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Welcome to the collection of stunning professional resume templates for jobs from MotoCMS! Here you will find a variety of modern CV templates tailored just for you. Each simple job resume template aims to help you represent yourself efficiently and draw employers to your personality. Browse the assortment, and you will surely find what you need!

MotoCMS Resume Templates for Job

In this high-competitive world, where candidates have to struggle for a dream job, plain text in a Word document doesn't look like a decent resume. That is why people search for creative resume templates and CVs that will help them to capture potential employers at a glance. Thanks to the rich choice of templates for resume, you can choose the CV builder that will perfectly correlate with your mindset, personality, and field of work. MotoCMS with its resume builder aims to help you impress with your CV, and it doesn’t matter what kind of occupation you have.

Industry-Optimized Job Resume Templates

The entire assortment of MotoCMS creative CV templates allows you to choose from a diversity of designs, explicitly crafted for multiple industries. Thus, in this collection of simple resume templates for jobs, you will quickly find compelling templates for a resume that perfectly fit:

  • project managers, IT managers, sales managers, engineering managers;
  • event planners and coordinators;
  • HR specialists;
  • graphic designers, interior designers, floral designers, artists, musicians;
  • front-end and back-end web developers;
  • digital marketing managers and marketing directors;
  • babysitters, teachers, coaches, personal trainers;
  • copywriters and SEO specialists;
  • dentists and registered nurses;
  • business analysts, administrative assistants, accountants, and bank tellers;
  • guest services representatives and flight attendants;
  • political consultants, beauty specialists, barbers, hairstylists, etc.

Additionally, each resume template for artist comes with an implemented QR code. It will help potential employers get in touch with you on the fly.

Print-Ready CV and Resume Templates for Job

All modern CV and job resume templates by MotoCMS come in a standard A4 size and are fully print-ready. Thus, you only need to describe yourself in the design and then print a stunning CV or resume, send it to employers, and take to interviews with you. The high resolution will allow you to publish an impressive resume in high quality. Therefore, buying a CV template guarantees your satisfaction with the best standards for such documents.

MotoCMS cares for all the needs of those who are looking for new jobs, customers, or partners. Hence, by buying resume templates for jobs, you also get professional business cards that are included in the templates’ download packages. These cartes de visite follow the same style as resumes. Consequently, when you come to a job interview with a card that perfectly matches a creative resume, you are sure to make a positive, long-lasting impression on the potential employer.

Why Use Professional Resume Templates for Jobs?

If you are wondering whether getting ready-made job resume templates is a good idea, have a look at the reasons we provide. Professionals at MotoCMS work with all their heart to facilitate the process of creating resumes and thus filling job vacancies for mutual satisfaction of job-seekers and employers.

Reliable Assistance for Job Resume Templates

If you are a recent graduate and novice in looking for a job and writing resumes, these resume templates for job hunting will serve as an excellent guide. They contain all the necessary sections to fill in with personal information, created by experts. There’s no need to search for information about what you have to include in a resume or what the best way to structure it is. In case you are a seasoned professional, and this is not your first experience of compiling career information, MotoCMS job resume templates will help you to concentrate on vital parts and not miss anything.

Unprecedented Style of Resume Templates for Job

Sometimes, you will not easily spot the difference in the color shades of templates. However, an efficient color combination and well-arranged graphic elements can make a big difference. Our professional designers carefully pick gradients, hues, lines, icons, etc. to create the most stunning templates. MotoCMS is fully aware that job resume templates can’t be universal for everyone. Consequently, we create designs in various styles. Undoubtedly, a resume for a beauty and spa specialist will differ from the resume of a project manager or marketing specialist.

While images and flowery elements will look suitable on the beauty therapist resume, they will definitely be improper on a business analyst resume. Creative resume templates for job by MotoCMS meet the requirements of different professionals. Whether you need to create an effective resume for a graphic designer, singer, business analyst, or any other business, you will undoubtedly find an elegant solution here.

Saving Time for Creating Persuasive Resumes

When employers get numerous resumes, they pay attention both to their formats and content. Using job resume templates, you get a carefully-formatted document. It means that you will reduce the time spent on creating well-structured blocks. As a result, you can devote this time to the content and focus on the data that you have to present.

Effortless File Editing of Resume Templates for Job

Acknowledging the needs of different customers, MotoCMS experts create job resume templates in different programs. The advantages of getting resume templates in various formats are obvious. Firstly, there is an opportunity to choose your favorite editor to customize your resume or CV. If you are good at working with Photoshop, it is possible to work with the resume via layers, adjusting them to your needs. However, if you feel lost when using such vector or photo editing software, there is an opportunity to opt for other formats, such as resume and CV templates in Word.

Secondly, the needs for formats may change with time. Getting a set of different file types, you will be able to use them at any stage of the job-hunting process. As different companies and employers may require resumes and CVs in various formats, you will feel confident and be able to transform information with ease.

Multiple Formats of Professional Resume Templates

As mentioned above, MotoCMS CV and resume templates are available in accessible formats, such as:

  • DOCX;
  • EPS;
  • PDF;
  • Word;
  • PSD;
  • AI.

Thus, you are free to customize the chosen resume template for business by providing personal details in the most convenient way. Please, pay attention to the information provided on each product page to make sure the template you like has the required format for your resume creation.

After customizing one of the resume templates for job, you can easily save it in a suitable format. Then, you can send it to potential employers via email when they ask for it. Similarly, there is an opportunity to upload the document to your profile on different platforms or professional networks. It is always up to you to choose how to showcase your information and in which formats to present the resume.

Easy-to-read Fonts to Create Readable Resumes

Intricate fonts that make the text illegible will spoil your resume instead of highlighting your style and personality. Such fonts could be appropriate only in limited text sections. For instance, you may accentuate your personal statement within a separate block to attract the employer’s attention to your life principles or positions. The typography of MotoCMS job resume templates is professional and readable. Carefully selected fonts and their sizes perfectly tie in with the style of the resume, highlighting important pieces of information. All the sections of your resume will be easy-to-scan.

At the same time, the customization options of professional resume and CV templates will let you change the fonts to the ones that you prefer if you don’t like the typography chosen by our designers. We don’t limit your possibility to adjust the design. Just keep in mind that the resume should be readable and too many fonts used on one page will look lurid.

As some employers need a resume with a photo and others don’t require it, our resume templates have different variants. Purchasing job resume templates, you receive both designs. Then, depending on your needs, you may choose a suitable version of resume templates for jobs, with or without a picture.

Best Resume Templates for Job - Make a CV with MotoCMS

For sure, all creative CV templates from MotoCMS look astonishing and allow you to impress immediately. Nevertheless, there is another essential element of an effective resume - your personal information. You need to understand how to write a resume to land the job. Therefore, we have prepared some tips and hints for you. See them below.

Decide What You Need

Well, the thing is that the bulk of people have no idea that there is a difference between the resume and CV. You definitely should know what you need before creating one of them. The resume is a brief showcase of your achievements, expertise, etc. It is commonly used when applying for private-sector jobs and usually has at least one page of information.

Meanwhile, CV is perfect for the public sector such as academia, and others. It includes detailed information about your educational history, significant accomplishments, credentials, etc. And that is why it often consists of two or more pages. With MotoCMS modern resume templates for jobs and creative CV templates, you get the best solution both for compelling resumes and CVs.

Follow the Structure

Resumes and CVs aim to present the person’s education, skills, and professional experience, so they all include these sections. At the same time, resume templates comprise not only headings and titles but also subheadings and subtitles to improve the structure of the document and make pieces easier to perceive.

Focus on Your Skills

Whether it is one of the resume templates for job or CV, it is not about telling a personal life story. It is about emphasizing the personality, showcasing one's potential, and proficiency in the best light. You need to avoid overload to make the potential employer want to read the information till the end. When writing about your skills and experience, remember to be specific. For instance, if you are a German language teacher, it is not enough to say ‘taught German at school.’ It is an excellent idea to provide the level of students, the type of educational establishment, etc. Thus, your resume can state ‘taught German vocabulary to 11-12-year-old learners at A2’. At the same time, remember to generalize your experience and provide those facts that will make you stand out among competitors.

Apply Power Words

Within the limited space of a resume page, every word is worth its weight in gold. So, writing the descriptions of your qualifications, experience, and skills, remember to use niche-specific vocabulary. Your keywords should reflect the peculiarities of the industry. In this way, the resume will convey a positive impression on recruiters who are scanning or skimming it. If you are stuck with choosing the most convincing words, try searching for job advertisements on the net that are relevant to the position.

Pay Attention to Contact Details

The contacts section is an essential part of all CVs or resume templates for job. Your employer will need to know the ways to reach you. Hence, providing different means of getting in touch is a must. We hope there is no need to emphasize that your email should be professionally-looking. In other words, avoid using such nicknames as teenagers usually create for their emails.

MotoCMS, on its part, guarantees that your contact details will be easy-to-spot. Carefully selected icons in resume templates make information eye-catching. So, your phone number, email, Skype details, or address will not be indicated in bulk. With the use of topical icons, these details will be more identifiable and memorable. Notably, the icons save the precious space of the resume, as their design spares you the need to provide text explanations, such as ‘Phone’. Undoubtedly, the color choice for these items corresponds to the general color scheme of the resume templates.

Provide Links to Websites and Networks

After indicating the necessary contact details that include a phone number and email, think of the necessity to include links to websites. If you have a portfolio website that represents your projects, giving the link to it is a must. Furthermore, it is also recommended to add a link to accounts on professional networking platforms, such as LinkedIn. In some cases, links to social media accounts and blogs will be appropriate, too. For instance, if you are a writer or a journalist, connecting the resume to your blog will allow recruiters to see your talent in action. Shortly, decide whether optional links are suitable for your resume and edit the template, if necessary.

Keep It Simple

When inserting personal data, try to provide only essential information. Overloading your resume with too many details is not a good idea as it will turn away the attention of recruiters. Think carefully about the most significant job experience that will be relevant for a job position that you are applying to, and emphasize it in your resume. The designs of creative resume templates for job are not able to hide the spelling and grammar mistakes. The employer is looking for a professional who is attentive to details. So, it means that errors in your resume may cost you an arm and a leg when applying for a dream job. Hence, make sure your resume profile is error-free. Write the content, read a resume, double-check it several times and do not hesitate to ask somebody else to proofread your writing.

Adjust Resume for Different Employers

To be successful in job hunting and to get the position of your dreams, you need to show hiring managers that you’ll perfectly fit in the team. Accordingly, you have to be ready to adjust your resume many times, writing it specifically for certain job offers. Remember to modify your objective statement, where it is possible to indicate how your skills, experience, and desire will meet the organization’s needs and contribute to their success. Resume templates for jobs by MotoCMS take into consideration the necessity of customization, so they facilitate this process and save your valuable time.

Simple & Modern Job Resume Templates - Get Started Today

The main things about any resume are your efforts and the desire to be selected. MotoCMS, with its creative CV templates and a stunning variety of resume templates for jobs, is ready to help you. Build a magnificent resume to show the balance of professionalism, personality, and style. Win the job of your dreams!

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