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Good literature never goes out of fashion. And if readers can find classic works in almost any bookstore, the search for new publications can take a lot of time. Create your website with the author website builder so that fans of your work can regularly find out further information about your books. So, browse through MotoCMS author website templates and get started today!

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MotoCMS Author Website Builder is Your Best Solution

The Internet provides users with unlimited possibilities in the search for the literature of interest. Modern authors more often publish their creativity in personal blogs than they release into the circulation. Writing is more successfully sold on the Internet. Best books website templates are a perfect solution for creating your web resources, such as a blog or landing page. In this way, you can attract more people to your individuality.

Well, the best website builder for writers is handy for you to create an author website if you are:

  • a bookstore owner;
  • a representative of the book club;
  • a writer needy in an online portfolio;
  • a representative of the publisher or a writer’s manager.

Also, the author website builder is the right solution for creating a business card for a new book or magazine. Tell your fans about your opuses, release date, presentations, or autograph session.

Author Website Builder from MotoCMS - What to Expect?

A considerable number of people all over the world join book clubs, support social networking challenges, attend meetings with famous authors, and present newest works. Therefore, each renowned publisher and the author has its online representation or even a web library.

How can you benefit from using MotoCMS author website templates?

  • Original design and usability. Your fans will never miss the release of new chapters or publications because all the necessary information will be located on the pages of the site in convenient blocks.
  • Variety of widgets. Start the timer to the countdown to an important event, mark it in the calendar, specify the location of the presentation or conference. The MotoCMS author website builder also is friendly to Google modules and plugins.
  • Fast content publishing. Sometimes publishing, editing widgets and choosing a design can take a lot of time. But not with the best author website builder! You can copy ready blocks for posting publications and add articles in blog mode in the future.
  • Functional blog mode. All texts that you publish on the site via the best website builder for authors will be stored right here! Edit publications, choose display times, add and delete new information with just a few clicks.
  • Great gallery features. With the help of original representations of photographic materials, you can design an electronic library catalog easily. Probably, these will be large sliders with information about your achievements or a more conservative grid gallery with covers of new publications.

General Features of MotoCMS Author Website Builder

Thanks to the best website builder for writers, you can not just create an author website yourself, but also make any necessary adjustments without special programming skills and knowledge. Here is what we can certainly guarantee you.

  • Absolute adaptability. Your website will be displayed in the same quality on your PC screen, on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Demo without restrictions. Feel free to try the trial period before you make the final choice and buy one of the author website templates. The free trial for 14 days has all the functionality of the full version.
  • Fast 24/7 support. You can contact the MotoCMS experts at any time to create author website. Start an online chat or call the service center. We will be happy to help you solve any problem as soon as possible.
  • Rapid templates. Save changes and upload content in a few seconds. You will be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of work with the best author website builder.

The Process of Working with Author Website Templates

To create your website, it is not necessary to study programming and web design trends. Choose one of the author website templates you like and click on the ‘Try’ button. If you don’t have a MotoCMS account yet, you can make it in just a minute. Enter your email, input a password and start working! After you choose a perfect book writer website template, you will get a notification on your email address. Follow the link in administration panel immediately.

Usability and Intuitive Interface

For the convenience of our users, the main stages of work with any author website design template come on different tabs. For example, in 'Pages' you can control the appearance of web resource pages, edit them, delete or add new ones. Moreover, you can also see how your site will appear on various devices. Take advantage of the blog and media library to manage your content wisely. Create new publications and upload bright photos and videos instantly with any of author website templates.

Each tab has several options and features for managing the design and content of the site. Each function has a tip. To find out more information about an item, hover over the widget or click on the icon with a question mark. Notice that on every tab the author website builder has a menu with a list of web pages. This way you can edit separately not only groups of individual widgets or blocks, but also the pages of the site.

Menu Operation

A talented writer should have an informative website. After all, you have so much to tell you about each book, about meetings with fans and yourself. Visitors will be happy to learn even more information about you, and clear navigation through the site will allow them to enjoy it.

Working with author website templates operated by the best website builder for writers, you can customize the menu for both the full version and the mobile one. To edit the finished menu, click on the appropriate block. You can also create a new menu or submenu using widgets.

Widgets and Blocks in Author Website Builder

A widget is a structural unit of a web page. A group of widgets forms a block. For example, a button is a widget, and a set of buttons is a block. In the best website builder for authors, you can manage whole blocks or create new ones based on several widgets.

To edit an element in the finished template, hover over it with the cursor. To add a new one, go to the 'design' tab and select the appropriate section. Each element has a design and some default features. You can change it at will.


Writers know that the font can influence how people will perceive the text. For this reason, all prints are always concise and neutral fonts. However, your website provides space for creativity. Let's leave the standard Arial and Times New Roman to print, and make your portfolio more original.

All author website templates use multiple fonts for pages. You can get acquainted with the sets on the 'Fonts' section in the 'Settings' tab. You can use ready-made solutions from MotoCMS experts or create something fundamentally new.

Connect SEO with Author Website Templates

For your fans to easily find your website on the Internet, you need to set up your site for SEO. The author website builder has several search engine optimization tools that you can find in edit modes.

  • Meta tags in the settings page. Select the page for which you want to set SEO settings and fill in the appropriate fields in the right settings window. You can enter the title, description, keywords, and edit the URL.
  • SEO-settings for publications. Every text you publish also needs to be optimized. When adding a publication, you can specify the title and URL immediately. To learn more, check out blog post examples.
  • Sitemap. As well as additional SEO settings, you can create or upload a site map using 'Settings.'

Extend the Possibilities with Author Website Builder

MotoCMS is a responsive drag-and-drop website builder with high speed. Besides the full range of best author website templates, we offer a variety of additional services for installing, optimizing and promoting your web projects. Working with us, you can realize a full-fledged project from scratch. Learn about other MotoCMS services in the cart mode.

Quick Installation

The ready site is a set of folders with various files. Therefore, we offer you only create an author website and let our specialists take care of the installation. All you need is to provide the webmaster with access to your hosting server. In less than 3 hours your site will be fully functional.


After you create a site, it will need to be placed somewhere. Many companies offer hosting services. However, you have to spend a lot of time trying to choose the best match for price and quality.

MotoCMS offers its customers not only the best author website builder but also the services of trusted hosting companies. Especially for you, we have selected the best offers that you can find on the template cart mode or the MotoCMS website Hosting tab.

Template Customization

You can purchase hosting and installation services separately, or you can use the integrated template setting service. We are happy to help you speed up the process of developing the site with author website builder! In addition to the subscription for one year of hosting with a free domain name and installation, the service includes changing the color scheme of your site. Bright colors attract the attention of visitors, and the unique design allows you to captivate them for a long time.

Together with author website templates, you can also get filling pages with your content. Acquaintance with editing functions may take some time. Sometimes this resource is sorely lacking. Therefore, our experts are ready to come to your aid and start placing content on the pages of your site!

Plugin for Online Store

You can update your resource using the eCommerce plugin. Perhaps your readers will not only want to know about the release dates of the book but also get it as soon as possible. Thanks to this plugin, in addition to the colorful portfolio, you can use your website as an online store.

MotoCMS specialists will take care of the plugin installation. You need to add a new widget and start getting even more benefits!

Promotional Campaign Offers

Often, social networks help to promote a service or product much faster than advertising in the media. Create a robust web page with an author website builder and tell your users about it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to get more potential customers!

Our designers will develop customized projects specifically for your business. Experts will create 15 themed banners, namely two for Facebook, 10 for Instagram, two for Pinterest and one for YouTube. However, you can edit the number of design solutions for each social network separately. Delight your potential fans with quality banners with useful information.

Email Newsletter

The release of a new book is always associated with many troubles, such as audiences with the publisher, planning conferences and meetings with fans, holding autograph sessions. Even more, managers of writers and owners of bookstores will appear more affairs. Therefore, our experts are ready to take on some of the responsibilities for running email companies to save your time.

Marketing professionals will help to segment the audience and write high-quality content. We will help you create a newsletter with useful information, promotional offers or colorful invitations.

Create a Unique Site with MotoCMS Author Website Builder

Do you write or work in this area? The Internet provides many opportunities for self-realization, so it's time to think about a personal website. Not sure how to start? With MotoCMS, creating sites is like a computer game. To create a unique web resource, you only need your desire and a little time.

Choose one of the author website templates, edit it according to your needs and attract more potential customers. It is not necessary to study programming to become a web developer. Try the best website builder for writers right now!

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