Beauty and spa professionals help customers to improve wellbeing and become more attractive. Knowing that beauty specialists pay considerable attention to aesthetics, the MotoCMS team has created this visually appealing beauty therapist resume for those looking for a job. You’ll benefit from niche-specific blocks that are easy to edit.

Eye-Catching Design of Beauty Therapist Resume

Numerous elements make this beauty specialist resume outstanding. Firstly, the page combines white and light purple colors that please the eye. You’ll notice the combination of these colors in the background and font selection. Secondly, The page contains various graphic elements, icons, and a niche-related image that adorn it. Thirdly, there are two design options, with or without a picture, that you can modify according to companies’ requests. As a bonus, the package contains a beauty therapist visiting card in the same elegant style as the resume. You can use it in the interviews and at work with customers.

Additionally, the package contains files of four different extensions to choose the editing software you prefer. After finishing to add personal data, you’ll easily save the document, print it, or send it to beauty salons or other companies where you want to work. The unusual design and high quality of the file will add to the resume's positive impression.

Professional Presentation with Beauty Therapist Job Resume

The purpose of this beauty advisor resume, similarly to a stylist resume template, is to make the process of compiling the candidate’s characteristics as easy as possible. Using well-arranged sections, you’ll add all the necessary information to give hiring managers a full understanding of your qualifications. Notable, this document contains the following blocks:

  • About Me;
  • Core Skills;
  • Qualifications and Awards;
  • Professional Experience;
  • Education;
  • Areas of Expertise.

Customize Beauty Therapist Resume Template Today

As you can see, the template lets you create a detailed description of qualifications. It’s possible to indicate what types of treatments or services you have provided before. Remarkably, this resume for beauty therapist positions emphasizes spheres of expertise, such as manicure, pedicure, massage, tanning, waxing, cosmetic treatment, etc. Indeed, within the Professional Experience section, you may list the companies you have worked for, years of employment, and specific beauty treatment duties that you have performed. This elegant spa and beauty specialist resume can’t be unnoticed. Personalize the blocks with personal information effortlessly and take a step in career advancement.

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  • Basic Photoshop skills are required
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