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Have you been looking for a suitable opportunity to promote your book store on the Internet for a long time? Or do you want to start a start-up that will bring additional income for you and your family? If you're going to get it all done in the shortest possible time and with minimal investment, then the bookshop website template is a perfect choice.

Bookshop Website Template by MotoCMS

We invite you to try our truly unique solution that will help you create a new online store, make excellent additional income, and at the same time do not require huge investments. The bookshop website template is your opportunity to create your store the way you want it to be. You can create your unique design, fill the template with your content, relevant information about yourself, your company, add a convenient product catalog with filters, and much more.

Moreover, now this does not require any special skills or practical skills in working with code, markup, creating a design from scratch, etc. Why? It's simple. You will have a wide range of convenient tools built into the bookshop website template, with the help of which website creation turns into an exciting and exciting process.

Convenient and Simple Interface

We have made sure that you can satisfy your wishes or goals regarding the website solely using the built-in functions. Therefore, the number of tools in our bookshop website template is unmatched by any other competitive offering. Also, you can easily use all of them. We know many examples when even schoolchildren created their websites in just a week and received popularity on the Internet. A simple and user-friendly interface is one of the main features of our templates. It is designed so that all pages of the website are divided into many information blocks. To change the site's structure, add, change, move blocks and change the text in them. You click in the right place and start working. Nothing could be easier. And to create designs, integrations, various more advanced work with a website, you need widgets and other built-in tools combined with this interface.

Endless Design Opportunities

Using the built-in bookshop website template design options, you can make even your wildest desires come true. We initially create a design for the entire site, so you can add just minor parks to make it more unique. If you want to create a website for specific needs or the design of your store, then you will have the following tools for this:

  • Easy customization of information blocks, including changing fonts, text sizes, and other important details;
  • Convenient work with the size of the site - you can change the size of pictures, information blocks, interface;
  • The ability to use our presets to create the main background of the site or create them from scratch in the constructor. Create a different design both for the site as a whole and for each page.
  • Dozens of handy widgets simplify website creation and help your clients find helpful information quickly and beautifully.

Media Library

A convenient and easy-to-use media library will help fill your website with content. We have added many functions here, with which you can add text documents, archives, various photos, audio and video, and corresponding players. Thus, visitors to your store will be able to view all the information of interest about your store using video and media in other formats. We've also added various photos and images to make the search process more manageable. So you can create your website even faster and better with our bookshop website template.

Perfect Optimization

The best response time to any potential customer request for your store is what the bookshop website template offers. We have optimized the template as much as possible with a technical component to guarantee excellent performance of any interface element and fantastic speed. It is also crucial for creating good advertising for the website. Not only will users love the fluidity and speed, but you can get much better SEO results. And these are free transitions from search engines, for which you do not need to pay or buy ads.

Advanced Settings

For the more demanding and experienced website builder clients, we provide the advanced features of our bookshop website template. Among them is an excellent opportunity to integrate your website with various platforms, including Google Maps, Google Analytics, and many others. In addition, you can easily make changes to our code, engage in other exciting activities that none of our competitors can provide.

Bonuses From MotoCMS

For new and regular customers of our store, we always have something to offer. Thus, with the book store website template, you can get a considerable amount of bonuses. Among them are convenient and easy-to-add live chat, email support for your users, free domain name, and hosting for one year. All of this is entirely free, bundled with the bookshop website template. Also, we often make various sales so that you can save even more money with us. You can watch using the live demo function and pay even more attention to the optimality and cost-effectiveness of our template.

Support Service

For your convenience, our support team is available 24/7. You can get excellent advice, as well as advice on any issue that interests you at any time of the day or night. You can contact us in a live chat on any page of the MotoSMS store. We are waiting for you!

Customer Ratings & Reviews(2)

Synthia Ericson Verified buyer

I've never used a MotoCMS template before. eCommerce was a bit not intuitive for me at first, but eventually I've managed to built a fully functioning online store within two weeks and the result is good enough

Vicky Pollen Verified buyer

There are so many cool features here! I can sell my books with tons of variations and choices :) A great theme for any bookkeeper guy like me who want to start their business in the shortest terms


  • PHP v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
  • with MySQL database support
  • Zip Extension
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