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How to Get to the Top of the Google Search

MotoCMS Editorial 16 November, 2020

Money alone can’t improve your Google rankings, but with a well-considered strategy, you can increase your search rank for free! Check how to get to the top of the Google search to boost inbound traffic on your site and grow your business effectively. Provide yourself a significant development for years to come with our nine proven ways that help you to get on the first page of Google.

how to get to the top of the google search

Learn How to Get to the Top of the Google Search with Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone knows that people use search engines like Google to find information about products or services they consider purchasing. However, not all of us realize that about 80% of users will focus on the first page on a Google search and won’t even look through the second, third, and fourth ones. Therefore, you aim to increase your website rankings as high as possible. Learn how to get to the top of the Google search using best SEO practices to raise organic traffic for growing your business efficiently.

How to Get to the Top of the Google Search: 9 Efficient and Proven Tactics

If you aim to capture valuable search traffic and direct them to your business growth, you have many things to consider. For that reason, you’ll need a reliable and effective marketing strategy for avoiding the most common newbies’ mistakes and boosting your audience in the fastest way. We know how to get to the top of the Google search!

Check out our nine free methods of improving Google search rank. Rest assured, once you start implementing this scenario, you will have all the necessary tools for gaining leads.

search traffic

1. Assess Your Current Google Rankings

Having no idea how to get to the top of the Google search? The first thing you need to do, regardless of whether you want to boost a new site or an old one, is to know where you stand now. What does it mean? You have to assess your current Google rankings:

  1. Check out your site’s current ranks in search engines.
  2. Find the first page on your site that comes up in search results for the relevant topic.
  3. Go through your site’s keyword rank.
  4. Analyze your average monthly searches
  5. Monitor your site speed.

Check your site’s health to determine whether you can start its optimization or not.

2. Polish Your On-Page SEO

On-page SEO tactics are constantly changing; therefore, it is important to follow the latest marketing landscape to perfect your Google ranks. Today, on-page SEO optimization involves boosting individual web pages, modifying title tags, and other active approaches like:

  • creating catchy and useful content;
  • optimizing keywords;
  • writing compelling meta descriptions.

Create SEO-Friendly Content

Having high-quality content on your website is crucial when it comes to increasing traffic and improving your search rank. Efficient on-page content development, in fact, is the most successful SEO tactic. All you need to do is make sure your content has no mistakes, is rich with appropriate keywords, and mobile-optimized. Besides, it should be written to address your target audience’s specific needs and include valuable internal and external links.

Keep in mind that you must provide user-friendly content to draw your customers’ attention. The easier it will be for users to read and find the information on your site, the more likely they will become your clients. Use this advice if you still don’t understand how to get to the top of the Google search, and start growing your business on the web with the best SEO tools and plugins.

Optimize Your Keywords

Optimize for relevant keywords when writing resourceful content to improve your search ranking. In SEO, it impacts your website’s ability to rank in the long run, as Google provides higher rankings to sites with usefulness and expertise. This tactic will attract audiences on social media platforms and gain relevant and high-authority links naturally. Therefore, it is a great chance to use SEO for branding.

However, don’t bring too many keywords to scam the system. This won’t help you implement your purpose if you are looking for the quickest solution for getting to the top of the Google search. Be aware that keywords have to appear naturally within your content. Long-tail keywords and keyword synonyms can help you with this.

Craft Attractive Headings & Meta Descriptions

Another one on-page SEO component is the web site’s accessibility to meta robots. Once you load new content on your site, search engine bots crawl and categorize it. Ensure your meta robots tag allows for crawling; otherwise, you will deprive your web page to show up in SERPs. Supplement each web page with a descriptive meta description and title tags. This is one more trick to use while learning how to get to the top of the Google search.

As for the H1 and H2 header tags, they not only make your content more readable and clearer for humans and search engines alike. Headers also can showcase the structure of your content and emphasize your key points.

3. Write for Humans, Not Just Search Engines

As mentioned above, keywords adding can help you to rank your website higher on Google. However, an excessive amount of keywords can turn your content into spam. For this reason, it is crucial to incorporate keywords naturally.

If you’ve looked through the previous items of our ‘How to get to the top of Google free’ guide attentively, you might have noticed how we highlight the importance of providing useful content. However, the key to getting on the first page of Google is not only offering valuable information. Your content must be easy-to-read and informative so that your target audience would like to keep on your pages.

4. Raise Your Site Reputation with Off-Page SEO

Once you have finished with content upgrading, it’s time to proceed to off-page SEO tactics. This is the next step of our’ How to get to the top of Google search’ manual, which can effectively boost your rankings. Focus on improving your site reputation through external means, such as:

  • social networking;
  • guest posting;
  • links building;
  • skyscraper writing, and more.

In other words, search engines like Google give higher rankings to websites that other reliable sites are willing to link to. Different types of links have different weights; however, they all influence your domain’s reputation. The ultimate goal of all the techniques mentioned earlier is to show Google that your platform is the leading expert in the industry and all things related to your brand.

seo tools

Generate Links to Authoritative Sites

The number of referring domains to your website is one of the 200 ranking factors determining your Google rank position, but it is the most important, though. If credible websites link to yours, it forms “link juice,” which depends on the referring domain’s ability to fit appropriate criteria. The more authoritative, trustworthy, relevant, and high-quality website is, the more link juice it’ll pass to your site.

Why do we include this tip to our’ How to get to the top of Google search’ guidebook? Having many authoritative domains that link to your website will fasten your way to Google’s first page!

Publish Guest Blogs with Backlinks

Guest blogging is similar to link building. Webmasters allow you to place a link to your website on one of their pages, and in exchange, you build a piece of a well-written, authoritative article for them. To successfully implement this method, you need to submit high-quality content that fulfills all requirements mentioned in the previous items.

Backlinks are one of the most heavily weighted Google ranking factors, too. Incoming links to your site content from high-authority, trustworthy domains showcase your business’s authority, bring in traffic, and improve your search rankings.

5. How to Get to the Top of the Google Search by Ensuring Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Since the number of web searches who perform on mobile has been growing every year, we highly recommend optimizing your website for mobile units. Search engines have been placing increasing importance on the mobile-friendliness of online platforms. Therefore, if you strive to figure out how to get to the top of Google free, you have to structure your site accordingly.

A responsive website is an ideal solution in the dilemma of how to get to the top of Google search when users prefer mobile devices for searching necessary information. If your website adapts to any size screen, your business functionality will be maintained. Use website builder templates to build an adaptable site for ensuring the most seamless experience for a mobile user.

best website builder


6. Optimize for Local and Voice Search

Сontinuing with the theme of mobile usability, we offer you to optimize your website for local search as the next step of the ‘How to get to the top of Google free’ guide. A lot of people are using their smartphones to search for businesses “near me” thus, we highly recommend you to consider local search optimization, which consists of:

  • claiming your Google My Business listing;
  • providing relevant content in Google Posts;
  • getting your business listed in local directories;
  • and improving online reputation with excellent reviews.

Local SEO services perfectly fit for improving your chances of having your business show up in relevant local searches.

As for voice search optimization, more than 60% of people prefer the voice search method of asking questions on their smartphone. Therefore, ensure users will find your business by incorporating likely voice search phrases into your website content. Avoid single keywords and make your sentences in a natural conversational style for better understanding.

7. Build a Handy Site for Great User Experience

Well, you have already known how to get to the top of Google search. Nevertheless, even if you consume all our tips, you won’t gain success without a stunning, user-friendly site. Don’t know how to build a handy, useful, and enjoyable to use the platform? Use MotoCMS website creator to launch a well-structured site in just a few hours!

Regardless of your business area, you will find an appropriate web layout out of an extensive collection of website templates. For example, if you own a beauty salon, you can create your site based on an impressive beauty web template, even with zero experience in web design and web development.

beauty salon website template


A website with intuitive navigation and clear calls to action will keep visitors longer and motivate them to come back later. Thus, your business will rank higher on Google. Remember, the higher you rank, the more traffic you will get to your site, and the more likely you are to show up on the first page.

8. Optimize Images to Improve Load Time

Make sure your web pages meet all the requirements of the ‘How to get to the top of Google search’ guidelines for your images could load every time someone visits your website:

  • resize pictures before using them;
  • optimize your images;
  • build for mobile;
  • load fewer resources;
  • and use the right CDN for image delivery.

Using these techniques will help you to optimize your images fast and easy. Improve your website performance and outrank your competitors to rank higher in search results.

learn how to get to the top of the google search

9. How to Get to the Top of the Google Search to Increase Your Website Speed

Last but not least item in our’ how to get to the top of the Google search’ guide is the site speed. The website load time is a major Google ranking factor; thus, it’s essential to check this metric and increase it, if necessary. With a slow site, you have little chance of a high search position, as users will more likely pick the faster platform. Besides, the low website speed will also affect your ability to sell products and services and attract new customers. As a result, it won’t get any difference from what your on-page SEO, meta description, or title tags you have.

Don’t make the mistake of having a low site speed; run your own site speed test to figure out how to improve Google rankings. Use one of the following tools to do this:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights;
  • YSlow browser extension;
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test;
  • or WebPageTest.

You also need to check the page load time. Aim for under 2 seconds for a high-speed site and under one second for mobile devices. Otherwise, you risk losing prospective clients, as anything more than a few seconds of loading time could lose a significant web traffic amount.

How to Get to the Top of the Google Search to Benefit Your Business?

While checking out this guide that explains how to get to the top of Google free, you’ve probably asked yourself a question: “How does first-page ranking will benefit my business?” There is no one answer to this question, as the top Google ranking can help your business achieve at least five things, described below.

hot to get high google ranks

How to Get to the Top of the Google Search to Improve Your Website Visibility

Launching a stunning website with excellent content alone is not enough for getting a lot of customers. You have to be notable and catchy to draw clients’ attention. High ranking on Google is a perfect start for every business! The more people will see your website, the greater your brand awareness. Therefore, you have to focus on gaining the top rank on search engines.

Generate More Prospective Clients

Want to know how to get to the top of the Google search to generate more leads? Following our step-by-step guide, you will get on the first page of Google really fast and gain more popularity on the web. Users will notice your site out of thousands of competitors, which will allow you to extend the client base and increase incomes.

Increase Audience Engagement

People always conduct online research on Google before buying a needed product or service. Therefore, the key to increasing your audience engagement is getting on the search engine’s first page. Provide your contact information, reviews, and descriptions for everyone to find your site via local searching results. Thus, people will be able to learn about, compare, and engage with your business before making a final decision.

Drive Your Website Traffic

The first page of Google not only improves audience engagement but drastically increases traffic to your website. In fact, the first page of Google captures more than 70% of web traffic, which means you have all chances to develop your business effectively.

Earn More Trustworthiness

Once you gain the first page on Google, it will become a signal for people that your website is reliable and trusted. Google’s algorithm recognizes spammy, suspicious, and low-quality content; therefore, if you consistently raise on the top of Google ranking, it means you are a trustworthy platform.

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