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Why do you need a proper esports website builder? With every coming year, esports become more and more popular and less amateur at the same time. Making online presence if you deal with esports competitions or teams organizations should be as reasonable and elaborate as possible. It would be great to apply MotoCMS esports website templates when you decide to create esports website that utterly devotes to this topic.

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MotoCMS Esports Website Builder

Our esports website maker with a collection of esports website templates is perfect for gaming, esports competitions, and any game studio. What special convenient features do we suggest? MotoCMS esports website creator with its games website templates offers:

  • easy installation process which can also be facilitated by our specialists;
  • premium support 24/7 free for one year through different communication channels;
  • simple customization of templates and elements;
  • easy-to-use fully responsive site in the future, always available for your players;
  • no problems with staying in touch with players due to social media and blog tools;
  • effective site promotion;
  • beautiful original design corresponding to the gaming topic;
  • convenient menu;
  • informativeness and visual feed.

Most In-Demand Esports Website Builder

Esports website templates collection operated by MotoCMS esports website maker is what you have been looking for if you need to create esports website for your gaming team or club. Thanks to the esports website creator, the unique drag-and-drop page builder, you will save lots of time and money while figuring out the layout and the design of your website.

It is possible to create a site as an Internet presentation of a team or a tournament in just a couple of days, without first having any particular programming knowledge or web design skills. MotoCMS drag and drop website builder comes with a smart admin panel that lets you take control over your website with no effort. The admin panel is incredibly intuitive and also available in several languages. So, you do not need to have any prior expertise in website building.

MotoCMS Esports Website Builder with Templates

Well, esports is a form of competition using video games. It is usually an organized multiplayer video game contest that takes part between professional players. Winners of world competitions get thousand or even million-dollar prizes. Once a fun hobby is now a vocational choice and opportunity to start your business. Immense video games producers begin to hire the most talented players and pay them wages for excellent performance.

Each esports website template has necessary pages and blocks for you to create esports website of your dreams. To meet all your requirements, you need to customize pages and elements through a plain set of actions using well-thought-out widgets and modules, and certainly, a comprehensible esports website builder.

Superior Gaming Design

Surely, you know that market competition in the sphere of online gaming and tournaments is getting tenser. So, to stand out, your site needs to be as unique and beautiful as possible. The most original design includes background images, colors, galleries, sliders, and fonts. Besides, together with an intuitive and user-friendly esports team website builder, we offer you a wide range of different pre-made designs. Choose from a selection of esports website templates and color variations to make your esports gaming site special. No other company comes close to the quality of features and themes available at MotoCMS.

There is also one more powerful tool - a Color Picker, which facilitates changing the color scheme of your future successful site. In case, you want more significant changes, MotoCMS esports website builder is your match! With its help, you can make any modification in design or functionality, and it will look like a piece of cake.

Mobile-friendly Nature

All esports website templates that we offer you to customize and modify with the esports website builder are responsive. It means that no matter what device your players or people interested will use to find out the news, comment on something, or see the results of the latest games, they will still get the same high level of the picture on the screen. Even if they attain your site with a mobile phone or a tablet PC with a peculiar resolution, they will also be satisfied with what they see. Your visitors can easily stay connected and updated on the go on their mobile devices.


The functionality is still an important issue if to create esports website. Our esports tournament website builder is intended for gamers or professional players. In every turnkey gaming web template , there can be included such features as match reports, tournament scheduling, and recruitment options. With the help of different built-in widgets and additional modules of our esports website templates, you will have an opportunity to record your matches against other teams with ease, show off your skills, create customized leaderboards, and compare your players and teams with others.

Support and Extra Services

If you still feel any difficulty in modifying your site yourself or have any question about the esports website maker, our pro team can help you! We are always ready to assist you at any time. Our customer services include a reliable hosting provider, installation, and a full-scale turnkey website service that you may need. SEO auditing, and speeding up page loading can help optimize your website. We offer even a web copywriting service that signifies filling your site with meaningful content by the information you share with us about your team or club.

Additional Social Tools

Our esports website builder offers you various communication channels to expand your online audience. There is a specific tool through which esports website templates will connect your site with different social networks your team or club might have. Further, you will have a chance to control them. Instant chat messaging activity feeds, forum discussions and more tools means you and your team stay connected continuously.

Blog & SEO Options

Moreover, a tool for creating a blog is also included in every game studio website template. Start a blog to share your experience taking part in tournaments and share your team's achievements with the fans. On the blog, it will be more than easy to build your reports and update the statistics. You will also be able to tell the latest news of the gaming world and post articles on game topics. Don’t forget about promoting your site on the Internet. Our esports team website builder is pre-equipped with the necessary SEO tools. It truly equals raising your ranking in a couple of clicks. Do not hesitate to use Search Console from Google to see the progress of your optimization, track the positions, etc.

Empower Your Business with Esports Website Builder from MotoCMS

Want to try this esports website maker here and now free of charge? It is possible! Every online game website design has a free 14-days demo with full functionality. When you buy a template during this period, all the changes you’ve made are saved. So, MotoCMS esports website templates are your perfect basis to create esports website for a group or a club. With it, you have a majestic site builder for esports at your fingertips. We will assist you in controlling all aspects of your website quickly, efficiently and hassle-free.

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