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Take a look at exceptional freelance website builder by MotoCMS! As more and more workers opt for doing jobs freelance, it’s essential to stand out from the rest to survive the fierce competition. With the advancement of modern technologies, both employers and freelancers widely benefit from the Internet. Employers use the Internet to look for people to perform tasks. Freelancers use websites to demonstrate their skills and services. If you don’t want to get lost in enormous competition, use responsive freelance website templates, empowered by the best website builder for freelancers to create an impressive website!

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Freelance Website Builder by MotoCMS

Creating an online portfolio with personal page templates by MotoCMS guarantees that your site will look appealing and organized. Anyone who wants to work freelance can create a freelance website with MotoCMS freelance website builder to get an impressive web page of a professional. With all the MotoCMS builder features, we can surely say that it is the best website builder for freelancers. Read about the features of the website templates created with MotoCMS to make sure yourself.

Immense Collection of Freelance Website Templates

First of all, there is a wide variety of website templates for freelancers created by MotoCMS. It doesn’t matter what the sphere of your work is. We have incredible solutions for people who work in different business niches. Notably, we have freelancer website templates that can be suitable for:

  • artists and painters;
  • architectural designers and sculptors;
  • illustrators and draftsmen;
  • writers and poets;
  • ebook writers and publishers;
  • copywriters and bloggers;
  • musicians and singers;
  • fashion and accessory designers;
  • stylists and models;
  • photographers and videographers;
  • trainers, coaches, instructors;
  • accountants and marketing specialists;
  • web developers and designers, etc.

In short, freelance website templates aim to present your talent, skills, and experience to the best advantage, no matter what niche you are working. Moreover, even when you are organizing an event for freelancers, there is an appropriate template for you. For instance, with a conference website design template, you will easily create a site that will help you in presenting and organizing your occasion.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality of Freelance Website Builder

There’s no doubt that you want to create freelance website as soon as possible. When it comes to using freelance website builder by MotoCMS, you can be sure that you don’t have to wait. There’s no need to hire a professional who will build your site for you. Moreover, you don’t have to acquire coding skills to change your webpages. The intuitive design of freelance website functions on principle what you see is what you get. So, you can change your web page layout and add the necessary elements easily. You have to choose elements, drag them, and place them into the desired position. You can always remove any parts if you think they are not suitable anymore. Furthermore, the freelance website building becomes easier due to various widgets included in the templates. Using these widgets, you can enhance your site's functionality the way you need it.

Mobile-Friendly Interface of Freelance Website Templates

The webpages built with the freelance website builder can boast of responsive design. It means that your site will look perfect on any screen. No matter which device your potential employers are using for browsing your freelancer’s portfolio, they will see a well-arranged page. All the parts of your website will be displayed correctly in different browsers. Thus, there’s no need to create various webpages for PCs and mobile devices if you are using freelance website builder. As responsive design has become one of the ranking factors for search engines to display results, your site will get higher positions. So, your chances of being noticed become stronger.

Lightning-Fast Speed of Freelance Website Templates

When employers are looking for freelancers to perform a specific job, they usually have a task that is quite urgent. So, people want their job to be done as quickly as possible, and they don’t want to lose their precious time. If you have a slow site, you risk losing a job offer. Your potential employers may leave your site and choose your competitors. The freelancer website templates by MotoCMS do their job to make sure that your site has the best possible speed. You can be confident that your webpage empowered by the website builder for freelancer will have incredible loading speed and leave your competitors behind.

SEO-Optimized Design of Freelancer Website Templates

If you want your website to appear on the top of search results, there are some useful tricks. Your webpages have to be optimized for search engines, not only for people who will browse your site. The freelance website builder by MotoCMS can be proud of their SEO optimization options. Using a clear step-by-step SEO optimization guide from MotoCMS, you will adjust your freelance website and make it visible for search engines. Consequently, your well-organized and SEO-optimized freelance site will get the best rankings. So, you will get an advantage over your competitors.

Reliable Support

If you are not an expert in creating websites, it’s not a problem. The use of freelance website templates is pretty easy. However, if you have any questions about the freelance website builder, our professional team is always ready to help you. Feel free to contact us anytime when you need assistance. We are available 24/7, so our support team can always clarify any issues concerning freelancer website templates. Just open the chat, or call our support team, and we’ll deal with your questions promptly.

How to Create Your Own Freelance Website?

If you don’t want to spend much time on launching a freelancer website, the best solution is to use freelance website builder from MotoCMS. Follow the steps below and enjoy the process of creating an appealing freelance website.

1. Choose One of Freelance Website Templates

The variety of business niches where people work freelance is immense, and so is the competition among freelancers. Thus, it is necessary to set your aims and demonstrate information about you to the best advantage. Your personal page should be eye-catching to draw the attention of employers instantly. Moreover, it has to be well-organized to illustrate your expertise in the best light. Identify what kind of information your employers need to see. Then, pick up one of the appealing freelancer website templates to start building your page.

If you are a blogger who needs a successful website, take advantage of the blog website builder by MotoCMS. You will get an amazing site for posting content of various types. For instance, you can run an appetizing food blog with a recipe website template for chef blogs. Similarly, you can have travel, fashion, design, or any other blogs that you wish.

2. Create Convincing CV

Similarly to downloadable resume templates that job-seekers use offline to describe themselves to their potential employers, you can create an impressive CV online. With the CV builder by MotoCMS, your CV will look convincing and concise at the same time. Using pre-designed blocks, you can write information about your education and skills. Also, it will be convenient to fill in the data about your experience. In short, you will be able to make your information look professional. Furthermore, if you deal with art and other creative spheres, you can adjust the style of your CV, adding creative elements to it.

An enormous advantage of freelance website builder by MotoCMS is the fact that they give your potential employers the possibility to download your CV in a pdf form. Thus, after attracting attention with your freelancer website, you’ll provide your employers with downloadable information for future references.

3. Show Your Expertise with Freelance Website Templates

Freelancer website templates have pre-built pages that will help you to present your expertise. Using these pages, you can add information about your education. It is possible to create visually appealing charts that will show your educational background from the beginning to the present state.

Furthermore, with freelance website builder, you can emphasize your qualifications and skills. If you don’t want to mention your education in detail, you can concentrate on your requirements. For instance, with a freelance writer website template for a copywriter’s portfolio website, you can indicate what kinds of texts you can create. You can inform people that you can create various types of content, including blog posts, social media texts, advertisements, etc.

4. Indicate Your Achievements and Awards

Unlike an ordinary CV, a freelancer website made with one of freelance website templates is an awesome tool to showcase your achievements. You can include both international awards, prizes, championship victories, etc. and local ones. Showing that you have recognition is always beneficial for freelancers. It will impress your visitors and give you better chances to be hired.

For instance, if you want to know how to create a freelance writer website to impress readers, utilize a creative portfolio website template. This template will help you to draw people's attention to your books and awards. Moreover, you can add testimonials effectively and show your website visitors what the press says about your works.

5. Describe Your Services with Freelance Website Builder

The services that you can offer to your potential employers are probably one of the most important parts of your freelancer’s website. The more carefully you present the variety of services that you provide, the more chances of being employed you have. So, you should take care to give details about your services. For instance, with a freelancer website template for a web designer portfolio, you can enumerate and describe all the services that you have. You can particularly add information about your peculiarities of mobile and application design, UX/UI prototyping, graphic design and branding, 3D or eCommerce design, etc.

Showcase Your Projects with Freelance Website Templates

Another distinct advantage of a freelancer’s website is the possibility to display your projects. Undoubtedly, describing your services is necessary. However, demonstrating real accomplished projects will be even more convincing. Your visitors will surely appreciate the chance to see your works. Showcasing projects is especially important for freelancers who deal with art and creativity. Let’s have a look at several examples.

If you are a photo-artist, with a photography portfolio website template, you will be able to create astonishing galleries. You can arrange your photos in categories according to the services that you provide. Specifically, you can add wedding photographs, portraits, business profile photos, etc. Thus, people will see your style and shares you have worked with.

Display Your Designs

Freelance website builder is very convenient for designers in any spheres. With the designer website builder from MotoCMS, you can effectively demonstrate the designs you have created. For instance, using an interior website design template, you will easily reveal all kinds of interiors you have worked with.

Similarly, with a landscape website template, you can display the outdoor designs that you are proud of. Among the collection of freelance website templates, you can find website themes for particular niches. For instance, there is a jewelry website design. It will assist you in creating marvelous galleries of custom jewelry designs.

Explain Your Benefits

To get the desired job, you have to explain to your potential employers why they should hire you. Apart from describing your services and convincing people with displayed projects, you can explicitly show your merits and advantages over your competitors. The freelance website builder includes various sidebars and counters to appeal to website visitors. Use them to structure your information and confirm it with, e.g., numbers.

Connect to Social Media

Your website will be more noticeable if you connect it to various social media accounts. For instance, if you get your site presented in your profile on LinkedIn, the chances that your employers will find you are much higher. Additionally, if you post the link to your freelancer website in niche-related communities on other social media, your profile will be more visible. Freelance website templates include social media buttons that will facilitate the process of connecting your website with social platforms. In short, freelance website builder is a fast and convenient way to build an outstanding website and impress your potential employers.

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