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Books have always been an integral part of our life. If you are an avid book reader yourself, you will undoubtedly look for insatiable like-minders to share your ideas with them. One of the best ways to attract such people is to create a book website. That is why we state with complete certainty that you should opt for MotoCMS books website templates. With our book author website templates, you can feel the ease of website building with no need to hire a designer or developer. Moreover, all the designs are user-friendly and oriented on your comfort and the efficient result!

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Books Website Templates - Create a Book Website with MotoCMS

It does not matter if you are one of the best selling authors or the owner of a bookstore. Either way, your website must look professional. First of all, we offer various book author website templates powered by the best website builder for authors. We have original ideas for talented book writers and critics, book publishers, an editorial office, and bookstores.

You will find something unique and exciting for yourself. What is more, you will be able to create a book website according to your preferences. You choose a certain author website design template, customize its look, and fill it with content! It is easy as never before!

Fully-Editable Books Website Templates for Any Purpose

You can edit every single detail of the layout and the design at any time you want. Only several clicks and your professional website is ready! One more excellent piece of news is that when you create a book website with our publisher website templates, you are not limited to the number of pages you can build. Feel free to add as many pages as you need.

Mixture of Designs

For instance, it can be a page to give people information about the latest news in the world literature, a page to gain book reviews online, and many others. It will help you become closer to your readers. Moreover, with MotoCMS books website templates, you can cover a wide range of businesses related to books. We showcase the most in-demand examples below.

  • Websites for authors, publishers, freelance writers, and editors;
  • Public libraries;
  • Bookstores;
  • Book clubs and textbook rental sites;
  • Websites for representing ebooks;
  • Book publishing companies;
  • Children’s books sites;
  • Book promotion websites.

Advanced Functionality

Thus, handpick the best cms for a superb books website! We guarantee you will appreciate all the features of our books website templates, such as SEO integration and a built-in mobile version. In case you have questions on how to customize and launch your author website, feel free to contact our 24/7 technical support. So, do not miss a chance to open an exciting world of books to your customers with the help of our book publisher website templates!

Why Create a Book Website with MotoCMS Books Website Templates?

Several features make our book author website templates for book publisher websites stand out among others. We do our best to help your businesses flourish day by day!

  • 1. One of the fastest content management systems on the market;
  • 2. Fascinating designs, well-optimized for a multiplicity of gadgets with different screen resolutions;
  • 3. Easy drag & drop website builder with a smart control panel;
  • 4. Built-in SEO options;
  • 5. Collection of stunning widgets and modules;
  • 6. Diverse custom services to help you get the most out of your website;
  • 7. Two-week free trial on all book author templates;
  • 8. Expert round-the-clock assistance.
  • 9. Top quality at a fair price.

Books Website Templates - Steps to Create Your Website

We would like to help you build your website on the fly. Therefore, we prepared for you three simple steps on how to create a book website that matters together with MotoCMS book publisher website templates. You are very welcome to follow our instructions.

Step 1. Domain and Hosting

First things first, get a proper domain name. Choose a proper web address of your future bookstore website. There are many qualified domain name providers where you can pay for your domain about $10-20 per year. After that, pick a reliable hosting provider. A competent host is a foundation of any professional website.

Select a hosting provider that grants you the best hosting plans, and enjoy a website that always runs well. Look through verified CMS hosting providers that MotoCMS clients already took for own websites. They provide a free domain name when purchasing their services.

Step 2. Template and Customization

When you completed all the basic steps, select the one out of books website templates. Choose the book writer website template you like the most in our huge catalog. Make sure the design perfectly fits your preferences and business needs. Then edit a theme you’ve chosen.

Basically, this is a pretty important part that allows you to set up your website for getting benefits out of your business. Double-check your author or brand name highlights the main ideas of your business. Add all the content to spice up your bio and books. Also, do not forget about social proof; reviews will make your author website look trustable. MotoCMS book publisher website templates contain a powerful admin panel which will help you to fill your site. Many interactive tutorials will guide you through.

Step 3. Boost and Publish

The last section is about adding the boost to your website. If you want to engage your visitors and to make them come back to your site over and over again, run a blog! Fortunately, all book website templates in our collection come with blog functionality, and so, you can manage a full-fledged blog right on your site with no effort. Save all your changes and go live!

Free Test of Books Website Templates

The good news is that we offer to our clients a 14-day free trial period for any book publisher website template in our catalog! It allows you not only to get to know with our website builder but also to create a mockup of your website. Enter your email address, so, our manager could send you the demo link right away.

Feel free to make changes, to add or delete content blocks or widgets, to add all your content, whatever. Your site’s project updates will be saved during the full free trial. However, if you will not purchase the chosen design after 14 days, you will lose all the changes you’ve made will be lost.

Book Author Website Templates - First-Class Support

Do not worry if you know nothing about website building. Our books website templates come with a professional 24/7 assistance that is not only ready to help you with any question but also can guide your workflow. Just choose a comfy option to reach us; it can be an email, a live chat, the Help Center or an immediate callback. We are always happy to provide you with extra help!

As you can see, with MotoCMS you can create a book website and delightfully! We offer you only the best book website templates so you could build outstanding websites for your excellent books and succeed on the web! Don’t waste your time and start implementing your business ideas right here and right now!

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