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Impressive loan website design crafted by highly qualified website designers will make your car loan website look professional. The advanced functionality of the admin panel will adapt car loan website templates to any devices and help you to create a top-notch website with no coding.

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Car Loan Website Templates Design by MotoCMS

MotoCMS cars website templates have a lot of features that make the visual appeal of a website fascinating. Professionally picked up colors, attractive visual effects, and a fully responsive layout provide a perfect combination of the leading features on loan website templates. Let’s check the most important design components that will help you to build a website that takes topmost positions at Google Search.

Image Galleries

Represent your cars on loan website templates by using MotoCMS photo galleries. There is a wide range of ready-to-use galleries in the admin panel. MotoCMS galleries have diverse pre-built layouts that compose images on the autotrader website template in a particular order by themselves. To add a gallery on a car loan website template, you need to add the gallery widget, select images from the media library, and save changes. When you add an image gallery, the system resizes images automatically to fit your website design.

Visual Effects

Gain your website design by using attractive visual effects on loan website templates. Animations and hover effects focus a user’s attention on particular elements and highlight selected items. MotoCMS website builder has a wide range of visual effects that imply parallax, fixed, and hover effects.

Additionally, you can configure a background image positioning and add a video as a background. Use already design visual effects on the auto repair website design template or create custom ones in the admin panel.

Video Previews

Add video previews of your cars and post reviews of satisfied clients with no effort. MotoCMS admin panel provides the ability to add your video directly on loan website templates and broadcast videos from YouTube or Vimeo without source code editing. The website builder adds a video player and adjusts its size according to the screen size by itself. Thus, the system will display videos well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Social Media Integration in Loan Website Templates

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool that helps to engage new customers. Attract new clients from social media with the help of advanced social media integration tools into the MotoCMS admin panel. Navigate users to your social media accounts from your website with the help of ready-to-use social icons. You can place the icons of social networks on the car dealer website design, link them to your profiles and pick up a pre-built website design in the admin panel.

Content Sharing and Broadcasting

Share ads from your site to social media in a click. Also, you can allow your clients to share articles from your blog to their social media profiles. After clicking a share button, a user shares your website page at his social media profile simultaneously improving your website’s ranking. Also, you can broadcast the content from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter on loan website templates by adding a corresponding widget in the admin panel.

Efficient Tools to Contact Clients

The primary purpose of a website is to represent products/services online to get new clients from the Internet. The ability to contact a client instantly will increase the conversion rate. MotoCMS admin panel provides a large variety of tools that allow a website visitor to contact you directly on the limo website template. Also, there is the feedback button, contact form and live chat available on loan website templates.

Feedback & Live Chat Button in Loan Website Templates

The feedback and live chat buttons hover over the content. After clicking on one of these buttons, a popup with contact information or a live chat appears. The feedback button is fully adjustable and allows adding your photo, phone number, and other contact details. Additionally, you can add icons of the most popular messengers that lead clients to the corresponding online applications.

The live chat button functionality provides by the LiveChat company. After clicking on this button, a live chat opens into a popup on the auto website template. Hence, any client gets the ability to contact a manager online to ask some questions or place an order.

Contact Forms

By using a contact form, a user can leave a review, send a message, or place an order. All loan website templates have two versions of contact forms. The simplified version of the contact form widget allows adding a pre-built contact form that has a limited amount of input fields and pre-built design presets. You can use the basic contact form widgets for adding a callback form or gathering some information from clients.

If you need to add a contact form with a large number of input fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. with a custom design use the contact form composer. The advanced contact form widget allows you to build a contact form with an unlimited amount of items and update their design according to your requirements.

You can use an advanced contact form to add a survey or a communication form that allows you to pick up a car with custom options and submit an order. Thus, even those who have no technical background can create a fully functional car rental website design with no effort.

Car Loan Website Templates - Free Demo

Our car loan website designs have a free 14-day trial period to try a website template before purchasing it. Thus, you can create a full-featured car rental website by using MotoCMS website builder with no restrictions. Once your website is fully customized, you can purchase a website templates with all the changes already applied. Register a free trial and build an amazing website with MotoCMS in one day!

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