PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Are you looking for PowerPoint templates to create a breath-taking presentation with ease? You’re in the right place! These MotoCMS PowerPoint presentation templates from MotoCMS will help you to share your idea in the form of a slideshow and engage everyone even if you have zero background in creating presentations.

PowerPoint Presentation Templates from MotoCMS

All the templates by MotoCMS deliver a professional solution for entrepreneurs, college students, public event speakers, etc. The broad diversity of PPT templates will help you find a ready-to-use solution for any need. Create a breath-taking slideshow with MotoCMS! Examine the selection of professional PowerPoint templates and pick up the best one. Consequently, you will get a ready-to-use slideshow with all the source files. All the images have a royalty-free license. Moreover, you’ll get a help guide.

Ready To Use PowerPoint Templates

It’s simple, just grab a template, open it via the Microsoft software tool, supplement the ready-to-run design with your content, and get a presentation within an hour. With the help of our PowerPoint presentation templates, there is no need to be a tech-savvy user or hire a freelancer who will create an astonishing presentation for you.

Excellent Structure

Each creative template for PPT is unique and implies a lot of custom shapes and design solutions that will highlight your identity and attract attention. Moreover, each slide has an attractive layout. The presentation structure of MotoCMS PPT templates implies a lot of slides that help to introduce a project, disclose a particular topic, and share your viewpoint. Moreover, each slide in PowerPoint presentation templates consists of a large assortment of custom shapes and infographics that show a professional attitude.

Quick and Effortless Presentation

Are you short in time and need the best slideshow in a day. Well, a PPT theme is the best choice. Just grab an engaging slideshow and supplement it with your content by using a mouse in your hand. There is no need to be a software specialist or have coding skills. Everything is simple and straightforward.

Using the PowerPoint presentation templates by MotoCMS, you can select a slide, pick up an image frame, browse an image on your desktop, and upload it in a click. PowerPoint software brings the ability to change the size and ratio of an image quickly. Also, you’ll be able to change its placement in a blink of an eye.

Removing the default text as easy as ABC. All you need to do is select a block with default text, remove it, and input yours. The inbuilt text editor will bring you the opportunity to edit the text with ease. You’ll be able to change the style, font-size, color in a click.

Engaging Infographics

Infographics are the best way to show the results. These PowerPoint presentation templates imply a large assortment of different graphs that engage the audience. The number of diagrams is almost limitless. There are bar, pie, line, mosaic, and many other charts. For sure, it’s impossible to create informatics without particular values. All the templates for PowerPoint presentations have pre-built Excel tables with values. Hence, it is easy to personalize any graph in a slideshow. All that you need is to double-click on a particular diagram and update the default values. Consequently, a personalized infographic will appear simultaneously.

Flexibility of Templates

Primarily, these have to be updated by the software tool by Microsoft. However, all the templates have the .pptx file extension. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools from third-party software developers that can work with such files. Therefore, if you don’t have the PPT on your desktop, you can use any other tool to update and preview these PowerPoint presentation templates.

Catchy Images

Every presentation should imply a lot of engaging images. A slideshow that consists of text blocks only is boring and doesn’t attract the attention of the audience. Thus, our specialists supplemented each slideshow with numerous images that correspond to a template’s topic.

For instance, a pharmacy PowerPoint template implies a lot of images of a clinic and doctors. All the pictures come with a royalty-free license. Hence, you can use them with no limits. Also, these PowerPoint presentation templates imply a lot of icons. The full pack of all the images locates on the last slide of each theme. Hence, you can simply copy and paste them elsewhere in your slideshow with no hassle.

Up to 100 Unique Slides

Are you looking for a presentation with many ready-to-run slideshows? Your search ends here! PPT themes imply up to 100 slides. Hence, you’ll be able to create a mind-blowing presentation that may take a few hours quickly. Just browse the templates for PowerPoint presentation, select a one that suits you the best, and customize it according to your needs.

Purchasing PowerPoint presentation templates, you can be sure that you will get an up-to-date presentation. Our specialists frequently review the themes and update them according to modern requirements. They add new slides and supplement them with advanced features. Thus, you’ll get a PPT template that will engage everyone from the first slide.

Diversity of Templates for PowerPoint Presentation

Everyone needs a professional-looking presentation. Therefore, we created a lot of astonishing PowerPoint presentation templates for different purposes. The variety of topics will impress you. Just explore all the themes in this selection, and you will surely find a template that corresponds to your niche or business. In case a lot of items from this selection match your needs, and you cannot pick up the best, contact our pre-sale managers. Our customer care team works 24/7 and is always glad to assist you.

Business PowerPoint Themes

Are you a businessman who needs a professional presentation to showcase a new product or share an annual report? Take a closer look at the business templates for presentations. Each of these templates will professionally represent your project. These templates imply a few cover slides with different patterns. Hence, you’ll be able to pick up the one that suits your brand the best.

Further, PowerPoint presentation templates for business imply a few slides that represent your team. Each slide has a unique layout. Hence, if you don’t like a pre-built outline, there is no need to hire a freelancer who will update one of your PowerPoint templates or spend a lot of hours re-doing it. Just examine all the slides and select a one or use all of them if you have a big squad.

Also, business website templates bring the ability to represent yourself. The slides with personal representation imply a photo, position in a company, and personal qualities that have the form of icons. Also, there is a block where you can drop a few words about yourself and your achievements.

Real Estate PowerPoint Design Templates

Real estate PowerPoint presentation templates are perfect for companies that lease both commercial and residential property. Each of these PowerPoint templates professional showcase homes for sale to clients with the help of an engaging slideshow. The pre-built design brings the opportunity to create an astonishing performance with no effort. Just purchase a theme, open it by using the PPT software, and update the default content. It’s super easy!

In the beginning, the real estate agency templates for PowerPoint presentation imply a few greeting slides where you can share the logo and name of your company. Further, there are slides where you can represent your agency in more detail and offer a wide range of services. The heading on each slide in PowerPoint presentation templates supplements with different shapes that attract the attention of the audience.

Moreover, by using the ready-to-run design of real estate properties, you can show the best deals by adding a photo of ownership, short description, and price. Also, each slide with a property description implies a block that indicates the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the total area. Furthermore, these PPT themes will bring you the opportunity to represent your team, show how your work by using engaging infographics and share your contact information.

Healthcare PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Our healthcare templates for presentation will be an excellent choice for those who want to represent a click or want to share new treatment methods with the help of a slideshow. The offered templates have background images with medical institutions, medical stuff, and treatment devices. These templates are perfect for or teachers who want to run an engaging lesson for medical students. Also, these templates will be perfect for medical firms, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions to share new projects at a conference. Many of them have anatomical icons, DNA infographics, health care symbols, and illustrations of medical concepts.

The first three slides in PowerPoint presentation templates imply a logo of a healthcare center on different backgrounds. Hence, you can easily choose the best one and update it in a few clicks. Further, there is a block that represents a medical organization’s CEO in medical PPT templates by MotoCMS. Slides with the provided services imply have layouts. Hence, you can easily show your services in the form of a list or use a slide that involves lots of sections with services provided. Each block consist of an image and a short description. Moreover, each section has an icon that helps to enhance the overall design.

Using the PowerPoint presentation templates for doctors, you can update the testimonials slides, and share the positive reviews from your clients by adding their photo, name, and feedback. The slides with pricing tables will help you to share prices for a first consultation, surgery, and ultrasound diagnostics in the form of blocks with prices. Each block has a background image that corresponds to a particular service. It helps to engage the audience and deliver information more efficiently. The infographic will help to show how your treatment works for those who have no background in medicine.

Logistics Templates for PowerPoint Presentation

Do you own a logistics company and want to represent it at a transportation conference? Grab one of our logistics PPT presentation templates and create a leading-edge slideshow in a few hours! Our freight delivery themes use images of trucks, ships, and aircraft. Moreover, all the pictures supplemented with different shapes to enhance the overall design.

With the help of our PowerPoint presentation templates for transportation companies, you can represent all the services that you provide. Also, you can drop a few words about your company, show how your business model works, and tell more about your goal and achievements with the help of creative icons that engage the audience. Also, the pre-built slides will help you to show what your clients say about your company and show your partners to boost the credibility of your company.

The slides with awards in the PowerPoint templates will also help you to show your proficiency in a particular field. Also, the ready-to-use layout of these templates implies a slide for a coffee break. It’s a vital part of a presentation. Let the audience to take a short break and discuss the first part of your slideshow. After the break, you’ll be able to continue it by showing your best cases on a map and sharing your success with the help of infographics.

Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates Design

Are you looking for something original that will attract attention and stuck in memory? Examine our creative templates for PowerPoint presentations. These themes use a combination of bright colors, odd shapes, and original icons. Consider using one of our creative PowerPoint templates if you want to create a presentation that will stand out from a crowd.

These PowerPoint presentation templates imply a large assortment of different slides like clients, testimonials, prices, about us, our services, etc. These themes will be perfect for a web design company or creative agency that wants to represent itself, get new clients and partners. Colorful blocks will help you to highlight that key-qualities of your company and focus the attention of the audience on particular items.

The slides with a portfolio or team of managers imply images that are arranged dissimilarly to each other. Moreover, the pre-built layout will help you to show how your agency works with the help of a timeline that implies all the stages of completing a project. The last slides will help you to share your contact information like cell phone number, email, location address, and business hours.

PPT Templates for Social Media Marketing

Those who own a social media marketing will appreciate your PowerPoint presentation templates on this topic. Grab one of them and become the most remarkable speaker at a conference. Our templates for PowerPoint presentation will help you to represent a marketing company, with the help of slides that imply creative backgrounds and rotated images. For starters, you can share a plan of your essay in the form of a line with points.

Using our PPT templates for social media marketing, you can show your team, tell more about a lead consultant, and represent your services. The pre-built maps of the US, Canada, Europe, and other regions will help you to show the variety of locations your company attracts from different parts of the world by using engaging images with infographics. Also, you can show the preferable devices of your audience. Just update the ready-to-use mockups with your content and save your presentation. It’s as easy as ABC.

Innovation PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Do you bring innovations in a particular sphere and want to tell them widely? Well, a top-notch presentation at a conference will help you to attract a lot of clients and partners. Examine our innovative templates for PowerPoint presentations. These themes have a leading-edge design that implies colorful shapes and broken lines that distract from the overall layout.

Using these PowerPoint presentation templates, you can represent your team altogether and share the characteristics and professional skills of each team member with the help of progress bars. Also, there are pre-built slides that allow representing each team member separately. Also, you can share your success in different countries with the help of infographics. There is no need to use any third-party programs to update the values in your graph. All that you need to do is select a diagram and update the default numbers. A large assortment of different maps will help you to highlight the regions that use your technology in the form of engaging images.

Enjoy Our Templates for PowerPoint Presentation

For sure, the PPT templates won’t leave untouched anybody. All the themes have a well-thought-out layout and creative design. Moreover, the ready-to-run outline brings the ability to create an engaging presentation in a few hours. It’s amazing! Furthermore, each slideshow implies up to 100 slides. Hence, you’ll be able to run a few-hour presentation.

Browse the collection of PowerPoint presentation templates and find the best one that suits all your needs. If you have any questions about our PPT themes, do not hesitate to contact our customer care team. Our agents work 24/7. Hence, you can run a live chat and specify your question. Consequently, our customer care manager will assist you and help to select the most appropriate PPT template.

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