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Children are the most valuable people we have, so we always try to give them the best. Can you offer a range of goods and services for babies? Create website for kids right now so that your customers can enjoy your offers with their children! Now site creation turns into a child's game, where you move your favorite items. Get a full-fledged web project in just a few days without programming knowledge and special skills, but with the kids website builder from MotoCMS!

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MotoCMS Kids Website Builder

No one will be surprised by the possibilities of modern technology. And if for us the emergence and development of the Internet was something fundamentally new, our children are surrounded by an inexhaustible flow of information from birth. While our parents chose clothes, toys, and food for us on their own, modern babies show enviable independence and seek to control the choice of parents. MotoCMS kids website builder with its family website templates allows you to create a website for kids that can surprise not only adult visitors but also their little wards pleasantly.

Kids Website Builder - Why to Use One?

New tasks require a modern approach. Therefore, we created a kids website builder, with which you can create not only a memorable business card but also a full-fledged web resource that fully complies with the requirements of web design. MotoCMS daycare website builder specializes in complete solutions. Thus, you can be sure that you will be able to create a unique web project from scratch. We guarantee that with the minimal investment, you will receive a site that will not differ from professional work.

Multiple Possibilities

The kids website builder can save your resources, but at the same time, get high-quality results. We have simplified work with the admin panel, so you do not need to learn to code urgently. The drag-and-drop editor provides a simple action with content blocks - you can operate with each component of the site in a few clicks. MotoCMS experts have thoroughly thought over the design of the kids website templates. Therefore, you can create a personal web resource in three ways:

  • fill the finished solution with useful content;
  • edit the page partially, add or remove the necessary widgets;
  • create a website from scratch based on one of the kids-and-toys free website templates.

We understand that you know about the specifics of your business and the needs of your customers best. Therefore, the MotoCMS team will be happy to support you in all your endeavors and help you realize a quality project for any of your choices.

Beautiful Kids Website Templates

The kids website builder is an online editor that has many options. MotoCMS kids-and-toys free website templates are ready-made solutions based on which you can create a website for your business. You can use ready-made solutions as an excellent example if you want to create something fundamentally new. All of them are united by one subject, but they differ in functioning. For example, templates for online stores have an eCommerce plugin by default.

In any case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the entire range of kids website builder templates. Perhaps you will choose the most appropriate one or get some ideas for realizing your goals. Try the kids website templates for free for 14 days. There are no restrictions on the functionality and set of options. You can try to create a website for kids and use the finished result for their purposes. You can also get acquainted with the MotoCMS possibilities using the most appealing kids website template. By the way, you can try out several templates at a time, and it is not limited.

Unlimited Customization

The kids website builder is an online editor. Thanks to this, you will be able to create a resource that will fully meet your needs. Depending on the purpose for which you are creating a website, you can get a colorful business card, an informative site for an online store, or a personal blog.

Kids-and-toys free website templates contain many tools for creating your dream website. Solutions from MotoCMS are a combination of perfect design, intuitive navigation, and usability. Tell about yourself all over the world thanks to practical tools for SEO-promotion in search engines.

Fully Adaptive Layout

Sometimes parents find it hard enough to set aside at least an hour to work at a computer and study the assortment of your online store. It is much more convenient to use the mobile version for a smartphone or tablet to get acquainted with children's goods at any convenient time. All kids website templates are fully responsive and have several versions of web page presentation for different browsers.

Each version implements the same functionality, has a similar design but differs in the size of the content blocks and their location. Thus, with the help of the kids website builder, you can create a website that will be accessible to your customers from any device.

Niche-Specific Kids Website Builder

The industry of goods and services for children is multifaceted - from clothes for newborns to gadgets for schooling. The main advantage of kids website templates from MotoCMS is that you can use ones to create any web resources related to children. We recommend paying attention to this niche to those, who offer a range of children's products and services:

  • toys and furniture;
  • clothing and accessories;
  • nutrition and child care;
  • for development and training, kindergartens and game rooms;
  • organization of holidays and events.

You can also use the kids website templates if you are training future parents or can give useful tips. It is often much easier to use the recommendations of online trainers than to listen to the flow of information from relatives and friends.

Incredible Interaction in Kids Website Builder

Do not forget that parents are very busy people so that they will appreciate not only the adaptability but also the speed of the site. Time often plays a crucial role. If the pages of your site load too long, visitors will close them and go to competitors. Kids-and-toys free website templates are fast. Upload media files in a few seconds, save changes in a few clicks and edit publications instantly.

The speed of the site depends on the amount of media content, as well as third-party plugins and modules. Try not to overload your web resource with large images and videos. The kids website builder also provides several settings for preloaders - content blocks that visitors see if necessary information will not load.

Easy Editing

One of the main goals of the kids website builder is to simplify the process of creating a website and make it understandable even for beginners. We have divided the main stages of work and provided all the functions with popup prompts. Each web page resembles a jigsaw puzzle, which consists of many content blocks.

You can edit pages entirely or in parts with ease. Each workflow is in a separate tab. Editing modes are built on a general to a constant basis. For example, you can start by changing the background of the page and finish by changing the colors of the contact information buttons.

The drag-and-drop editor of the kids website builder allows you to satisfy the most demanding customers. You can create kids website without design and HTML knowledge with every kids party website template.

Simplified SEO

Almost every one of us uses search engines to get information daily. We write a multi-word query and get the best results in seconds. For your potential customers to find your website in the search engines, you need to implement search engine optimization (SEO).

Kids website builder contains basic SEO options with informative tips. You can customize the titles, and URLs for each of the pages, articles, and loaded files. Write well-directed descriptions and add keywords that your potential clients can find you quickly as soon as possible. You can also generate a sitemap and set alt text for images. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use the prompts (click on the question icon next to the option) or contact Moto CMS support.

24/7 Support

Do you have any questions during the creation of the kids website or you need advice? Maybe you want to give some useful recommendations on how to improve MotoCMS? Feel free to contact our support team. Specialists work 24/7, so we can guarantee that you will get help at any time.

You can read the manuals for the kids website builder in the customer help center or contact the professional directly. You can get advice from the control panel or on the MotoCMS website. Enjoy the kids website templates, and we will take care of solving technical problems quickly.

Kids Website Builder – Before You Get Started

The corporate style allows you to identify a business among other market participants. In other words, each field of activity has its distinctive features. It is difficult to imagine that websites for medical services have bright shades of red in design and publish information about employee travels. When you create a website for kids with a favorable child care website template, keep in mind the distinctive features of this type of web projects.

Broad Choice of Kids Website Templates

When visitors get to your web resource, they should have a feeling that they are in the right place. The site design is like a candy wrapper - the brighter and more beautiful it is, the more users can attract. Of course, there are exceptions for those areas of business where conciseness and severity are welcomed, but this is a site for children. What is typical for kids website templates?

  • Bright color palette. Gray and dark gradations are out of place here entirely.
  • Content blocks with crispy design. Childhood is always associated with an irrepressible imagination.
  • Specific media. Full texts and poor-quality materials, scare visitors away.

While working with the kids website builder, think about creating pages that parents could view with a child. Modern children are very independent, so your customers will be grateful that they will be able to explore your products and services together with those to whom they are intended.

Nuances of Text Content

Try to provide the most objective information. Thanks to kids-and-toys free website templates you will take a little time, so spend the saved resource to work with content. Try to present information shortly and straightforwardly - young parents usually do not have the opportunity to stay longer and reflect on complicated turns.

Avoid an abundance of little words. You write for adults. Optimize text content so that with the minimum number of words we can convey to the visitors maximum of useful information. If you understand what you need and are not afraid to take care of creating a website - kids website builder will be the best solution for you. MotoCMS will help you to make an original site that will become the favorite of moms and dads.

The Importance of Visitor Trust

For parents, the health and well-being of their children are most important, so adults should be confident in the quality of your services and goods. The design and usability of the site are always in second place after the trust that this gives the visitors. To attract more customers, and meet the needs of existing ones, pay attention to several factors, without which you cannot create a website for kids:

  • Post only accurate information. Tell visitors about the benefits of educational toys and use the blog's features to publish several articles with helpful recommendations.
  • Use real reviews. Even the most professional nannies will be in less demand if none of the parents tell about their services.
  • Provide contacts. The presence of contact forms is essential not only for online stores but also for institutions such as kindergarten. Parents need to be sure their child will be safe.

Usability & Functional Component of Kids Website Builder

To create kids website that rocks, you need to pay attention to several things. First of all, the site should be simple and convenient. No need to try to invent various complex transitions, multi-level drop-down menus, and stuff. The main thing is for your visitors to understand how to use your web resource immediately.

The kids website builder offers a large number of widgets for working with content, as well as additional plugins and modules. We have made sure that you can provide the site not only with a beautiful shell but also with extensive functionality for interacting with visitors.

Moto CMS Kids Website Builder - Workflow

To create kids website, you need a little time and desire to realize their goals. MotoCMS system has an intuitive interface - follow the simple instructions to get a quality web project as soon as possible.

Register a Template

We offer a wide range of kids-and-toys free website templates. Each solution has a brief description and a live demo. You can study each kids school website template and find precisely the one that will meet your goals. To get started with the kids website builder, you need to register on the MotoCMS website - it will take a few minutes. Then select the sample you like and press the 'try' button.

The link in the email provides access to the admin panel. Thus, we will be sure that it is you who create the website for kids. You also have the opportunity to set a password to enter edit mode.

Customize the Look

No matter how bright the kids website templates are, you still need to make minimal edits. You may want to make the site unique by changing the color palette and background. Feel free to change the menu and the appearance of the pages to fit your needs. The kids website builder offers you to customize several versions of the site for various gadgets. In the page editing mode, you can see how the pages of your web resource will be displayed on the desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet screens. Thus, you will not forget to place big buttons and content blocks on each version.

Edit Content Blocks with Kids Website Builder

The variety of widgets that are in the kids website templates can be confusing. However, when you familiarize yourself with the editing mode, you will see that all elements are divided into groups. Thus, you can interact with a group of widgets, or with each one separately. Adjust the color gamut of the content blocks, move them to another place if necessary, add or remove elements. You can also copy the whole group and change one's size in few clicks to save time.

Check out the variety of widgets in the appropriate section of the Design tab. In addition to standard buttons, dividers, and content blocks, you can add modules, contact forms, and other feedback elements. The kids website builder also is friendly to Google modules so that you can use Google Map widget.

If you organize children's events, try to use countdown counters and progress bar. For development sphere's employee, MotoCMS can offer SoundCloud and iFrame widgets. Allow your clients to seek useful learning materials into your web resource.

Upload Media Files

Children's site is, above all, a large amount of media content. For you not to get lost among the many files and always be calm for their safety, kids website builder has a media library. You can upload files of various formats to MotoCMS cloud storage. In addition to standard photos and videos, you can also handle audio and archives. If you have a company page on Facebook or a YouTube channel, you can upload files to the media library from social networks directly.

If necessary, you can customize the images in the media editor. Change the colors and sizes of pictures, apply visual effects to make your site even more beautiful.

Learn Blog Features

All kids website templates have blogging tools. Publish useful articles, tips, and reviews of various products and services right on the pages of your site. To make managing posts easier, try the kids website builder. Here you can customize text blocks, as well as provide articles with unique URLs and headings. Select the date and time of publication, track status. This way, you can manage text content on your site without effort.

Save Changes

After editing the pages, adding widgets and making changes to the settings, the kids website builder will remind you about the possibility to save the edits. The process of saving changes lasts a few seconds, so you can continue working without a long wait.

As soon as you complete the create website for kids and save the last edits, you can purchase a ready-made web project and post it on the Internet. To learn how to do this, try to:

  • read relevant information in the help center section;
  • seek advice from the support team;
  • entrust installation to a professional.

To speed up the launch of the site, you can request the appropriate service when purchasing the kids website templates. We can also offer you hosting from reliable partners at reasonable prices. Integrated solutions MotoCMS - is the implementation of web projects from the design study to the installation of the finished site.

Extend the Possibilities of Kids Website Builder

If necessary, you can always return to editing mode and improve your website with comfort. If you originally planned to create a business card or blog, but expanding a business requires the implementation of eCommerce, you can always turn your web resource into an online store with the help of MotoCMS eCommerce plugin.

You can also find options for auditing in the settings of the kids website builder. Connect Google AdWords to provide an enormous influx of customers through contextual advertising. Watch your visitors' targeted actions to make the site even better!

Kids Website Builder - Simple Solution to Complex Tasks

Children's products and services occupy one of the most significant niches on the market, so a personal website is, above all, an additional benefit. Tell a lot of Internet users about your business to attract more customers. Not sure how to create a website for kids, and what do you need for this? Postpone the study of expensive offers web designers and devote more time to your business. With the kids website builder, you get a full-fledged web resource in just a few days without significant expenses.

Choose any of the kids website templates and follow the simple instructions. Thanks to universal solutions from MotoCMS, you can implement any useful project that is associated with children.

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