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Are you in search for the best travel website design to launch a tour operator website? If yes, welcome to the collection of stunning tour operator website templates proudly powered by intuitive and fully drag & drop tour operator website builder. The website creator from MotoCMS is a majestic website building platform with a high-end variety of tools that will help you to build a dream website fast and code-free!

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Feature-Rich Tour Operator Website Builder from MotoCMS

Nowadays, traveling is a significant part of our life. Some people can't imagine their life without it. That's why there are thousands of travel agencies and tour operators who can provide us with their service. The presence of a personal web site is a mark of the exceptional status of any company. It's quickly buying tickets or travel package online than visiting unique places for it. It will not take much time, and you can use it everywhere.

If you are the owner of a travel company, we highly recommend you to check the great variety of travel website templates for tour operators. They have an excellent and unique design, convenient and easy to use interface. So you distinctly will find something attractive for you.

Outstanding Graphic Effects

Check out graphic effects of the tour operator website builder. These effects can completely change your website design and make the user interface aspect the main feature of your site. Visual effects will help you to make your website memorable and increase the number of interactions with a website due to its attractiveness. MotoCMS users can use the following graphic effects and design features:

  • Sticky effect makes a website component tied to the top no matter how much content scrolled. This effect is beneficial to make a sticky menu on a site, so users don't need to scroll a page to the top to navigate to a different page;
  • Screen adjust to fit the screen height feature will help to make a block to which this feature is applied stretched to the height of the website screen area. This feature of the tour operator website builder helps to create a website in the form of a vertical slideshow;
  • Enabling the fixed feature for a website's block you will get a block's background stuck while scrolling the content;
  • Parallax effect is a viral graphic effect by using which a background image will be scrolled slower than the content, displaying three-dimension effect on a website.

Responsiveness & Accessibility of Tour Operator Website Builder

Every tour operator website template is adaptive and automatically adjusts to the size of the device that previews a template. The primary purpose of responsive web design is to make a website previewed well on various devices such as mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. There is no need to customize tour operator website templates for a separate type of a gadget.

Adaptive web design displays correctly on any device. In this case, surfing a website, choosing tours, or reading Blog will be convenient on any device. Users will not need to increase the selected blocks in order not to click on the wrong button. Grid structure allows you to build a fully responsive website and configure grid behavior on mobile devices into the admin panel according to your needs.

Helpful Features for Booking

One of the most useful widgets in the admin panel of tour operator website builder is the Airbnb apartment widget. This widget provides you with an ability to integrate rent offers from Airbnb on your site in a few clicks. This widget can be very helpful for those who use Airbnb for offering accommodation by using one of the most popular accommodation-sharing services.

MotoCMS tour operator website builder is not limited by the presented booking services, but also allows adding a custom tour booking form on a website from third-party developers. There are four ways to integrate an external booking service to the tour operator website templates:

  • use the embed widget for adding custom code from third-party developers on a web-page.
  • add a custom code from third-party developers into the header/footer sections to get a custom booking form displayed on all pages of your website
  • use the IFrame widget to display an external site into a frame
  • contact MotoCMS team requesting to add a custom booking form on your website or to develop a new one to fulfill your requests

Integration with Acuity Scheduling

Some services are so useful that an alternative can not replace them. At this point, MotoCMS tour operator website builder has many integrations with side services to extend the functionality of tour operator website templates. One of them is the integration with Acuity Scheduling that allows you to integrate your calendar from this service and use it on your website for managing bookings.

By using a calendar from Acuity Scheduling integrated to a travel agency website template, customers can book tours from their desktop, tablet, or by using a smartphone. You can manage bookings in the same way. The most significant advantage of this service is that your calendar readily shares via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email.

Easy-to-Use Blogging Tool in Tour Operator Website Builder

MotoCMS tour operator website builder has an advanced tool for blogging. This tool is picked out into a separate tab to avoid mixing blog pages with regular pages of tour operator website templates. With the help of MotoCMS blog website builder, the process of posting new articles as simple as writing text into the built-in text editor and clicking the publish button.

A template of post pages should be configured one time and need no further updating if you are satisfied with the final design. All post in your Blog can be categorized and tagged, so customers will be able to find a relevant post without scrolling a list of published posts. Comments can be added to the Blog by selecting the appropriate checkbox in blog settings.

Cross-Browser Tour Operator Website Templates

Cross-browser compatibility is a separate and essential ability of any successful website on the Internet. Internet users use different browsers, so a good website should be compatible with any web-browsers. Tour operator website templates by MotoCMS travel agency website builder are developed by professionals who coded the templates that are compatible with all browsers and tested them before publishing. MotoCMS tour operator website builder works in any browser without using side software. Tour operator website templates can be updated from any place in the world, where you can access the Internet.

How to Create a Tour Operator Website that Converts?

MotoCMS tour operator website builder is your all-in-one solution for building a profitable business website. Why? Well, because it contains all the tools the entrepreneur might need for creating, editing, updating, and promoting the site efficiently on the web. So, learn how to cope with the task correctly and launch a striking website that enhances your traveling business.

Represent Tours in a Professional Way

Any tour operator website wants to represent available tours in the most attractive form to increase sales. MotoCMS tour operator website builder full with incredible tools for creating modern tour operator website with juicy and beautiful design. MotoCMS website builder with its tour operator website templates supports all Google Fonts. If you want to build a website with a unique and memorable design, feel free to check all Google Fonts. Find the best one for your tour operator website template and add it on your site within a minute by using the built-in fonts manager.

Enhance Content with Catchy Photos

Photos is the most powerful tool for advertising tours. They will instantly tell you what do what you offer. Share the atmosphere of traveling by adding galleries with photos on a website by using the best tour operator website builder. Emotional moments of trips, unusual natural phenomenons, and vision of visited places through the eyes of travelers will become a great addition to your site.

Pick up an aerial photo for each trip. Perfectly matched photos increase conversion and improve the chosen travel and tourism website template. You need to show what your clients will get and what places they will visit on a travel tour. Find unique photos with good quality and high resolution. Make your clients stay on a website looking at the pictures of the most amazing places in the world and checking the tours.

Use Icons to Increase Site’s Credibility

Make photos by yourself and publish them on your tour operator website template. Using unique, high-quality images on a tour operator website template tells the that you invest time and money in a site to provide the best service. Besides, unique images appear at Google Photos, where users find them on thematic requests, and then often go to the source page that is your website. If you don't have enough unique images to make your tour operator website templates finished, feel free to capture a screenshot from video presentations. Using exclusive pictures is a long-term investment in your website.

The easiest way to fill your website with images is to upload them on your site directly from photo stocks. Use the Unsplash photo-stock service into the MotoCMS tour operator website builder, to find a good-quality image by using the built-in search from Unsplash directly in the media library. All images provided by Unsplash are free and can be downloaded without any restrictions.

Add Presentations & Video Reviews

Videos are the most effective way to deliver a large amount of information to a client, because of the combination of visual and voice information. It is also fascinating to watch good quality videos with appealing content, that is why video hosting services are so popular nowadays. Add video presentations of tours or video reviews of your clients on a website in a few clicks by using the most user-friendly tour operator website builder.

Add a video on a website by uploading it in the media library or by displaying a video from YouTube/Vimeo. Both methods are proper and have their pros and cons. A self-hosted video not depends on a side service and will always work well on your site. A video on YouTube/Vimeo does not require web-space on your server that will have a positive impact on your bills for hosting. Also, MotoCMS tour operator website builder provided an ability to add a video as a background for any block. This design solution is trendy and will hold new users on your site.

Specify Tour Booking Forms

Receive requests from your clients by using tours booking form on your website. MotoCMS tour operator website builder provides various widgets for creating a booking form on a site. The most popular tool for building a booking form is the contact form widget. The default contact form widget provides a limited number of fields that can in a contact form.

Using a regular contact form is a right solution for receiving contact information from clients and some additional details, that you can easily add in the tour operator website builder.

The Advanced Contact Form plugin is a powerful software for building a contact form and its provided as an additional plugin. The Advanced Contact Form has a separate contact form building tool with the ability to create an unlimited amount of input fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. It is easy to develop any booking form can by using the advanced contact form plugin. Everything is drag and drop, so editing and embedding custom code is not required at all.

Take Advantage of Social Networks

Connecting your website with social media is critical, since it is one of the most popular and effective ways to contact a client nowadays. If your travel agency works on social networks, do not make a mistake by not indicating this on a website.

Perhaps a potential client is not ready to book a tour immediately, but by signing up, he will remember your travel agency when he decides to go on a trip. Let users be in touch with you by using the most popular resources on the Internet that are integrated into every travel website design template powered by tour operator website builder.

Disable Widgets on Various Devices

Some widgets of the tour operator website builder can be disabled in different modes on any types of devices to keep the high-level user experience of your website for all users. For example, video widgets can be disabled in portrait mode on mobile devices, since viewing a video requires rotating a smartphone to landscape mode. Also, you can disable video widgets in all views on mobile devices. This action will help you to save cellular data and increase page loading speed on mobile devices by using the preview selector.

Live preview on different devices is a helpful tool into the tour operator website builder. By using this tool, you can quickly check the final design of your website on different devices directly in the admin panel.

Make Effective Promotion on Social Media

MotoCMS developers created a product with the opportunity to connect tour operator website templates with the most popular social networks. Promoting your tour operator website on social media is the most effective way to attract new clients. Social media widgets are picked out into a separate block of widgets. This block is full of the following widgets:

  • social links widget allows you to add icons with social media logos linked to your profiles on social media;
  • social buttons widget is a powerful tool for sharing your website on social media in one click;
  • Twitter timeline widget can be used for creating and editing various Twitter posts on your tour operator website;
  • Facebook feed is a handy feature for displaying content from a Facebook fan page on your site;
  • Pinterest board allows you to place individual "Pinterest Board" on a site;
  • Instagram post widget is a great widget for displaying the post from the most popular network. This widget can be used for displaying photos of satisfied clients from their trips on your site.

Share Traveling Stories with Blog

First of all, Blog is an effective way to attract traffic to your tour operator website. A large number of blog posts drives traffic on your site. The blogging tool available in every tour and travel website template allows you to share information that converts website visitors into customers. Use Blog in the tour operator website builder to promote your service, to share traveling experience, and publish useful tip for travelers. Posts should be informative and relevant to people who love traveling.

Share your business philosophy, tell what makes your company stands out among other companies: travel format, routes, guide, or exclusive service. When you write interesting posts that people read and share, your site rises higher in the ranking. Each backlink to your website, repost in social media, other blogs signals to search engines about the importance of your site.

Use Animations to Add Interactivity

It is well known that visual effects help to memorize information on a website much better. Using various animations and images with graphic effects to illustrate the content of a website attracts attention and help visitors to remember your site better.

MotoCMS tour operator website builder is full of amazing animations that apply to any widget and graphic effects for blocks with widgets. Use animated entries for widgets on your site to highlight the functional, navigation elements or to focus visitors attention on exclusive deals and hot tours.

Add Reviews & Manage Feedback with MotoCMS

Positive reviews from satisfied clients who used your service will increase conversion and credibility to your website simultaneously. With the help of MotoCMS tour operator website builder, you can add reviews from your clients on a website manually by using the text widget to match the overall design of your site.

Alternatively, you can display reviews about your company and provided services from social media by using social media widgets and different resources like Tripadvisor by using embedding code pasted into the Embed widget. This widget will help you to improve your brand reputation and increase sales. Yotpo requires can be added on a website in two clicks with the help of the Yotpo widget presented in the tour operator website builder.

Add & Review Comments in Tour Operator Website Builder

Comments on a website is not only an aspect of social importanе of your site. A block with comments is a valuable tool to improve your website ranking and increase the credibility of your company.

Feedback can be easily added on tour operator website templates by using the Disqus widget. When this widget is added on a website and connected to your Disqus account, website users can add comments on a website in a few clicks. The third-party company provides this widget, so widget's configuration makes in your Disqus account. Add comments to each tour, so users could discuss a trip, share their experiences or ask questions before purchasing a tour.

Get Started with Tour Operator Website Builder

MotoCMS tour operator website templates come as your ultimate solution to launch an eye-grabbing, feature-rich, and full-fledged website yourself, with no need to look for side web professionals. The only thing you need to do is to select a perfect design that meets your business requirements and personal expectations.

We, at MotoCMS, do our best to serve you with high-end templates that can help you boost your revenue to the fullest! So, pick a theme and start building your site with a tour operator website builder today!

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