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This presentation template implies 28 ready-to-use slides. It will be perfect for a medical institution that wants to present new services or a medical college professor who needs a great tool to run a lecture. Moreover, this PowerPoint template for medical presentation has a lot of engaging animation effects.

Well-Designed PowerPoint Template for Medical Presentation

The medical case study PowerPoint template has three welcome slides with different designs. All the welcome slides have the animation of opening doors that indicates the start of a presentation. Further, there is a slide that contains a company’s CEO photo and his statement on the left side. On the right side of the slide, there is a list that shows the dental, pediatric, and ultrasound services. Moreover, each item from the list have corresponding icons.

The about us slide on the medical case presentation PowerPoint template contains four blocks with content. Each section on the healthcare PowerPoint template represents a particular service. It implies an image on the top and short description in the bottom. Also, each section supplements with an icon that briefly describes a particular service. The medical technology PowerPoint template has a single service slide. It has the form of an image gallery with a block that delivers crucial information about a service.

Infographic on PowerPoint Template for Medical Presentation

Most of the slides on this medical theme PowerPoint template has well-thought-out infographics that help to showcase a company and share recent innovations in treatment. A page with a colorful diagram will help you to show how a company gets and use their investments. Also, there is a slide with the infographic that shows the basic methods of eye-treatment. This medical PowerPoint template can also represent a particular mobile application and describe its benefits.

The slide with a human body infographic on the PowerPoint design for medical presentation show the information about crucial organs in a human body. Also, there is a slide with a DNA image that helps to explain the specializations of a clinic. The Map slides will help you display all your partners or offices around the globe. The last slides on the medical PowerPoint template show the working hours, contact details, and ‘thank you’ message. Also, there is an extra slide with a complete icons pack.


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  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later
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