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Wondering on how to build a startup website? Well, it is not difficult these days. If you are browsing this page, you are looking for the most natural solution. Moto CMS has something excellent to offer! The best startup website builder is at your disposal to launch a professional and striking site effortlessly. Look through the broad collection of startup website templates below and make your pick to create startup website that matters.

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Startup Website Builder from MotoCMS

Our best website builder for startup business is intended to simplify the life of entrepreneurs who are just starting their career. Using a startup website builder, you will be able to create your website in minutes. The builder from MotoCMS is extremely beginner-friendly, but it fits for web development professionals either. You don’t need to learn to code or hire somebody to do the job for you. You can save your money and do everything yourself.

It is essential when you are just starting and are tight on budget. Even if you are dreaming about complicated multi pager, you will cope. Startup website builder from MotoCMS is the easiest one with its intuitive visual drag and drop editing and responsive design. All business website templates by MotoCMS provide all you need to launch your website right from the ground.

How to Build a Startup Website with MotoCMS?

The startup website builder from Moto CMS is an ultimate, all-in-one tool for creating a majestic business website seamlessly. This website building platform is easy both for beginners and pros. Is has all you need to succeed with the website construction on the fly. All startup website templates are convenient in use; they allow you to cope with everything effortlessly.

1. Select a Design Keeping Your Startup in Mind

The starting point is choosing a perfect startup website template. Picking out the right design is the most exciting part. We have plenty of them (more than 2500). All those are ready-to-use website templates that cover all possible business niches. When you have chosen a startup company website template, it’s time to edit its structure, colors, and install your theme to the existing domain. If you have no domain name and hosting provider, turn to our customer success team. Our specialists will help you find the very best solution.

2. Polish the Selected Template

The second step is customization of your startup website design and adding your content. Here you can use the functionality of startup website builder and change the layout the way you wish. For instance, you can change the colors for your corporate ones as well as the structure, upload your custom imagery, add your company logo, and write custom texts.

If you are creative enough, experiment, strive to make your website unique, the final result will surprise you. It will be different from the original template. It will look as if you have built a website from scratch.

3. Provide SEO and Analytics

The third step is adding custom SEO and analytics to one of the startup website templates of your choice. When your design is ready, you need to take care of its SEO optimization and performance. Our startup website builder allows you to add the necessary SEO settings to your website. Just follow these simple tips available in our SEO guide. This documentation was created specifically for the respected MotoCMS customers. We tried to keep their needs in mind. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics are integrated with the website builder admin panel, so this will help you track the results of your efforts even better.

4. Promote the Resource Online

And the last step is publishing and promotion of your website online. When your website is live, you need customers to come and see your content. You can go to the intuitive admin panel powered by startup website builder. Here you will be able to make all necessary preparations to promote your business online and connect your website to social networks.

Website design for startup comes with several helpful widgets (Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, or Pinterest Board), so you will be able to share the feed right on your website. Besides, you can add Social Buttons and make your content easy to share.

5. Update with a New Content

Moto CMS startup website builder stands for beautiful websites made easy. However, we also want our customers’ sites to be informative, unique, and eye-grabbing. Thus, we put this tip to the bottom of the entire list, so you do not forget to update your website with plagiarism-free text on an ongoing basis. Whether it is a blog post explaining the power of your startup or an About Us page, the content has to be compelling and original. Please do your best to strive for the most persuasive copy or give it to professionals who can enrich your site with striking texts. In case you are lack of time for the content creation, take advantage of expert web copywriting services. Specialists will help you to create enhance every page of your startup website with high-converting copy.

Excellences of MotoCMS Startup Website Builder

With the best website builder for startup business from MotoCMS, you can start a website in a matter of minutes even if you are a beginner. You don’t need any specific knowledge for that. MotoCMS is the easiest startup website creator for newbies. All startup website templates can be edited with a simple visual drag and drop editor. It also offers eCommerce plugin and responsive design. The startup website builder offers everything you need to power up your new website and establish your own brand.

Code-Free Website Creation

All editing of tech startup website template or any other sort of template is done with drag & drop enterprise website builder which means you don’t need to code anything. Everything will come to visual editing. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or an amateur; you will create your website intuitively. Try to drag and drop images, texts, and blocks. Then make them live just in a couple of clicks.

Startup Website Builder with Responsive Designs

Choose one of startup website templates and build a responsive website on its basis. Your website will work across a variety of screen sizes because the template you are using was developed in compliance with the latest technologies. MotoCMS best website builder for startup business allows making each page of your website 100% responsive. We mean that your website will look the same perfect on any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone). The sensitive nature of your website will help you to get a better mobile search ranking as well.

Advanced Ecommerce Functionality

Create a high-converting e-store with ease! Build a successful business and sell products & services with an advanced eCommerce tool from MotoCMS. Enjoy a broad products' catalog with comfy filtering & searching options, safe payment gateways, and checkout. If necessary, we can add a full-fledged eCommerce functionality to every Moto CMS 3 template of your choice.

Startup Website Templates with Rapid Loading

Nobody will wait if it takes ages for your website to load. Startup website builder from MotoCMS can boast a lightning-fast loading speed. The advanced system architecture allows all websites powered by MotoCMS small business website builder load fast. It will contribute to best UX ever and increase your sales and raise the conversion.

Multiple Add-On Options

The team of our skillful developers is adding new functionality to the latest releases of the admin panel regularly. Those updates include functional like new Google Map Pro widget, Advanced Contact Form, Appointment by Acuity Scheduling, OpenTable and Airbnb Booking Integration and much more.

Rich Optimization Tools in Startup Website Builder

There is no point in having the most beautiful website on the web without applying the best SEO practices, which will help it rank. Use advanced SEO settings a super simple startup website builder by MotoCMS offers, and your website will be okay. We will supply you with all necessary functionality and an extensive SEO guide to build the proper URLs, meta tags, and so on.

Day-And-Night Technical Support

Knowledgeable MotoCMS customer support managers are ready to assist you at any time. If you need help with your website customization or don't know which one of startup website templates to choose, we are ready to assist you.

Free 14-Day Trial Available

The win-win solution is that you can try a startup company website template of your choice before spending any money. We take care of our customers' happiness, so we give them a chance to tear and wear the startup website builder functionality for two weeks. Thus, if you have made your pick and are curious to take a closer look at it, go ahead, sign up for a free trial. Please note that we don't ask you to provide any payment details to get a free trial. Also, we don't limit the number of products you can check before making the final decision.

Best Website Builder for Startup Business - What Design to Choose?

In fact, web design for a startup company is not that complicated. If you have a ready-made template powered by a startup website builder, you go through a little bit of grooming. We know what you need. Every startup entrepreneur wants to be successful and stand up from the crowd. To accomplish this, you should make your website the sole representative of your startup business. The thing is that current business depends on the web presence. Being your representative, a perfectly designed website will do all the job for you. It means it’s crucial building the most impressive website for your business.

How can you do it? You won't need much. First of all, get an excellent looking brand-able address for your startup business. It’ll help your prospective customers recognize your brand easily. Next, you will need the right hosting provider to host your site. Both actions will cost you some money, but they won't break the bank. When these are accomplished, you can start building your site with one of ready-made startup website templates. Now you should keep in mind some essential things to make sure that the design for your startup business is beautiful.

We will give you some general tips to use. With this knowledge, you will be able to put a path for your website straight in the heart of your client. You must follow the tips below while setting up the design of your startup’s website. It won’t cost you too much.

Opt for Responsive Startup Website Builder

We live in the era of handheld devices, so you must take care of the proper accessibility of your website from all sorts of mobile devices. It is the first step that will guarantee your startup business website success. Today the bulk of traffic comes from mobile devices. So, it would help if you catered to the needs of visitors who surf the web from their mobile phones. According to Google's terms and conditions, every website must be responsive. Moreover, it would be best if you implemented that when building a website.

Simplicity and Usability are Key Points

It doesn't matter what kind of services you are going to deliver on your startup website. What's essential, is marketing and simplicity of your website made with a proper startup website builder. To reach simplicity, we advise you to use the minimalistic approach. It will make your website look professional. This rule applies to any web project, be it a one-pager or multiple pages website. You must also be aware of using many fonts. Using too many fonts ruins the impression. Fortunately, startup website templates have a collection of Google web fonts that will help you to make a decent font palette.

Clear Navigation

Many startup websites get into the trap of creativity. This way, they are trying to hook the customers. However, they forget about the usability part. Your navigation shouldn't make people think. If you make the customer think they are likely to abandon your website. For the sake of visibility of your startup website, all the navigation items in different bars should be catchy on its philosophy. Never use uncommon words in your navigation bars. It will give a delusion to your visitors or customers. Make sure that your website has clean and clear navigation. Visitors should be able to quickly enter the other parts of your startup website with the system of your navigation.

Visual Hierarchy is Essential

If you’re related to web design somehow, you must know about the visual hierarchy. It makes a substantial impact on the visitors, and this is what every startup needs. Visual hierarchy sets the typographical statement of the website. This statement helps to determine the importance of any fonts on the webpage. People see their position, sizes, spacing, and colors and understand this. The hierarchy also affects the heading, subheading, and the style you used when you built blocks of your startup website.

Everything Should be Legible

Visual hierarchy makes a positive effect on readability. Here it would be best if you minded the contrast between the background and the fonts. If both are in the same contrast, readers are unable to differentiate the fonts and read. It is recommended to keep the line-height from 1.5 to 1.75 to make sure these lines have enough room to breathe and seem to be a clean design. Think well about the color contrast when designing a website with a startup website builder. It should give the reader a great experience of reading and help to reduce the bounce rate.

Create a Custom Logo for Your Brand

You need a unique, memorable logo because this small image will be associated with the brand of your startup business. Every startup faces the challenge when they need to make preparations for their brand to come out. Positive impression always helps to build a better brand. However, first, you need to separate yourself from the crowd. We advise you to create a logo which will become your identifier and help to stand out in the crowd. So, you need a perfectly designed logo to identify your brand. The colors must also suit your website objectives. Then you need to spread it all over your website in a beautiful way.

Stick to Brand Colors

Don't be a color-blind startup. This way, you will never reach success. Be consistent. We say that because most of the startups make this mistake. They don't follow their color schemes and don't separate themselves from the herd. What you need to do is pick out a color that differentiates your brand from the others. Moto CMS startup website builder has an excellent tool - the Color Picker. It will help you to create a pleasant color palette of your site. Well, people associate the color with your company, so the proper color palette will help you convey the message you want to send. If you are interested in studying the color theory more in-depth, there are plenty of guides available on the web.

Create Clear Call-to-Action

Conversions are significant for startups, so optimization for advanced conversion rate must be your main priority. A nicely designed call to action button will help you to boost your conversions. Here we can advise you to keep away from the uncommon words. Please don't use them for your call to action buttons or other page attributes.

Your Content Should be Adaptive

There is a struggle for making websites compatible with popular mobile gadgets. Your startup website created with startup website builder must comply with the latest technologies; that is, it has to perform up to the mark. The screen size matters when you’re showing the website to your clients to get hired or, say, in an investor meeting as a demo.

Having a content-adaptive website means that your resource must be responsive and correctly rendered on any gadget screen. Make sure that the message you are trying to deliver is clear and can be viewed at a glance on the larger desktop computers as well as smaller mobile screens.

Pay Attention to Details in Web Design

Your website design is not the main action of your website. Many startup owners neglect the few essential things. However, this forgetfulness causes the severe downfall of your business. Selecting one of the necessary startup website templates, using few images is not that important. You have to remember other things. You can't just run things on your own will; you need to meet the customers' requirements.

These other things are about paying attention to the core details of your website. You will provide plenty of information. Don't forget to supply it with proper imagery. The photos must be relevant to your website. Remember about typography; this might be the worth issue. The design of your website must be better than the models of other similar sites. It must be clear and concise. Such websites get your clients straight to your products or services you provide. So the last thing to mention is that your design is meant for the way it needs to be.

Lastly, along with many popping up startup business websites every day but your goal is to stand out from the thousands. Please don’t go off-road. Otherwise, it’ll hurt you badly but choosing somewhat a little risky may pay off further.

Additional Services from MotoCMS

MotoCMS is much more than just an easy startup website builder, which is beginner-friendly and fits for seasoned web developers equally. We provide additional services that will help you start quickly. For instance, we customize and promote customers' websites. Let us mention some of the most popular offers our clients love.

Tech Assistance

For instance, we can install your startup company website template instead of you. If you don't want to deal with technical stuff of the process of installation of your best startup website design on your hosting, rely on us. Our skillful technical support team will do it for you in less than 3 hours. Besides, we are partnering with the most reliable hosting providers. They are Inmotion, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and others. Therefore, if you are using MotoCMS, you can get their hosting with a big discount.

Moreover, if you are not sure that you can cope with startup website design customization, we can redesign your business website template and launch it on the web within ten business days. The offer includes installation, customization, adding your business logo, and all other design tweaks. Well, it is wise to take care of your website security, so an SSL certificate is a must. You can get it together with your website design for startup. Include the option during the checkout, and you will save tons of time and effort right from the start.

Content and SEO

If you are not a great content creator, you can use our web copywriting services. Our experienced copywriters can create unique content for your brand new website or rewrite your existing text during the redesign of your website. You know that top quality and SEO optimization are a must. SEO audit and on-page optimization services will help you to check and improve your website ranking, increase your organic traffic, and correct the technical SEO issues if any. We also have a couple of services related to the visual content creation and banner design. For example, you can get banners for social media, Google Adwords and unique images for your site.

Design and Brand

Above all, we can create your unique, appealing logo professionally. This way, you will be able to represent your brand name most attractively. We will have the possibility to make several revisions because we are striving for 100% satisfaction. While-label solutions for developers are also available. If you are a web developer, enjoy creating your customers’ projects with simple MotoCMS startup website builder. Use this feature, and you will be able to sell the templates under your own brand.

Create Startup Website Today with MotoCMS

We do our best to serve digital products of the premium quality because we believe that every startup has a big future if explained and promoted right. Thus, browse startup website templates by Moto CMS startup website builder and rock your business idea to the fullest!

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