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Food delivery business highly relies on Internet users as the prior source for getting clients. Most users look for food delivery services on the Internet, allocate the best offer, and place an order online. It is vital to provide online users with unprecedented ease of ordering a meal online to get loyal clients who order food online frequently. Check out MotoCMS food delivery website builder that will help you to create a modern website for providing exceptional services.

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Top Five Features of Food Delivery Website Builder

MotoCMS website design for food delivery is filled with handy features developed for food delivery businesses. All features make the process of ordering a meal online easy and convenient for anyone. Check out food and drink website templates with the most valuable features that will help you to build a successful food delivery website rapidly.

1. Easy Admin Panel

MotoCMS makes online presence available for anyone who has no competence in website building sphere and zero coding skills. The food delivery website builder enriches the ease of using by reducing any possible complications and replacing all settings that require custom coding with dropdowns and checkboxes. You can easily set up all privy settings in the bakery website builder with no effort by selecting and configuring particular items.

2. Swift Pages Composing

Compose new pages and update the layout of existing ones in a few clicks in the best website builder for food delivery. MotoCMS food delivery website templates operate a drag & drop composer that simplifies the website building process significantly. You can build a modern and professional looking website by using the food truck website template and MotoCMS composer only. Create a catchy website design with no special qualification or technical background!

Follow this instruction to discover how to create a food delivery website with MotoCMS website builder within a day:

  • grab an online food delivery website template;
  • launch the template and navigate to the admin panel;
  • update the content on pre-made pages;
  • generate new pages or duplicate the existing ones;
  • fill up new pages with content in the food delivery website builder;
  • disable Under Construction mode to publish your website.

When Under Construction mode is enabled side users can not preview your website on the Internet. Due to this fact, anyone who tries to reach your site redirects to the under-construction page. This page informs that a website is in the development process now. You can easily customize this page or disable Under Construction mode in the food delivery website builder to make your site available for anyone on the Internet.

3. Responsive and Cross Browser Design

The number of users who browse the Internet by using mobile devices grows speedily. Mobile devices have different screen dimensions. Hence, an online food delivery website template should be previewed well on various devices providing a positive user experience. MotoCMS website templates for food delivery has a fully responsive online food ordering website design that looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

You can be sure that any potential client will reach out your website and preview it with no issues, no matter what software used for accessing the Internet. The system makes all food delivery website templates previewed smoothly in all web-browser at any platform. Create a food delivery website that has no restrictions and launches well from any appliance.

4. Social Media Integration to Food Delivery Website Builder

Nowadays, the fact that integration to social networks is the primary aspect of growing an online business is undeniable. Open fan pages and trusted social media profiles gain your business brand and help to ensure clients in your professionalism. Improve your social networks and integrate them into your food delivery website design to boost more sales and enlarge your customers base.

By using built-in tools in the food delivery website builder, you can share photos of your dishes and keep users posted about new arrivals on social media. Furthermore, you can add an option to share content from your site in one click to start promotion companies or allow satisfied clients to share some info about your website.

Additionally you can display the content from social media on the food delivery website template that synchronizes and updates automatically. Share Instagram shots of happy clients who enjoy your food in one click as well as posts on Twitter, that mention your company. Also, you can translate news from a Facebook feed on your site and display a Pinterest board.

5. PayPal Button for Online Payments

MotoCMS food delivery website builder is equipped with the PayPal widget that adds a button for accepting payments via PayPal on your website. After clicking on a PayPal button, a user redirects to the PayPal system to proceed payment. Only your PayPal ID or an email address associated with your PayPal account required to start accepting payments online via this service.

You can add an unlimited number of PayPal button widgets on your website and set up payment details and additional expenses for each widget separately. If the charge should additionally include delivery expenses and taxes, you can specify extra fees at PayPal button settings in the admin panel. The visual appearance of a particular PayPal button configures in few clicks by picking up a suitable design preset.

Feature Rich E-Commerce Plugin

Add a user-friendly gateway for accepting payments online on the food store website template with the help of side payment systems provided by MotoCMS shop plugin. E-Commerce functionality adds to the food delivery website builder by MotoCMS eCommerce plugin. The plugin easily integrates to all food delivery website templates whether they are customized or not.

Extended Functionality with E-Commerce Features

Get a complete system for adding products, and managing sales added to the admin panel. MotoCMS eCommerce plugin boosts the functionality of the food delivery website builder significantly by supplementing helpful features.

  • A sign up feature that allows to register new users;
  • Comparison and wish-list pages on food delivery website templates;
  • A foolproof checkout for a simplified order placing process;
  • A search bar to find dishes on a website quickly;
  • Personal accounts for reviewing order history and downloading receipts;
  • A simple discount codes managing system;
  • Easily operated dashboards with sales reports in the admin panel.

Abundant Tools to Contact Clients Online

Make your clients satisfied and maximize sales by using helpful tools to stay in touch with clients and assist them online directly on the food ordering website template. You can easily upgrade your site by adding a live chat, a contact form, or a comments feature that allows your clients to leave reviews and rate your services. Any component used for contacting clients adds in one click in the food delivery website builder by dragging an appropriate widget in the admin panel.

Live Chat for Instant Communication

Allow clients to contact you online directly on your website to place an order or ask a question by via live chat. The live chat popup appears after clicking on the button that hovers over the content. The software of a live chat provides by the LiveChat company and integrated into the food delivery website builder for a quick launch. To start working with LiveChat system, you need to connect your current account to the website builder by specifying a personal license number only. LiveChat provides both desktop and mobile apps. So, that you can provide 24/7 support and accept orders by using any devices from any location.

Contact Forms for Customer Requests

Accept orders on a website automatically by adding a contact form on food delivery website templates. When a client fulfills a contact form and submits a request, you receive a message to your email instantly. A contact form employs for various purposes such as accepting orders, placing a survey, and requesting contact information. You can easily configure a contact form by picking up required fields and make them mandatory if needed in the food delivery website builder.

Furthermore, MotoCMS website builder provides the ability to build a custom contact form that allows any client to compose a custom order by using a progressive contact form on a food delivery website. Consider using Advanced Contact Form plugin for MotoCMS food delivery templates to create a custom contact form with an unlimited amount of fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. The simplified interface of the food delivery website builder helps to arrange all elements in a contact form and set up the design with no coding.

Product Rating and Reviews

Add comments on your site to assemble users feedback and get your food delivery services and meals rated by clients. The comments feature provided by Disqus that adds on a website in a heartbeat. To start working with Disqus commenting system, you need to connect your username at Disqus with the food delivery website builder. Once your account connects to your site, you need to place the Disqus widget in a particular place on your food delivery website and save changes.

Free Extra Bonuses for MotoCMS Clients

The number of services provided by MotoCMS is not limited by ready-to-use food delivery website templates. All MotoCMS clients can rely on a bunch of additional services offered for free. The bundle of conductive services includes 24/7 customer support and a 14-day trial for any food delivery website design.

Online Customer Care

You can reach out to the customer care team anytime if you have any questions about MotoCMS products & services or if you face any issues using the food delivery website builder. The customer support team handle email requests, live chats, inbound, and outbound calls. Get qualified assistance whenever it is required individually. Withal you get access to the user’s guide with complete instructions on how to create a food delivery website and avoid any possible complications.

14-Day Trial

Use any food delivery website template free of charge for two weeks. MotoCMS offers a free 14-day trial to try any of food delivery website templates before purchasing it. The process of registering a demo template requires an email confirmation only and takes a few minutes. Likewise, you can submit a trial in one click by using your social media accounts on Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn.

Use Food Delivery Website Builder to Launch a Website Today

Select and start using a ready-to-go food delivery website design that will lay an excellent foundation for a profitable and fast-growing business now. Examine all the features of the best website builder for food delivery for free and transfer all the changes from your demo account to a live website when a trial period attains to the end. Any stage of progress won’t get lost with MotoCMS!

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