How to Make a Business Website: 3 Common Fears to Overcome

MotoCMS Editorial 21 March, 2017

wSometimes it may seem that most business people are completely fearless. They always look for new market niches and are ready to take risks. At least this is what most people think about entrepreneurs. But the truth is that there are not so many people out there who have never had a panic attack or experienced fears. This is not necessarily bad, though, especially for a business person. A fear is what helps a successful business person to see the difference between a high-risk venture and a risky venture with huge payoffs.

How to make a business website - main

If you belong to business owners, then you might have considered the idea of launching a website for your business. What is your perception of making a business website? Do you think it is manageable? Do you believe it to be worthy of your time and money? If you have not created a business website yet, it can mean that you are being too cautious, if not to say pessimistic about a website. Thus, this article is for you!

How to Make a Business Website

In this article, we are looking into the process of overcoming three the most common fears connected with creating a business website. Our task is to explain what fears you might have as a business person and what you should avoid when trying to create a business website from scratch.

We will also try to offer a solution to every single fear mentioned. So, hopefully having read this article, you will realize that a business website is a necessary evil in the turbulent business world.

Fear # 1. I do not have enough time to create a website for my business

Probably the most common fear that any business person faces is the lack of time. When starting a website, you might think that it will steal all that precious free time you have. We at MotoCMS fully realize how busy you are supervising, controlling, and managing your business. That is why we offer you what we believe is the best cms for a business website.

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The question remains though how this can be possible. You would be surprised to know that your website is about 80% ready waiting for you.  Have a look at the number of pre-built pages that are already included in this appealing Responsive Website for Financial Advising. So why not choose a template that fits your business concept? And then make educated guesses about how quickly you can customize it?

Fear # 2. It costs much to launch a business website

Nobody doubts that smart investments are always welcome in the business world. But is it really that smart to invest in a website rather than in a traditional marketing campaign, for example? When will this investment pay off? Our answers to the above-mentioned questions are: it surely is and it will pay off much sooner than you expect. If you have a minute to browse through our collection of business templates, you will see that you can make a business website for a really reasonable price

But the prices themselves is not the most attractive feature of the MotoCMS business templates. You need to be aware of that when buying a MotoCMS business template, you automatically buy free 24/7 top professional support for the whole year!

For instance, you can take advantage of Income Premium Financial Business Theme from MotoCMS small business website builder and then suddenly have a question about the SEO integration. What do you need to do in this case? There are several different options, actually. You are free to start a free live chat with our consultants, to get a call from them, or read on the SEO integration in the Quick Help section.

How to make a business website - quick help

What if you still have doubts whether this or that template is what you need? We have an idea for you too! Test our templates for two weeks before making the final decision. Registering for the trial is extremely easy and includes two steps. You press on Try Free for 14 days.

How to make a business website - free trial

Then you need to register either with your social accounts or the email address. You will not be asked to provide any personal information or any financial details for that matter. We will not ask you about your credit card expiration date or the name of your first pet. We at MotoCMS value your time and money!

How to make a business website - demo registration

Fear # 3. I do not know anything about creating a website

The good news is that you are not expected to know what the web development, the web design, or any other web something is. You as a website owner are responsible for the content. The rest is taken care of by the MotoCMS Website Creator. Let’s take this attractive Recruitment Agency Website Template as an example and see how everything works. This is what the original Contacts page of this template looks like.

How to make a business website - google map

What do you do if you want to add social links to this page? You simply find the necessary widget on the right and drag it to the place you need.

How to make a business website - drag and drop

As a result, you get social links right there where wanted them to be!

How to make a business website - social media

How easy is that? How much time will it take to fully customize this template for, let’s say, your recruitment agency? Something tells us that now you can answer these two questions yourself.

Start Creating Your Business Site Free of Charge

So, enjoy the business life without fears! Nothing personal. Just business and MotoCMS! Remind you that you can launch any template from our collection with just your email or social media account and get your website done at the end of the trial period with all saved progress inside. To make searching of your web design easier, we set the list with several perfect examples you are welcome to look at below.


How to make a business website - evolution



How to make a business website - fin vertex


How to make a business website - spectrum


How to make a business website - marshall


How to make a business website - consultis


How to make a business website - auditelix

CorpoRational Inc.

How to make a business website - corporational


How to make a business website - seqagent


How to make a business website - conference

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