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20 Delicious Cooking Website Templates for Recipe & Cooking Websites

Daria Kosych 22 June, 2021

Cooking is a process that often becomes a great pastime for many people. The realities of today are such that many cooking schools, chefs, and even amateurs share and offer their services through the web so that they need a nice-looking website to deliver their awesome content. Because with content this much attractive by itself, using beautiful cooking website templates will allow you to achieve a real synergy and really rock on the web.

MotoCMS cooking website templates are the perfect way of connecting cooking aficionados and sharing a new experience. We provide plenty of food website templates with a user-friendly drag and drop editor that anyone can use to customize their web project according to personal needs. Let’s learn how to make an appealing cooking website in this article.

What Is the Power of a Cooking Website?

A cooking website is a web resource that is promoted according to information requests of culinary and food topics. Besides presenting your services and sharing helpful information on cooking, you can even monetize your site and get additional money (by contextual advertising, advertising various culinary services, affiliate programs and other retail marketing strategies ).

Nevertheless, making a cooking website is not an easy thing. Indeed, at this stage, you not only pledge the foundation of the entire project but also think about its future activities. Let us briefly consider some of the steps you need to perform to make a stunning cooking website.

How to Create It?

There are many stages, from the idea of creating a cooking website to its launch. One of them is the choice of a suitable platform. Before you make a cooking website, you should decide on its requirements:

  • what your target audience is;
  • whether you sell the dishes cooked by yourself, organize a site with recipes or create a forum;
  • whether each user will be able to post recipes;
  • what the general appearance and functionality of the cooking website will be, etc.

These and many other questions are essential to think about in advance. One of the most convenient and easy to use engines is MotoCMS visual builder . It is a perfect match for creating a cutting-edge cooking website. Among the main advantages of this editor, one can distinguish the presence of many implemented tools, open-source, and a huge number of ready-made cooking website templates.

Cooking and Chef Websites Color Palette

Colours used in cooking blogs and websites are mostly pastel and remind of natural tones of grass, wood, and organic products. Beige, bone and café au lait are trendy shades that are used for backgrounds. They can be supported with various warm tones like brown and chocolate or contrasted by brighter colours such as red, green and their sub-tones (light green, olive green, khaki, etc.). In contrast, cool tones are less welcomed and used in typography.

The website template below is excellent for restaurants, cooking blogs and culinary schools. The brown shadows of design elements emphasize the natural image of the site and attract visitors with its tasty layout.

Luxury Restaurant Website Template


Alternatively, next web templates show a darker picture with heavy use of grey, white, and black colours that create an image of elitism and elegance.

Elegant Food Website


Pizza Restaurant Website Design


Photo and Video Content

If you want to make a cool food website, you should pay attention to great visual content. Therefore it should feature:

  • Bright photos;
  • Video content with step-by-step tutorials;
  • Light-coloured design;
  • Easy navigation menu;
  • Social plugins, subscription form and an advanced contact form .

Thus, visual content is a crucial element of a website for cooking. And because of that, large photos of beautifully served dishes that can be prepared at home are used in all cooking website templates. They can appear in the background or home page header, used as icons, and, of course, illustrate the text with recipes. Undoubtedly, stunning galleries will present your food in the best light.

E.g. the following cooking web theme offers a background that features the photo of a yummy dish that will make the mouth water.

Restaurant Web Template


Videos are also widely used to support text information such as recipes and cooking tutorials. All Moto CMS templates allow adding videos to any page.

Mexican Restaurant Website Design for Taco Bar


Content Structure of Cooking Websites

A cooking website should have a clear content structure. The navigation menu should offer easy and fast redirection to chosen elements. Various categories and subcategories and drop-down menus are also welcomed as they help find tutorials and recipes in a blink of an eye.

In addition, feedback is vital for cooks and cooking schools, so adding the contact form, a blog with comments, feedback pop-up , and various social plugins to the cooking website template will be a great idea to be in touch with your visitors. It allows them to share ideas about recipes, products or cooking techniques. For visitors who want to get notifications about new recipes or events, the sign-up form and the countdown timer will be useful and make them expect events or discounts even more.

Bakery Website Template


Cooking Website Templates Collection

Here are the most beautiful and attractive cooking website templates you can find on the Moto CMS website templates section.

Responsive Themes for Cooking Schools

All the cooking school website templates provide impressive functionality and great design. With its help, you can create a business card and form a reliable client base. You’ll stand out from the crowd by:

  • clear site structure and navigation that guarantee a convenient user experience;
  • presenting all the details of your programs;
  • appealing CTA, subscription form, and social media integration.

Cooking Website Templates for Culinary School


Restaurant Website Templates

Tell why you’re special and make people go to your restaurant with the help of ideal cooking website templates.

Restaurant Website


By adding some vital elements to your site, you’ll become successful in no time:

  • opportunity to book a table;
  • Gallery with stunning photos(dishes, restaurant interior, head chefs) so that visitors know what to expect;
  • testimonials page that builds trust in your services;
  • detailed menu so visitors know that they won’t be upset and find the dish they’d like to order.

Restaurant Web Page Template for Buffet Restaurant


Attractive Website Gallery


Sweet Cooking Website Templates

Colourful design and attractive offers with bright and delicious sweet pictures are what you need for selling goodies. Any type of business can use these templates: whether you have a small store or a big cafe, it’ll become a good additional tool to increase your conversion rate . Have a look at its benefits:

  • necessary tools for easy editing;
  • media library;
  • blog;
  • SEO optimization tools;
  • the eCommerce features.

Candy Shop Website Template


Candy Store Website Template for Sweets Shop


Donuts Shop Website


Food Delivery

Many people don’t have time or desire to cook something and prefer to order the food. Therefore, food delivery is a new beneficial branch of business. To start its development, you need a quality food delivery website with a mobile-optimized version. You’ll add your location, so that clients will know the cost and time of delivery, which is of great importance.

Besides, you can change every detail, starting from the fonts and colours to the place of blocks and an overall design to get what you want, or you can create a full-fledged website and add the option of delivery, then your site will be worth its weight in gold.

Food Ordering Website Template


In contrast, another food order landing page offers not to cook but only to send the food. It provides the opportunity to start food delivery from various cafes/restaurants in your city. You can view all the popular categories and best deals of the day there. That’s a tremendous opportunity to start your business indeed.

Food Blog Website Template

Creating a food blog and sharing visitors with useful information on recipes or tips on places to shop, restaurants to go is an excellent opportunity to turn your hobby into a source of income. With a website’s fast loading speed and user-friendly interface, you’ll gain the audience’s trust, get to the top of blogs and ensure a good user experience.

Besides adding the content, you’ll be able to change the position of posts, categories, tags, overall design and functionality, so that you’ll tailor the website to your wishes. Also, there are social media integration buttons for people to learn about you from various platforms. And a new benefit of our food blog is Instagram integration, which means that the posts are visible on the website on the right.

Food Blog Template


Food Blog Post


It is not easy to stand out, but if you manage to find your style and unique ways of presenting the material, you’ll make a profit in the short term. Before starting your blog, make sure you’ve considered the following questions:

  • Can I take tasty photos?
  • Can I write compelling and interesting texts?
  • Do I understand what my target audience is?
  • Do I know anything about marketing strategies and web design?
  • Am I open and creative?
  • Am I ready to devote a lot of my time to blogging and gaining new knowledge and skills?

These questions describe what skills and knowledge you should have. Nevertheless, even if you answered No to most of them, it’s never too late to learn something new.

Storytelling Website Template for Food Blog


Extra Tips on How to Create a Cooking Website

Topic Analysis

Not knowing and thereby not understanding the principles of managing sites, you just can’t count on early profits. That’s why we think that the best option, in the beginning, is to make a deep analysis of successful blogs and review culinary resources in the top ten. Evaluating them for various popular search queries, you’ll be able to get a relatively clear idea of what a successful cooking website is.

To save your time, we selected the examples of the best cooking website templates in one place. Don’t forget that you can optimize the graphic template, add additional design elements, create a beautiful logo design, etc. anytime.

Plan and Design

Having all the analytical information obtained in this way, you can set out on paper your version of the cooking website or just select a deliciously designed template. Have a look at some necessary points:

  • A popular cooking website should have a good appearance with easy navigation. The rule is to have clean and simple elements and sections of the website. Preference is mobile-friendly and already optimized for SEO templates. You need to pay attention to practical navigation, categories, and a competent block search.
  • It is necessary to think over the basic requirements for the compilation of texts. And you need to remember that these are not just texts, but most often recipes.
  • Also, at this stage, you are about to think out a scheme for the release of new posts – their cyclical nature, distribution of materials by topic, preparation of assemblies, etc.

SEO and Semantic Core

For successful SEO promotion , you need a full-fledged semantic core. Of course, you won’t be able to create it right away, but it’s a massive topic for creativity – we all love to eat! Therefore, the collection of search queries is the daily work of the optimizer. You need not only scan all popular topics but also collect the maximum request pool for each. We recommend using Ubersuggest (free plan available) to learn what people are looking for. Thus, your posts will always be in demand, and you’ll get more traffic and conversions.

Also, cooking website templates from MotoCMS have essential tools for your website optimization. In the admin panel, you can add meta title and meta description using required keywords and add Alternative text to the images(Google likes Alts and appreciates using it).

Tip: read the post on how to create content optimized for people and Google .

Drawing Up Cooking Website Structure

It’s quite an important task, which for some reason, many webmasters do not pay proper attention to. It is about the formation of your project’s future. After all, if you think over the structure incorrectly, the old structure will swell in a year or two due to the huge number of posts created. Thus, a bunch of categories will appear, and their filling will be different (in one section, there are 3 posts, and in the other 105, for example).

To avoid this, you should monitor the popularity of most topics at the very beginning of creating a cooking website process and see which sections will be more relevant in the future and which will not.

Hosting, Domain, and Website Name

Hosting is a place where the entire website ecosystem will be stored. A domain is the name of a website under which it will be visible in search engines. The domain should be in tune with the cooking theme. Once you have registered a domain, you need to determine the physical location of the files on your site. In other words, you need to choose a house (hosting) on the server of which your site will be located.

Buy Hosting

We hope you’ll find that very template for a flawless launching of your site. If you have questions, our support team is ready to provide a piece of advice 24/7. Also, if you aren’t sure that cooking website templates aren’t what you need or you aren’t sure that you’ll cope with it, you can always choose a 14 days free trial to find out how websites work in detail.

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