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Examine MotoCMS radio station website templates with unique design and helpful features. Our website templates have a 100% responsive design to represent your online project on various devices professionally. MotoCMS radio station website builder has advanced functionality and re-arranges the layout automatically according to the screen width.

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Radio Station Website Template
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User Friendly Radio Station Website Builder

The built-in MotoCMS website creator allows to tune up the design and update the content of entertainment website templates with no coding. MotoCMS radio station website builder has a drag & drop backend interface. Thus, there is no special qualification or technical expertise required to customize the podcast website template in one day using the WYSIWYG website builder. The admin panel of MotoCMS radio website templates launches in all browsers and works well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Fully Responsive Layout of Radio Station Website Templates

MotoCMS admin panel re-configures the layout of the best nightclub website design automatically. The system scales images and arranges all elements to fit the screen width. Also, you can configure items behavior and hide particular elements on mobile devices to build a website with excellent user experience.

Furthermore, there is a live preview in the radio station website builder. This tool displays your website design on various devices online directly in the admin panel. Thus, you can thoroughly check any step of your progress on all devices without using a third-party software.

Effective Widgets & Design Presets in Radio Station Website Builder

The process of building a brand-new website is easy thanks to a large pack of widgets with pre-built designs in the event website template. By using MotoCMS widgets, you can compose the layout of radio station website templates without editing even a line of code. Each widget adds a particular element on your site, like a contact form, text, images, etc. Moreover, every widget has up to five ready-to-use designs developed for a particular website template individually. To change the look of a certain widget, you need to select a design preset from the dropdown list and apply it to the selected widget in the radio station website builder.

Extensive Design Options of Radio Station Website Templates

If none of the design presets suits your website design, you can easily create a custom one in the admin panel. The dedicated design tab in the admin provides full-board access to all design options and sets out the ability to tune up any element of the club website template. By using all the design tools, you can add any font on your site, change its color scheme in a few clicks, adjust default sizes and values, and customize the design of any widget. All modifications can be easily applied by using only a mouse in your hand.

Full-Featured Media Library

The media library integrated into the radio station website builder has a wide range of helpful features and integrations. The functionality of the media library allows you to arrange all media files by folders. Additionally, the media library provides the ability to download and customize images for free. Thanks to the Unsplash integration, you can browse and download new images directly in the admin panel. Moreover, there is an image editor built-in to the admin panel that allows customizing images without using a third-party software.

Marvelous Radio Station Website Templates

Our website templates developed by professional designers following all the latest trends in web development. The stylish design of the radio station website template has a unique layout, exclusive images, and attractive typography. Headings are highlighted and supplemented with icons to attract visitors' attention. Use the pre-built design of radio website templates to build a professional website in a few days!

Adaptive Galleries

Add full-screen banners and supplement the content on your site with images arranged into galleries. A large variety of galleries in the radio station website builder provides the ability to create a custom recording studio website design by adding pre-built galleries on your website. There are four gallery layouts available: grid and tile galleries, regular and carousel sliders. The system scales all images by itself and arranges them according to the screen width. Hence, image galleries on radio station website templates look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

Timetables on Radio Website Templates

Show the schedule of upcoming on-air shows and public events on your website by using professional tools for time management in the radio station website builder. You can add a calendar by Google or a timetable by Acuity Scheduling with no effort. Google Calendar synchronizes with all your devices under a particular account. Thus, you can easily update a calendar on your website by updating Google Calendar on other devices. A calendar from Acuity Scheduling allows your website visitors to book one-a-one sessions directly on your website.

Animation and Hover Effects

Upgrade your website design by adding visual effects. MotoCMS radio station website builder provides the ability to apply animation and hover effects to particular items and add visual effects for blocks in a few clicks. Those visual effects add a three-dimensional effect while scrolling a website. A hover effect applied to a particular item on a site changes its design when a cursor points on the item. In case you want to highlight some elements on your website, use animation effects. You can preview and apply animation effects to any widget in the admin panel with no coding.

Helpful Integrations of Radio Station Website Templates

Upgrade the conference website design and improve its functionality using the niche leading services that provide exceptional online tools. Third-party services integrated to the radio station website builder can convert a regular website into a full-featured service with rich functionality. Let’s check the services that will help you can enlarge the functionality of your website with no coding.

Free Photos by Unsplash

Do you want to update the content of your website quickly? Use the Unsplash application integrated into the system of MotoCMS radio station website builder. Unsplash is the world’s finest photo-stock. This service provides beautiful free images and photos in high resolution. All images are license-free and available for download with no restrictions. Thus, you can easily find pictures that suit your website design, download, and add them to your website in a few clicks. However, all media files come with radio station website templates. Therefore, you can use the default images building your site.

Video Broadcasting

Display videos from YouTube and Vimeo on your website without source files editing and third-party code embedding. The functionality of the radio station website builder allows broadcasting videos and live streams from the most popular video hostings in a blink of an eye. To display a video from YouTube and Vimeo in the cinema website design you need to add the video widget on your site and specify a video’s URL address. Also, you can adjust a video’s size, mute, and autoplay it by default. The system displays video players with a full pack of control buttons and scales their size according to the screen width.

SoundCloud Integration

Share music from SoundCloud on the charts page in a heartbeat. The integration with this sound streaming service allows you to transmit any song on your website. The radio station website builder allows you to share an unlimited amount of tracks from SoundCloud on your website by using a track’s ID only. Moreover, the system allows you to hide music player on particular devices to save cellular traffic.

Commenting System by Disqus

Allow your website users to rate new albums and comment new releases on radio station website templates with the help with the world’s best commenting system. The commenting service provided by Disqus and enables in the radio station website builder easily by adding the corresponding widget and specifying your username at Disqus. Once the widget is active, your website users can leave their feedback and rate new albums on your website. The rating system implemented in the form of stars, where a website user can select up to 5 stars and leave a comment.

Google Services

Online tools provided by Google take a significant part in our life. The significance of these services is almost limitless. Those services help to navigate, schedule events, find some information, etc. quickly by using any device. Thus, there is a large pack of Google services integrated to the radio station website builder.

You can show the location of public events and navigate users to particular places with the help of Google Maps, schedule events, and accept invitations by using Google Calendar. Moreover, you can add a Google Search and apply any Google font to radio station website templates with no special qualification. Track users' behavior by connecting your website with Google Analytics. To verify your website at Google, you need to put a tracking id into the radio station website builder and save changes. Additionally, you can connect your website with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Tag Manager with no effort.

PayPal Integration

Create radio website with the ability to accept online payments by using MotoCMS radio station website builder. The built-in PayPal button widget will help you to sell tickets on public events online. The PayPal widget allows you to set a fixed price in any currency at payment details and configure additional expenses like tax amount and shipping rate. Additionally, you can use this widget to add a donation button on DJ landing page template. You can use the default design of the PayPal button or apply any custom design and update it according to your needs without editing even a line of code.

MailChimp Subscription Forms

Launch marketing campaigns and keep up your website users updated with the latest news via emails. MotoCMS radio station website builder has built-in integration with the best email marketing service. To start gathering emails, you need to add the MailChimp subscription widget on your site. Once a user submits a subscription form, his contact information adds to your MailChimp account automatically. By using the collected details, you can send bulk promotional emails to your subscribers at MailChimp. The design of the subscription form configures in the admin panel with no source code editing.

Online Support by LiveChat

Provide efficient support and help your website visitors online with the help of a live chat on radio station website templates. The live chat feature in the radio station website builder provides by LiveChat company. When the chat button that hovers over the content is active, a popup with a live chat appears per click. Thus, any user can contact a responsible manager directly on your site or leave a message if the manager is offline. LiveChat provides convenient to use desktop and mobile applications that will help you to respond quickly from any location. Also, you can configure the live chat button to appear on a website only when your agents are online.

Additional Plugins for Radio Station Website Builder

MotoCMS provides helpful extensions that are compatible with all website templates and scale up the functionality of the admin panel. Software plugins bring the ability to create contact forms with an unlimited amount of items and sell products online.

MotoCMS Ecommerce Plugin

Convert a regular radio website into a full-featured eCommerce website that provides the ability to list and sell products online. MotoCMS eCommerce plugin adds pre-built store pages on your website and supplements the radio station website builder with a dedicated button that leads to the store dashboard. The dashboard displays the number of sales in the form of visual graphics and detailed information about each order. You can create new products in the admin panel or upload bulk products on radio station website templates by using a CSV file.

By using the admin panel of MotoCMS radio station website builder, you can create an unlimited amount of brands & categories and apply them to products on your website in a click. The system creates new pages with products automatically by using product properties specified in the admin panel. The eCommerce plugin supports a large number of payment systems and allows you to sell digital products online. The system delivers source files of a digital product to a customer by itself.

Advanced Contact Form in Radio Station Website Templates

Unlike the default contact form widget in the radio station website builder, the extended contact form plugin has zero restrictions. Thus, you can create a form that ultimately meets all your requirements. The advanced contact form widget allows you to compose the layout of your contact form and configure its design by using a mouse in your hand. You can add an unlimited amount of input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists and allow to attach a limitless amount of files to an advanced contact form on the amusement park website template.

Free of Charge Services by MotoCMS

MotoCMS company provides free services to all clients. By using our services, you get the all-encompassing website building service. Our customers can try any website template in a free 14-day trial, receive professional assistance anytime, refer to our user’s guide, receive monthly software updates for one year, and participate in the loyalty program. Complete tasks and achieve discounts for further purchases with our loyalty program.

Customer Care and Software Updates

We support our products and help our clients 24/7. If you have any questions about radio station website templates or need qualified assistance of our tech specialists, feel free to contact us anytime. We will gladly assist you via live chat, email, and outbound calls. Moreover, we provide full-board access to our user’s guide that has a lot of helpful articles and step-by-step video tutorials on how to use the radio station website builder.

MotoCMS developers release software updates for all website templates frequently. The updating process is fast and easy. The admin panel uploads and installs the latest updates by itself. Hence, there is no need to use third-party software and modify source files on your server. Software updates actualize the system by fixing bugs, improving the functionality and adding new features.

Two Weeks Demo

Select any of MotoCMS radio website templates and register a 14-day trial to modify it with no charge. You can change radio station website templates in the demo to find the best website template. There are no limitations in the demo, so you can examine all the features and create a fully-functional website by using the radio station website builder free of charge. Once your demo website is ready-to-launch, we’ll provide you with all the changes from your demo account. Hence, you can make your website online in a few minutes!

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