Tourism Website Templates for MotoCMS Builder

You can have a most professional tour on the planet, but without a website to match, you’ll have a tougher time getting customers through the door. To help you get the most out of your website, kindly check MotoCMS tourism website builder that can transform your site from an eyesore into a crown jewel worthy of your 5-star tour. From hotels to travel blogs to gorgeous destinations, MotoCMS tourism website templates are designed to make you want to book your trip.

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Seamless Tourism Website Templates by MotoCMS

Video and splendid photography are common elements used seem to work perfectly. All travel & tourism websites should strive for this level of quality. Travel website templates work perfectly on MotoCMS tourism website builder and use its functionality as efficiently as possible.

Nowadays, you should understand the importance of having a website built to sell tours. Kindly check our tips on how to create a tourism website that sells. MotoCMS tourism website templates allow anyone to make a stylish and professional-looking website design using a convenient interface. It helps developers to create pages quickly and helps beginners create elegant pages that they could not build on their own.

Tourism Website Templates with Diversity of Features

Although the goal of all these travel and tourism website builders is the same (to help you create style pages), they all work differently. It is up to you to determine which one is right for your purpose. Two key factors to look at are modules and interface.

Drag-and-drop travel website builders offer their unique modules (sometimes called blocks, elements, or widgets). You must choose a solution that has everything you need, be it tables, modeling, media support, or something. Meanwhile, some drag-and-drop tourism builders take some time to understand how they work. However, some page builders with steep learning curves may be the most effective solution in the long run. MotoCMS tourism website builder and an assortment of tourism website templates allow you to create an entire tourism agency website from scratch using pre-made elements that can be customized in every way.

Simply Fair in Use Tourism Website Templates

Thanks to the drag-and-drop travel agency website builder, tourism website templates and included objects, you can do everything yourself, without programming skills and the help of experts. MotoCMS tourism website builder provides a convenient and powerful tool either for beginners or professional web designers. Both can easily cope with integrating any layout into a site. In the page editing mode, simple drag-and-drop is supported, which significantly simplifies adding new forms and changing the position of existing ones.

Any Stretch of the Imagination

Create a mobile-friendly tourism website design, aligned with the latest trends in destination marketing. Using multiple design tools of tourism website builder, you can customize any graphic element or content in a few clicks. Drag-and-drop technology, sets of ready-made tourism website templates, visual style adjustments and a regular HTML editor allows you to create a website of any design complexity.

Perfect Color Scheme

Design a travel website with a best-matched set of colors using a built-in color picker tool. When creating sites for travel agencies quite often used natural colors. For traditional beach destinations, blue and yellow shades are perfect. Companies selling vouchers for vacation homes can take white as a base with a touch of green and brown. If it is difficult to single out the dominant direction, you can opt for a neutral gamut, giving preference to light shades. We prepared best-selling colors for your choice.

Interactive Ready-made Tourism Website Templates

Don’t give people the chance to wrongly judge their tour – create a site that puts your best foot forward, and that’s built with ease of use in mind. Use a wide range of different tourism website templates provided for all types of travel websites:

  • tour operator website design;
  • tourism websites;
  • travel agency website;
  • top travel website templates;
  • tour guide websites.

There are hundreds of demos to choose from. To start working with a template does not mean to sacrifice your creativity. Creating a site for a travel agency does not impose strict restrictions on appearance. The main thing is that the selected travel website design creates a positive attitude. For this reason, it is worth abandoning dark color schemes, preferring light shades available in our tourism website builder. Perform all desired changes and make it unique.

SEO-friendly Tourism Website Templates

Due to the increase of cases posting low-quality material on websites, Google introduced a system for blocking low-quality sites for indexing by search engines. MotoCMS tourism website builder includes a few tricks to boost your website to the top of search engine listings and make sure new clients can reach you. The search blocking is valid for all visitors, except for authorized site administrators. So you need to mind requirements of search engines, like a site should have a finished look, without blank pages, contain unique content, etc.

Intuitive and Complete Tourism Website Builder

Tourism website creator is a universal online builder with a visual editor and an intuitive interface. It is the most popular tool for creating business card sites, landing pages, and online stores. There are already included plenty of widgets and blocks, and all changes are saved in real-time. As to MotoCMS tourism website builder, it hangs in the cloud and is accessible through a browser. So, editing tourism website templates will be easy and seamless.

Speed of Development

Most website development would take weeks but using MotoCMS tourism website builder can quickly reduce the entire duration by half or more. In most cases, a website can build overnight using one of the pre-made tourism website templates. MotoCMS is lightweight and therefore, offers faster website loading speed.

How to Select the Best Tourism Website Builder?

MotoCMS has several advantages, a classy base of tourism website templates and advanced functionality. This tool allows you to work with text, code, and visual objects. Most site editors are often either incomplete, or insufficiently functional, or inconvenient.

Therefore, if you want to add content to your website simply fair, then this MotoCMS tourism website builder will allow you to format text beautifully, format graphic elements, position images, add all this as code to your website or project. With it, in a few hours, you will make and post your project of tourism website on the network.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The service is easy to use and at the same time contains a lot of opportunities to create and configure the site. It’s easy to work with photos and text, add new sections and blocks, create galleries, and insert social network buttons. Thus, you can quickly and efficiently make your own tourism website. Kindly check main features of tourism website templates below.

The MotoCMS tourism website builder allows building a responsive website that works across various screen sizes. You are about to create a beautiful website, 100% responsive. There are four preview modes: be it a desktop PC, a tablet, a horizontal or vertical mobile phone. You do not need to worry about the adaptive layout of the template, as any layout will look great on screens of any resolution.

Navigation in Tourism Website Templates

The top menu bar includes the following items: Dashboard, Pages, Design, Library, Settings, Blog. Using a website builder to create an online project is convenient; even a novice user can handle it. It takes one or two clicks to add an image or delete an unnecessary block.

Design Options

You will quickly understand the menu of the tourism website builder, where you can edit the design and content without understanding the site code. The Design options sidebar includes some core features:

  • Text Styles. Enjoy variable typography options and play around with different heading styles;
  • Colors. Emphasize base elements and create your perfect color scheme;
  • Background. Employ an eye-catching design, and a benefit-oriented copy;
  • Size and Values. Keep it simple, but charming with spacing and grid settings;
  • Widgets. The built-in tourism templates offer many different widgets, including convenient tables for the site, counters, image galleries from social networks and many other useful tools.

Media Library of Tourism Website Templates

Since the client did not find a suitable product on the market, the MotoCMS tourism website builder includes a platform for managing media files (photos, video and audio clips, documents). Through its scalable architecture, Media Library can handle large amounts of content. It provides business users with a comprehensive overview, advanced editing tools, and automatic file processing to serve the media and the tourism industry.

Helpful Functions

Dozens of ready-made tourism website templates allow you to create a website in a few minutes. But you can do it on your own using the following options:

  • Manage blocks of text and images;
  • Create galleries;
  • Embed Youtube videos;
  • Insert Google Maps and point to them;
  • Embed a music video;
  • Paste Flash Animation;
  • Add Google AdSense;
  • Insert Social Media Likes;
  • Share page on social networks;
  • Insert Skype status with transition to Skype;
  • Embed your HTML, and way more interning things!

How to Create Tourism Website with MotoCMS?

Website builders are the peak of the evolution of online tools for creating websites on their own, which are a useful concept for both beginners and professionals. The tourism website builder allows you to get ready to launch a tourism website within a few steps.

1. Choose One of Tourism Website Templates

With tourism website builder you have complete freedom to change the idea and travel and tourism website template until you are happy with the result. Moreover, you can quickly remove all unnecessary elements and add to the header and basement everything you need: logos, galleries, buttons, search fields, etc. Additionally, feel free to change any installed graphic element.

2. Make it Mobile-friendly and Adjust Styles

All designed tourism website templates are ready for excellent display on mobile devices. Texts, fields, buttons, tabs, menus - you have many elements whose style you can customize. All styles are customized depending on the template, so you can create a harmonious layout, but change any element in it.

3. Create a Good Website Structure for Excellent Navigation

Create a sitemap, add all the pages you need and organize them into levels and sublevels. This will help you get a clear picture of your site and continue to work faster on its development, as well as help your visitors browse the site without fear of getting lost in its pages.

In general, build a tourism website with a flat architecture, and streamlined navigation to make researching the site pleasant user experience, and therefore search engines love it. Furthermore, users can land at the content of their interest in no more than three clicks.

4. Employ an Eye-Catching Design of Tourism Website Templates

Gorgeous design plays a vital role in shaping the right emotional mood. Large thematic photographs do an excellent job of this task. Romantic landscapes in twilight colors, noisy European streets, or foggy mountain peaks - choose those photos that can wake the target audience. Blocks are the building material of the site: menus, headers, sliders and galleries, advantages, media content, articles, information, reviews, social networks, price lists, forms, maps and footers.

Using MotoCMS tourism website builder design and content of the blocks can be changed: color, fonts, add effects, buttons, links, and headers. Unnecessary elements (arrows, buttons, descriptions, etc.) can be thrown out of blocks or turned off.

5. Add Unique Content

The MotoCMS tourism website builder is based on a page creation system based on the drag and drop of available objects. Using objects in tourism website templates, you can import or create any content:

  • Headings, texts and tables;
  • Images and Galleries;
  • Animation, video, and audio;
  • Feedback forms;
  • Product Catalogs;
  • Navigation menu;
  • Search fields;
  • HTML code.

When working with the tourism website builder, you can move or hide pages and organize navigation menu items. You can also decide which pages to password protect, and provide a 404 page to display in case of an error.

MotoCMS Tourism Website Templates - Your Best Solution

A thorough analysis of customer needs will allow you to create a useful website. Think about what the buyer wants - tourism website builder will take on the technical implementation of the ideas. Using the tourism website builder you can get many options, so you will not need to spend a lot of effort:

  • the program is already optimally configured;
  • up-to-time functionality update;
  • a choice of ready-made tourism website templates is available;
  • new modern technologies;
  • integrations with other services;
  • detailed instructions included;
  • technical support is always in touch.

Tourism website builder recalls the Lego constructor as an approach to website development. The user is provided with a large number of blocks for various purposes, which must be dragged into the editor window, thus creating a website of the necessary structure. SEO settings are present, just like the ability to create multi-page sites with multi-level menus. Functionality is enough with the head to design a cool business card or landing page.

Ready blocks are decorated in the same style as part of the selected template. The ready-designed tourism website templates look attractive, modern, and noticeably different from each other in the style of design. Each block contains demo content for clarity.

Best Practices in Tourism Website Development

Travel and tourism websites differ from their counterparts in various modules, the most important of which is the search for tours with the ability to select a variety of criteria:

  • country or specific resorts;
  • date of trip (dates of arrival and departure, departure and arrival, etc.);
  • duration of the tour;
  • number of tourists (children, adults);
  • transport;
  • tour category;
  • website development for travel agency.

When developing a site for travel or tourism agencies, it is also worth creating the module "Last Minute Tours" or "Discounts". You can reach such result within travel tourism website templates we have on our website. Potential tourists are always interested in such a fantastic opportunity to save money, so do not miss this chance!

Of course, it is convenient when a tourist can book a tour directly from the site. Therefore, it is worth giving your customers such an opportunity. When developing sites for travel agencies, it’s worth adding the order form for selecting a tour where the client can specify the necessary dates of travel, hotel category, desired resorts and other useful information.

If this is possible, it is ideal if the resource will be attended by an online consultant who assists tourists in the chat mode. An alternative or addition may be a callback order form. When deciding to create a travel website with tourism website templates, do not forget about such a powerful tool as an email newsletter. If you are planning or are already using the newsletter for your customers, then they should have the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter on the site.

Very eloquently about the success of your company will speak reviews of grateful customers. It is advisable to obtain testimonials from tourists in advance so that you do not subsequently spend time waiting for their writing. And, of course, when a tourist gets to the tourist-related website, one expects maximum immersion in the atmosphere of relaxation. High-quality photos will help you with this. Often, it is they who become the reason for ordering a ticket.

Get Started with Tourism Website Templates

For your website, a tourism website builder is the best suited because it will suit your details because it includes all pre-described features. Let yourself travel to the world of natural and complete web development.

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