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It is the most colorful and eye-catching presentation. All the slides of the PowerPoint template design agency have a dark background with bright elements. They help to focus viewer's attention on particular aspects like your goals, achievements, prices, contact details, etc.

Creative PowerPoint Template Design Agency

The presentation template consists of 32 high-quality slides that help to represent a company, showcase a product, and offer your services. The presentation starts with the animation of the opening curtains that engage the audience from the first second. On the first slide, you can add the title of your presentation and highlight the names of your team members. Further, the welcome slide appears. It delivers information about a company's CEO and shows the plan for your presentation. All the points have different colors.

The PowerPoint template for design agency has two different slides that will help you to represent your services. The first slide contains two rows with three items per row. Each item implies a block with text and a corresponding icon. The second slide has six full-height sections with equal width. Each area has a different color and represents a particular service. The pricing plans slide in the digital agency - PowerPoint template contains three icons and prices of a specific project.

Choose Design PowerPoint Template by MotoCMS

Share your portfolio with easy by using the web design ppt template. Each portfolio slide includes text blocks and images. Hence, you'll be able to add the screenshots of your projects, supplement them with a short description, and boost your company's credibility by showing successful projects that are released by your team. Also, there are a lot of slides with infographics. Using these slides with graphs, you can show the earning of your company or the number of investments collected on particular rounds.

The PowerPoint template design agency has a lot of slides with different charts. There is a lot of infographics with a block-scheme, funnel series, round, and pie charts. To update a particular chart on the agency PowerPoint template, you need to double-click on a graph and update values in a table. Moreover, the presentation implies an alluring slide that shows how a company works. This slide suggests an animation of a line with milestones on how a digital product creates. All the stages appear one-by-one on a timeline automatically.


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  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later
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