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SEO Copywriting: Content Optimized For People and Google

Daria Kosych 3 June, 2021

Copywriting is the art of convincing people to do what you want them to. A competent copywriter uses words to lead users to action. Therefore content should be valuable to succeed. SEO copywriting may sound terrifying to those who still haven’t had experience with website optimization, but actually, it’s easier than it looks. For your online business to achieve goals, there are two essential things to consider:

  • you should find a successful solution to the users’ problems;
  • your content should refer to visitors who are potential clients.

Therefore almost every word on your site should have a reason and result. Let’s find out how to write content that persuades clients and search engine tools to choose your website and offer, among others.

What Is SEO Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of convincing people to do what you want them to. A competent copywriter uses words to lead users to action. Therefore content should be valuable to succeed. In contrast, SEO copywriting is about creating keyword-optimized content for Internet users and Google algorithms. It aims to bring to reality some marketing strategies and generate selling texts. Thus both “read” it on their methods to understand what the page is about.

Also, it provides organic traffic that you won’t get even through paid or social search and any other channels. Most people give a chance to organic search results and intentionally miss advertisements. That is why it’s essential.

All in all, SEO copywriting = appealing content + demanded keywords that look natural in text.

Three Main Stages

Undoubtedly, SEO practice is what you need to boost traffic on your site and correspond to Google Rankings Algorithm. Don’t know how to write content? Follow these main steps:

  • research – investigating topic and keys;
  • structure – brainstorming ideas, analyzing other pages, creating your own plan;
  • streamline – make your content and get on top.

Besides, a good writing style and ease of perception are other requirements for quality SEO copywriting.

Selection of Compelling Keys

Keywords are phrases people use to search for products in search engines and that websites use to describe their content. Based on these phrases, Google concludes how relevant the pages of your site are to the queries that users enter.

The selection of keys is the first stage of SEO copywriting. It allows you to think over and make the correct structure of the website which means the presence of logically built pages containing valuable content for users. Such site navigation is user-friendly and highly appreciated by search engines. If you do not have a website yet, you can look at MotoCMS website templates , where all SEO requirements are considered.

SEO Copywriting for Online Clothing Store


How to Define Appropriate Keys

For defining appropriate keywords, we offer a find-analyze-use method to achieve goals. First, describe your target audience – wishes, goals, problems, fears, and determine what your potential customers are looking for(mainly what requests they enter). Imagine you place an ad for your travel agency website . It’s obvious that your audience is people who want to buy a tour. They may be looking for where to go on vacation in June or where to book a trip to Turkey. These phrases can be keys if you provide these services.

Tour Guide Website Design


When you understand the main request for your business, you will be able to compile a list of narrower requests based on it. Of course, you can spend lots of time choosing the best phrases from Google manually, but it’s more beneficial to use keyword research tools that suggest the most demanded words. For example, in our blog, we use Ubersuggest that shows volume, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword, based on what is working for our competitors and what people are typing into Google.

Ubersuggest Keywords Searching Tool

It’s relatively simple. You analyze and choose from the list of words highlighted in green and use them for achieving quality traffic and increased rankings.

What Elements Matter in SEO Copywriting

Headline Is Half the Battle

The title is essential for:

  • grabbing the user’s attention to your content;
  • proving search engine algorithms that your page is worth considering and deserves higher rankings.

Don’t forget that it won’t work without keywords, so putting them in your headline (and subheadings too) is a must. Also, pay attention that the length of a title should be up to 160 characters.

For better SEO copywriting, we highly recommend to:

  • add numbers (5 effective ways to…);
  • use “how to” and list posts that are still popular on the Internet;
  • call users’ emotions(Incredible …, Free …, Effortless …, etc.);
  • promise something(Complete guide to…, Tips on…, etc.).

SEO Copywriting for Plumbing Supplies Store Website


For instance, in the plumbing supplies store website template, the title guarantees the profit the client will get. Accordingly, you desire to learn more about their offer and find out whether it’s beneficial enough.

Compelling Introduction

The main task of the introduction is to explain what to expect on the page and insert keywords naturally.

You’ll definitely hack users with the help of the APP method, that is the best possible decision for the introduction. It stands for:

  1. Agree – provide a statement or question to prove that you understand the problem visitors are frustrated with(f.e. in the beginning, we told that SEO copywriting might seem terrifying to those who don’t have enough experience);
  2. Promise – give hope that users can cope with all the difficulties(f.e. Actually, it’s easier than it looks, you should only consider the following two things);
  3. Preview – present what information you’ll share so they can define whether to read further(f.e. We’ll find out what SEO copywriting is and how to write content that persuades both clients and search engines).

How to Write Content

Every time people don’t know something or doubt, where do they search for information? On the Internet, of course! So, your aim is to feed them with unique solutions, do everything to make them stay on your page, and not use others. If the user clicks on your site, reads an introduction, and is ready to delve deeper into the details, you can’t just fail them. You must give answers to all questions and persuade them to take action.

Wanna know how? You should:

  • speak your audience’s language;
  • follow the structure that is crucial not to miss any detail;
  • include less water, more tips, and valid information;
  • provide no grammar or lexical mistakes (use Grammarly if you doubt your competency).

Also, pay attention to the number of words in your article, there are no strict rules, but it’s better to have 1500-2500 words as Google likes long and useful posts with lots of helpful links. You have more opportunities to get higher organic traffic results in such a case.

Meta Description in SEO Copywriting

Every site has a snippet where web owners add meta titles and meta descriptions, so all online platforms have similar opportunities to become noticed by search engines, but not everyone does that!

Here’s what you need to know. Meta description makes Google’s work easier and sends signals like “look at this awesome site with perfect meta description, relevant keywords, and valuable content, give it a chance and place it on top of the Google search please”. Also, with its help, Google checks the number of clicks you get from visitors, which also matters in your site ranking.

Moreover, with its help, it’s clear to users what your page is about – provide a short description, add keywords, call to action, and it’s in the bag. Note that visitors get upset and don’t return anymore when they find what they need on your description but then don’t get the desired results on your website or vice versa, you may provide the ready decision for them, but you don’t specify it on meta description. You won’t succeed in both cases 100%.

SEO Copywriting for Videographer Website Design


With MotoCMS convenient admin panel, you can do it on your own without effort. So, please, control all the process from adding key phrases where it’s necessary to writing perfect meta description and content that works on you! Also, check its length – it should be up to 160 characters (if more, users won’t see the text!). One more essential point to consider is URLs that should be short and include keywords.

Frequency of Using Keywords

Before, the more keywords you had, the better SEO results you got. Nowadays, requirements have changed. The density of crucial phrases is still essential, but the content with a balanced and appropriate use is what you should strive for. Therefore, always check whether you don’t overload your text – all the keywords, tags, and links should be inserted discreetly.

Just remember that the amount of keywords depends on the overall length of the text(about one or two keys per 100 words). You can check it with the free Copywritely keyword density checker , which is pretty useful – just add your link or text, and it’ll provide results in the percentage and number of used words.

Still, nobody prohibits using words relating to your keys/theme-specific words within the bounds of reason.

Page Links

Usage of links ensures Google that your content is beneficial and provides all the additional information that may be necessary to users. Add internal and external links to relevant pages to various guides and pages with an appropriate slug to insert them successfully into your text.

Image Optimization

Web design elements can increase conversions. In what way? Quality on-page SEO optimization also includes writing pertinent proper names and alt texts for images. Thus, every picture can be optimized and contribute to better conversions. Don’t forget to compress them(for your site to load faster).

In addition, infographics, screenshots, and charts are also good helpful tools.

Design Of Your Page

SEO copywriting isn’t only about creating unique content filled with keywords. The way it looks is equally important. No one has enough patience and desire to read long sentences even if they contain the information other sources don’t. Try to make them shorter, and divide them into paragraphs with bullet lists. Decide on the best font and colors, and add visual content. Check the marvelous Jewelry shop website template as an example of a good design decision.

Website Template for Jewelry Shop


Website Speed

Website loading speed is one of the Google core web vitals . Therefore if your site isn’t fast and optimized, it won’t get to the top of results in any way. First, check your web page performance with PageSpeed Insights to get an overall picture. Then, avoid all the vulnerabilities to improve user experience and website usability.

How to Cope with It

Good speed scores should be less than 2.5 seconds. How to achieve that? In the beginning, you should choose a reliable hosting that responds fast and adapts to the requirements of your CMS. Then, the following tips may be helpful:

  1. GZIP compression – optimizing the size and volume, as well as the number of data files and lines of code, can significantly reduce the time it takes for a full page to render.
  2. File caching. The page will download faster on subsequent visits as all the information will be saved in the memory.
  3. Using a CDN for images, JS, and CSS files. Content Delivery Network enables downloading files from servers in different regions, choosing the closest one to the visitors so that users from remote areas can get helpful content equally quickly.
  4. Upgrade to the latest PHP version.
  5. Reducing the number of HTTP requests to the server should be considered in more detail. The less we turn to the server for any information, the faster the page will load.

If difficulties arise, you can increase your income and get a lightning-fast website with MotoCMS page speed optimization service.

A Few Words to Conclude

Overall, SEO copywriting is a beneficial method of optimizing the effectiveness of your content for search engines to help it rank higher. Nobody can predict rankings as Google changes algorithms all the time, nevertheless, now you know the basics of SEO copywriting and how to write content, so you’ll always get good results with the help of the tips described above.

Besides, if you aren’t sure that you can evoke users’ emotions with the help of words and encourage them to become your clients, the MotoCMS team can help you with content creation and provide unique web content with relevant keywords. Whether it’s the article, social media text, landing page, or any content, you’ll get it in 5-7 days and even have up to 3 revisions so that you will achieve the desired results anyway.

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