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Wish to get the best local SEO ranking?

If you want to enhance your brand’s positions by showing on local maps and business listings, you’ve found the right spot.

If you want to enhance your brand’s positions by showing on local maps and business listings, you’ve found the right spot. As 46% of all Google searches are local, it’s vital to be visible on maps and local business listings. In this way, customers are sure to pay attention to your brand. Our local SEO services include a comprehensive approach to providing business listings for your company. We’ll assist you in promoting your business effectively and appearing in local searches.

  • Professional business account registration

  • Keyword research and competitors’ analysis

  • Business reviews and social media integration

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  • ETA:

    up to 28 days

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Benefits of Local SEO Services

We’ll help you register a professional business account to appear in local searches, on maps, and in local business listings.

Account Registration Assistance

Account Registration Assistance

We’ll help you register a professional business account to appear in local searches, on maps, and in local business listings.

Keywords Analysis and Planning

Keywords Analysis and Planning

Our professionals will develop a customized local SEO strategy for your business by choosing relevant keywords for ranking.

Checking Competitors’ Ranking

Checking Competitors’ Ranking

Local SEO experts will thoroughly examine your competitors’ keywords to assist you in occupying the niche in the shortest time.

Precise Company Descriptions

Precise Company Descriptions

Professionally written descriptions of the business will give customers a clear idea of what your company does and its advantages.

Business Reviews and Ratings

Business Reviews and Ratings

We’ll help you formulate customers’ reviews and feedback to create better ratings in local business listings and get credibility.

Adding Social Media Pages

Adding Social Media Pages

If the company has pages on such social media as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, we’ll help you add them to listings.

Website Optimization Offers

Website Optimization Offers

After a detailed analysis of the website , you’ll get actionable recommendations for local optimization of the pages.

NAP Citations Check

NAP Citations Check

Our experts will study your local SEO citation for correctness and consistency in name, address, and phone number details.

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SEO Services for Local Business - Workflow

  1. Getting Order Details and Customer’s Specifications

    When you purchase the offer, our support team will get in touch with you to specify your business details. We’ll need to know your business exact physical address, phone number, email, website, working hours, etc. Also, you have to describe the list of services that your company provides, identifying primary keywords for searches. Moreover, business listings display the brand’s logo, so we’ll need one from you. Additionally, our specialists will request for the photos of the company’s exterior and interior to show them on Google, Apple and Bing Maps.

  2. Business Account Registration and Verification

    Local SEO services for businesses start with the registration of business accounts and their checking. To achieve this, we’ll write concise and precise descriptions of your company that will be visible in local listings. While our local SEO consultants can fulfill the registration and the writing within 5 business days, the maps verification might take up to 28 days. It depends on the postal service delivery time in your area.

  3. Local Business Rating Improvement

    As soon as your business accounts are verified, our experts will add well-formulated comments and reviews about your services. This will enhance your ratings in local search results.

  4. Final Results

    When we finish adding customers’ feedback to your business listings, you will be able to see what your company looks like in different search results.

Local SEO Services Pricing

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services


  • Google, Apple, and Bing business registration

  • detailed keywords research

  • 3 appealing company’s descriptions

  • 10 reviews and ranking enhancement

  • integrating social media accounts

  • NAP citations verification

  • website optimization suggestions


What kind of businesses do you work with?

We offer our local SEO services for small businesses, as well as for large corporations. With this offer, you’ll get reliable assistance in making your brand recognizable right on the initial stages.

What listings do you use?

Our professionals will help you get a Google My Business Account , Bing Places , and Apple Maps Listing. This will ensure that your company will appear on maps in different search engines. Likewise, no matter whether your customers are using a PC or a mobile device, they will see the organization listed on the maps.

How many business descriptions do you provide?

We’ll create the content for three business descriptions for your listings. Each of them will contain relevant keywords that match customers’ queries in search engines.

Why are customers’ reviews important on business listings?

Search engines prefer to show trustworthy companies in search results first. Thus, if your company has clients’ feedback, the chances to get to the top of the results are much higher.

How many reviews will I get?

Our local SEO consultants will write and publish up to 10 business reviews and ratings to increase the trust of your business.

When will I see the results of local SEO services?

The first results will be visible after the listings verification. You may check the way your information is displayed by various search engines, as customers see it.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the provided service?

The offer by MotoCMS includes affordable local SEO services fulfilled in the shortest time. Yet, if you are not satisfied with the results you see, it is possible to get a 10-40% refund. It depends on the optimization stage and the amount of data provided by our local SEO specialists. Please take into consideration that we are not making refunds for the completed projects.

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Artur Summers

Starting my restaurant business, I realized the fierce competition. This service helped me see my listings on maps and emphasize my unique offers. I’d like to continue the cooperation soon.

Layla-Rose Sargent

It’s a pleasure to work with you. The presentation of my crafts handcrafted gifts looks amazing now! And it’s easy to stand out from competitors. Thanks for your hard work!

Madison Chase

I can surely say that these are the best local SEO services! You’ll get professional assistance at every step. The consultants gave me detailed explanations on how to register my account for a zoo store, and I got the verification pretty fast!

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