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In the age of modern technology, Internet users can find the necessary information in a few seconds. The Internet helps not only to save significant time but also to find high-quality services and products at a reasonable price. The online banking industry is even not standing still, offering new services to users of the worldwide network with every goth. Do you work in finance and want to keep up with the times? The banking website builder will help you get not only a full-fledged business card but also increase the flow of customers.

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Banking Website Builder from MotoCMS

To date, it is impossible to imagine any credit institution or bank without a website. Development of the commercial Internet site is a rather essential and sought-after service. Thanks to this, you can timely publish all the necessary information about facilities, make presentations about new banking products, inform existing customers about both new and current promotions, various types of deposits and their credit conditions.

People will know with your financial services during the first visit to the site. From the impression that your resource will produce on the visitor, it depends on whether it will become your potential client in the future. MotoCMS financial website templates come as the best solution for those who decide to create a website for the provision of financial services or online banking.

Benefits of Choosing MotoCMS Banking Website Builder

It seems that hiring a development team is more accessible than creating a website yourself. However, this is not the best solution for a small business or for creating a landing page. In addition to the cost of the work of specialists, site development from scratch can take a significant amount of time.

MotoCMS offers universal solutions - with minimum cash investment, you can get your website as soon as possible. Doubt that you can do it without programming skills and knowledge of web design? Try banking website templates for website creation and see for yourself!

Feature-Rich Banking Templates

While creating a website for online banking, it is worth remembering that this is primarily your business card. The banking website builder combines everything you need to ensure that your website can attract as many potential customers as possible.

  • Informational web pages. Entering the site, the visitor should see a maximum of information that may interest him. Mainly for this banking website templates have several widgets for convenient placement of relevant data.
  • Maintain a personal image. The site should demonstrate to customers that working with your company will be safe and comfortable. For this, MotoCMS experts have developed not only a rigorous design but also equipped the bank website templates with individual blocks for easy navigation.
  • Tools for quality service. A feedback form is a top priority resource that is designed to simplify the solution of most issues. Customers will appreciate the contact forms and feedback widgets.

Free Trial Period

To start, you only need your desire. Choose one of the suitable banking website templates and feel free to test it! You can painstakingly examine each one, find out more information about it in the ‘detail info’ section or click on ‘try for free’ and start working on the website creation.

MotoCMS provides a trial period for 14 days. During this time, you can explore not only the features of the selected bank website template but also familiarize yourself with the possibilities of the banking website builder. If for some reason, the solution you like does not suit you, you can deactivate the template and try another one at any time.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Thanks to the drag-and-drop website builder, creating a website resembles a game - you choose the element you like and drag it to the right place. We have thought through all the nuances so that you can create a full-fledged web resource without programming.

All widgets are fully responsive; all you have to do is click on the one you need and drag it. You can change one of the bank website templates, fill in the fields with the necessary information, delete unnecessary blocks, or add new ones. You can also create a banking website from scratch based on a turnkey solution. Thus, the elements of the bank website design template will serve as a model for your work.

Save changes in a few clicks and enjoy the operational work of the banking website builder!

Reliable Support

Although working with the banking website builder is intuitive, you may encounter some incomprehensible options or widgets. For example, if working with text blocks is understandable to everyone, then it can be difficult for a beginner to deal with some SEO settings. In this case, you can always ask experts for help!

MotoCMS support offers you the Help Center which you can reach through the admin panel or instantly. Click on the appropriate button and go to the MotoCMS support page. Here you can find answers to many FAQs, user guide for the banking website builder, and solutions for common issues.

Furthermore, there are multiple communication channels so that we can assist most conveniently for you. Feel free to start an online chat, get advice by phone or email. You can also create banking website with the help of our consultants, or you can register for a free online course. Learn more about this from the ‘Learn’ tab on the main page MotoCMS website.

How to Create a Banking Website? - MotoCMS Banking Website Builder

So, you have decided to create a web resource for the provision of financial services or online banking. You have learned about the main advantages of banking templates for a website creation code-free, but you still do not know where to start and how to switch to editing mode? Feel free to follow the tips of MotoCMS. Begin the process of working with the registration in the system.

Make an Account

To get access to the control panel of the banking website templates, you need to log in to your MotoCMS account or register a new one. All you need to register on the site is a valid email address. Fill in some required fields, create a password, and log in. For us to be sure that it is you who is working on your site, the link to enter the editing mode will be attached to an email.

Go to the Admin Panel

A variety of obscure options and widgets can confuse a novice. Therefore, we made the creation of the site not only a simple but also a logical workflow. Editing with MotoCMS banking website builder takes place step by step; you will not get lost in the process!

After entering the admin panel, you will see several tabs, such as:

  • Edit pages. Learn more about the pages, see how your site will be displayed on various devices, set up pop-up notifications and appearance.
  • Edit Blog. Organize the content that you post on your site. Choose the time and date of publication, change the font settings, and determine how the articles will look on the pages of your website.
  • Website settings. In addition to the parameters of the elements that you can edit while working with widgets, the banking website builder has several general settings — for example, tools for analytics, feedback forms, and code injection.

Customize Pages

All bank website templates are fully responsive. Your site will display correctly and work quickly, not only in the browser of a desktop computer but also on a smartphone or tablet. A convenient process of editing is of vital importance. Therefore, we made it so that in the page editing mode, you could give separate attention to different versions of the web resource.

To edit a chosen page, move the cursor to the left side of the workspace. A window will appear with a list of all pages and pop-up notifications that are on the site. Settings for editing pages are on the left side of the editor. Here you can change the background and make some SEO settings, such as meta title, description, and keywords.

Work with Widgets

The site for the bank should not only have a compact design but also be as informative as possible. Everything you need is already available on the pages of bank website templates for a website. However, you can add a few extra widgets. The list of available widgets is on the 'Design' tab.

You can add to the site a few additional buttons, one of the sliders, a countdown timer or a Google module. Pay special attention to contact forms and feedback. Customize them so that site visitors can contact you at any time.

Beneficial Extras to The Banking Website Builder

The main advantage of working with MotoCMS is that at a fair price, you get a full-fledged web resource. We understand that website development is a painstaking process that requires increased attention. Therefore, in addition to banking website templates, we can offer you some extra services that will enhance the capabilities of your web resource.

Installation and Hosting

Creating a full-fledged website powered by banking website builder is much easier than launching it. The final project consists of a set of files that will need a place on hosting in the future. Today, there are a large number of companies that offer hosting services under different conditions. However, the site for online banking has increased requirements.

You must be confident in the quality of hosting services and their reliability. You can find a suitable company on your own or seek advice from MotoCMS. We offer to host services to our partners, whose safety has been verified over time. Also, programmers can help you install a ready site on the selected hosting and run it as soon as possible.

SSL Certificate

Have you noticed that on some sites in the address bar there is a lock icon? This picture evidence that the web resource has an SSL certificate and all information that comes to it is transmitted via a secure protocol. Thanks to this, you can be sure that intruders will not be able to intercept or replace the personal data of your customers.

For a banking site made with the banking website builder, the presence of an SSL certificate is especially important, because users trust you not only personal information about themselves, but also carry out financial transactions with your help.

GDPR Compliance Audit

Besides to the SSL certificate, MotoCMS offers its customers another additional service related to data integrity. With the GDPR Compliance Audit, you can improve the security of your site.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a general data protection policy. The introduction of this service will affect the fact that your customers will be able to notify their consent to use and storage:

  • personal information;
  • contact and financial data;
  • cookie files.

To make bank website templates GDPR-friendly, you only need to select this service from the list of MotoCMS offers. After that, our experts will integrate all the necessary functionality into your website.

Expanded Contact Form

After you make sure that your website is reliably protected from possible negative impact, you should think about how you can make interaction with customers as comfortable as possible. The issuance of loans, bank cards, or financial transactions require the filling of many relevant forms. Therefore, often, the standard types of communication are not enough.

Advanced Contact Form is a unique plugin which you can purchase together with a banking website builder and a favorite financial template. It will help you create a way yourself with an unlimited number of fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes. You can also set up automatic notifications and validation rules. Create a contact form that is not only understandable and convenient for customers, but also helps your employees save time!

Launch an Email Campaign

For many website owners, email distribution is another advertising tool that allows you to notify customers about new products and promotions promptly. Online banking is no exception. Customers do not always have enough time to visit your site and read important information. Therefore, it is worth thinking about creating regular email newsletters, so that your visitors are always aware of the latest updates.

Perhaps a client who did not dare to take a loan will be interested in your proposal for a reduced percentage! Our experts will carefully study your business and help you create a compelling email company.

Banking Website Builder - a Smart Solution for Financial Business

Do you still doubt that it is easy to create a banking website without specialized knowledge? Browse our banking website templates and see for yourself right now! Expand your business opportunities and attract more customers with modern technology.

With a minimal expenditure of money and effort, you will receive a fully prepared web resource in less than a week. With the help of additional services, you can quickly launch and optimize your website. MotoCMS banking website builder is the best solution for those who appreciate quality and prefer to get maximum benefits.

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