fill it with your information, add some new options, and start teaching online today!

Main Features of Personal Academic Website Templates

A well-designed site is the first step to success since one will distinguish you from competitors significantly. However, professional nuances impose certain restrictions on functionality, which can slow down the process of developing a web project. Do you want to get a practical and ergonomic web resource in the next few days?

Then personal academic website templates are the perfect solution for you! MotoCMS has been specializing in website development for more than ten years so that we can guarantee the quality of our projects and comprehensive customer support. Feel free to explore new creative horizons, because MotoCMS designs have main technical advantages by default.

100% Adaptability of Academic Website Templates

One of the main requirements of modern web design is the responsiveness of sites. For academic website design, this is also crucial because not all students have enough time to spend time at the computer. Moreover, the ability to have access to the site at any time will provide you with a significant advantage among competitors.

Personal academic website templates are fully responsive by default. Choosing any academic personal website template, you are guaranteed to receive several versions of the site for:

  • desktop computer;
  • laptop;
  • tablet;
  • smartphone.

All interface elements are also correctly displayed not only on various screens but also in popular browsers. Thus, you can create the academic website of your dreams with the confidence that one will be equally beautiful and convenient for all the gadgets used by your visitors.

Intuitive Editor

The process of editing academic website templates takes from a few hours to several days thanks to the implemented drag-and-drop function. Instead of long lines of code and learning programming, you build interface elements like in Tetris. Choosing the necessary widget, you can resize, move one, and place it anywhere on the web page. Editing takes place in real-time, so you can see the results of your work and enjoy them immediately.

Large Functional Base

Surprisingly, all personal academic website templates were created using the same tool - MotoCMS builder. A large number of modules and a variety of widgets allow you to implement all the functionality you need. Upload informative photo stories about the daily life of your university by grouping them into convenient galleries. Create your news portal and update it regularly - it’s elementary with a Blog mode! Tell customers about the scientific achievements of your laboratory, using progress bars to visualize information. What about online conferences and webinars? MotoCMS will help you realize your every idea!

Incredible Performance

Website performance is a less popular factor, in contrast to adaptability and ergonomics. Nevertheless, this is a nice bonus and another advantage of choosing your web resource. The default academic website templates upload speed is a few seconds. Edits made to the MotoCMS builder will also be saved in a few seconds, providing you a comfortable workflow.

The efficiency of the web resource also depends on the amount of media used, third-party modules, and plugins. We recommend that our users minimize the amount of media content - this will affect the speed of the site and academic website design positively. However, some tutorials are a must-have. Therefore, you can always take the help of our experts and optimize your website in the shortest possible time!

Embedded SEO

Setting up SEO is necessary so that visitors can find your site through search engines. The better you produce one, the more likely it is that your web resource will be at the top. The search engine optimization is a complex task, so we have simplified this for academic website templates. Instead of learning code and great manuals, do this:

  • come up with unique titles and descriptions for web pages;
  • write memorable URLs;
  • enter the keywords that best characterize your resource;
  • prioritize indexing web pages;
  • create a sitemap.

Each option has a tooltip with a simple description. Thus, you can conduct SEO optimization yourself and without much effort.

Responsive Support

Your goal is to share useful information with your students and teach them something new. The purpose of MotoCMS is to give you a convenient tool for effective interaction and help you figure it out. We provide our clients with 24/7 support on any issues related to personal academic website templates.

You can start an online chat with support specialists right now if you cannot decide on an academic website design. If necessary, you can also make a phone call when you want to diversify the functionality of your site. Feel free to contact our support team because it is you who inspire us.

Vast Collection of Academic Website Templates

MotoCMS academic website templates are ready-to-use solutions that you can publish on the Internet right after you post your content. Due to the diversity of the educational collection, you can build an academic website for:

  • schools;
  • universities;
  • academies;
  • colleges;
  • conducting training courses;
  • coaching and tutoring business.

Moreover, the versatility of academic website design does not impose restrictions on the scope of your business. By making minimal changes, you can turn a scientific website template into a full-fledged website for a tutor of a foreign language quickly.

Some Helpful Ideas for Academic Website Templates

Each area of activity provides specific requirements for the appearance of the web resource and its options. For example, a fashion blog must contain many photo portfolios and comply with the design concept. Thus, visitors will be able to realize where they went, even before a detailed acquaintance with the content. What features should a training site have?

What are the nuances of academic website design that you need to consider your web resource to be a handy and useful tool? Follow the simple tips of MotoCMS to create a memorable website based on academic website templates.

Decide on the Goals of Web Resource

The choice of academic website design depends on what you want to place on your web resource and for whom you create one.

  • An educational site for children should be equally attractive to both parents and young students. Use bright colors and focus on media content.
  • School or university web resources usually contain a lot of information about the curriculum and staff. Pay special attention to the structure of the site, so it does not seem overloaded.
  • Tutoring sites attract an abundance of specialized literature and useful links. Separate pages for the blog and archive files will be invaluable helpers to owners and visitors.

Besides, you can always study academic website templates to come up with some exciting ideas. MotoCMS designers made sure that all ready-made solutions were not only attractive but also convenient to use.

Select and Activate Academic Website Templates

The MotoCMS website has a large number of templates with different academic library website design. Also, each solution has a free demo version, which you can study in the section with detailed information. Thus, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the functionality of each template without going into editing mode.

The activation of personal academic website templates is a few minutes. Enter your email address and go into edit mode from the page with an assortment of ready-made web projects directly. After that, you can make changes to the template you like, explore the capabilities of the editor, or create an academic website from scratch for 14 days.

In confirmation of quality, we do not impose any functional restrictions on the use of the builder. If necessary, you can always choose any other academic website design and start the transformation process again.

Add the Necessary Functionality

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the features of MotoCMS builder, even if you decide not to make significant changes to the academic website templates. Our experts update the assortment of widgets and additional plugins regularly.

So you can find something interesting. For example, we have replenished a collection of gallery widgets and social buttons recently. Therefore, now you can submit photo reports of your research in a more convenient format and share them with even more users.

If necessary, you can also change the structure of the site and configure academic website design:

  • add new web pages;
  • change menus and headers;
  • edit pop-up notifications and system pages;
  • choose an attractive color scheme and upload your images.

Provide Interactive with Visitors

To make it easier for your students to perceive new information, you must continuously monitor the learning process and help them. To do this, you can place on the pages of the academic website templates:

  • Social network buttons. In addition to standard Facebook and Twitter, you can integrate YouTube videos and Pinterest images onto your website.
  • Disqus widget. Allow your visitors to comment on published articles. Discuss new materials together!
  • Slideshare for presentations. Upload useful information slides to your website so your students can access it at any convenient time.
  • Plan events with AcuityScheduling. Optimize your meeting arrangements and invite visitors there online.

Popular sites are brief and informative. Therefore, we tried not to overload the academic library website design with a large number of diverse functionalities. In editing mode, you can find even more tools for interacting with visitors. Choose and implement the ones that suit you best!

Explore Extra MotoCMS Capabilities

After you have decided on the academic website design and prepared the content, check out some additional features of MotoCMS builder. Thus, you can optimize the process of filling the site and save even more resources!

Explore the possibilities of the Media Library to share educational materials from the pages of your site. After all, you can fill the academic website templates with any content, including documents, .exe files, and archives. Moreover, you can edit pictures in the control panel directly without resorting to using third-party programs.

Personal academic website templates are updated regularly, and you can expand the capabilities of ones quickly if necessary. Connect Google Analytics to always stay in trend. Make your site multilingual for the convenience of international students. Add an extended contact form to collect research materials directly from your website!

Get More with Personal Academic Website Templates!

Creating educational sites based on personal academic website templates is a creative and straightforward task. We equip MotoCMS builder with all the necessary tools, many exciting features, and useful options. Our experts made sure that you can focus on the appearance of the web resource and its content since one meets all modern technical requirements by default.

Gain even more popularity among your students and colleagues, plan events, and coordinate the learning process online. Create an academic website without specialized skills and significant investments today!

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