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An efficient website is an invaluable tool for real estate agencies. Whether you are a large agency or an estate agent working on your own, a website will let you demonstrate all your services and showcase the property. With the rental property website builder from MotoCMS, creating a rental property website design becomes a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

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Rental Property Website Builder from MotoCMS

If you don’t have much time to create a property website, we have an excellent solution for you. With the new rental property website builder, your dream of having a property website will become a reality in a couple of days. You should use this builder if you want to save your time and money. Precisely, you don’t have to address professional web developing and designing services. With the wide choice of real estate website templates, you will be able to build a webpage for property rent on your own.

Best Website Builder for Rental Property

Several significant features make the rental property website builder an awesome instrument to create a property website.

Amazing Drag-and-drop Functionality

The rental property website builder will impress you with its functionality instantly. Once you start working with the builder, you’ll love its drag-and-drop functions. To build your webpage, you don’t need to acquire any coding skills. Your only task is to drag the desired elements and drop them into a suitable position. You can evaluate all the changes you make and change the design if necessary.

Immense Collection of Rental Property Website Templates

You don’t have to wonder what you should start building your website with. There is an impressive variety of ready-made rental property website templates created with the rental property website builder. Our professional web designers and developers have spent a lot of time investigating different business niches. So, they have created each template with regard to the needs of businesses. When you choose a template to create property website, you can be sure that it will meet your needs.

Responsive Design of Websites

Some people prefer using desktop computers when they are searching for property. Others find it comfortable to browse rental websites with the help of tablets or smartphones. Your rental property webpage should look equally good on any screen. When you create a rental property website with the rental property website builder, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your page. The rental property website templates feature responsive design. It assures that your website will adjust to various screens automatically. So, the tenants’ satisfaction with the look of the website is guaranteed.

Considerable Charm of Rental Property Website Templates

The design of rental property website templates will meet any requirements. It doesn’t matter what style you have imagined for your dream rental property website. You may choose your preferred colors and outlook among the variety of templates. Furthermore, if you want to make your website more impressive, you can add different visual effects. For instance, your webpage may look more appealing with animation. It’s completely up to you to decide which visual effects will work better for your design.

Advanced Customization Options

Working with the rental property website builder, you have no limits in customizing your design. The rental property website templates give you a possibility to change your website as much as you like. You can experiment with the page layout and add various elements. Additionally, the templates include a huge variety of widgets. They will improve the website navigation and the look of your website. Some of the widgets are:

  • Horizontal Divider,
  • Container,
  • Accordion,
  • Progress Bar,
  • Social Buttons,
  • Countdown Timer.

You can easily add any chosen widgets to your webpage and advance its functionality.

Terrific Loading Speed

When customers are looking for property to rent, they usually look at various variants of property. Slow websites can irritate customers and make them leave the page. Not to lose your clients, your property website has to respond quickly. The rental property website builder is a sure way to get a fast website. To be precise, the rental property website templates will make certain that your website loads as fast as lightning. It doesn’t matter how much information you wish to display on your website. You can always be confident that your website won’t keep people waiting.

SEO-optimized Rental Property Website Templates

With hundreds of competitors, your newly-created rental property website will need some promotion. If you want your webpage to appear high in search engine results, you have to pay attention to its optimization. With the rental property website builder, the process of search engine optimization is simple. The rental property website templates include a clear guide. This guide will help you to write all the necessary elements. In a short time, your website will get better ranks in search results.

Reliable Support Available 24/7

If you lack experience in creating webpages, you don’t have to worry. Our professional team is always ready to assist you. So, you can ask for advice anytime when you are creating your website. The support is available 24/7, so feel free to get help at any time.

Free Trial Period of Rental Property Website Builder

We believe that you need some time to familiarize yourself with a chosen template. To do this, you have a free 14-day trial period. During this period, you can explore the functions of the rental property website templates endlessly. After you have evaluated the advantages of the rental property website templates, you can make your final decision. Thus, you don’t have to make up your mind instantly. You have plenty of time to make a choice before you start to create website for rental property.

How To Create Property Website with MotoCMS?

If you are not an expert in building websites, don’t worry. Here are a few simple steps to follow if you want to create your property website design quickly.

1. Pick Your Rental Property Template

To build an impressive and efficient site for property renting, you have to start with your goals. Specify your priorities for yourself and choose the rental property website templates that you find appropriate. Mainly, you have to think about the types of property that you deal with and the kinds of services that you provide. The look, functionality, and design of templates built with the rental property website builder may differ. You can browse collections of templates created with real estate website builder to find a suitable design.

2. Customize the Design

To get the desired look of your website, you have to customize your template. With the intuitive customization by the rental property website builder, you can add or remove any elements and sections. It will help you to emphasize the necessary parts and to grab people’s attention. Take into consideration the general style of your company. You should match your company style and the design of your site. Remember to adjust the color scheme of your template. Furthermore, choose appropriate fonts that will dominate on your page.

3. Make Landing Page with Rental Property Website Builder

A landing page is your first attempt to catch visitors’ attention. Thus, it has to be admirable and helpful. When people first see your landing page, they should know where to navigate next. Try to make your landing page straightforward and well-organized. Avoid clustering all elements together to maintain good looks of your landing page.

With single property website template, you can also create an independent page for a separate property. It will help you to provide as many property details as you need.

4. Create Catalog with Best Website Builder For Rental Property

The types of property that people search depend on their purposes. Because of this, people may look for property in different ways and apply different search approaches. The more sections your website has, the more organized it looks and the easier it is for people to find a property. Creating various menus with categories and subcategories becomes a key for success in organizing your property catalog.

You can arrange your property according to different search options that people have. With a rental property website template, you can create categories in accordance with:

  1. the aim of property rental;
  2. the type of dwelling;
  3. the location of property, etc.

Each category can comprise several subcategories. You can assign your property to various categories. Therefore, people will be able to see appropriate variants no matter how they prefer to look for property.

5. Fulfil Property Rental Aims with Rental Property Templates

Depending on their aims, people may be looking for:

  • private dwelling;
  • corporate apartments;
  • storage spaces;/li>
  • land rental;
  • retirement villages, etc.

Most often, tenants look for private accommodation. So, your realtors can offer a variety of different houses, including multi-family ones. Also, companies may search for business premises or even corporate apartments to rent for their employees.

Furthermore, people can have such requests as storage space and land rentals. Additionally, your real estate agency can help students to find student accommodation or housing. With rental property website templates, you can satisfy the needs of any clients by classifying your property efficiently.

6. Demonstrate Types of Premises and Buildings for Rent

Every person, family, or company looking for a property to rent will have their specific requirements. Some customers prefer living in houses, while others are looking for apartments. Someone will want to share rooms, while someone will opt for mobile homes. There are clients who dream of spacious studio apartments and clients who wish to rent a large three-roomed flat. Similarly, someone needs to find a fully-furnished house, while others will require unfurnished apartments. Working with the website created with the rental property website builder, your estate agents and customers will easily find proper premises and buildings.

7. Indicate Property Listings

The location of the property is one of the essential criteria for searches. Your estate agency can work with city rental property. Accordingly, people may look for a rental property in the center of the city or the outskirts. Furthermore, your agents may suggest countryside houses and cottages for rent.

To classify your property according to locations, create a property listing website. You can manage any property, either on a country level or on a lower level. With property listing website templates, you can present all states, provinces, counties, communes, boroughs, districts, regions, and even subdistricts or municipalities.

8. Offer Vacation Rental with Rental Property Website Builder

A peculiar kind of rental property is vacation rental. It is different from other kinds of rent because people usually hire accommodation for a short period. Moreover, customers usually want their vacation to be perfect; that is why they may have a lot of demands for the vacation rental property. Thus, the bigger your variety of vacation rental property is, the easier it will be for your estate agency to satisfy your clients.

With a vacation rental website builder, you can effectively demonstrate all your destinations. Take advantage of a vacation rental website template to arrange your accommodation according to destinations and locations. For instance, you may group destinations in Europe, the Americas, Asia, etc. Give your customers a possibility to choose the desired destination by browsing pages step by step.

9. Showcase Properties with Rental Property Website Templates

The main task of a rental website is to illustrate the property available. With the rental property website builder, you can present all your property to rent to the best advantage. You can decide on the layout of your webpage and the ways tenants will see the property. You can provide an image with a brief overview of the property and indicate the most important details. For instance, you can state:

  • type of accommodation;
  • area;
  • number of bedrooms/bathrooms;
  • price.

After that, you will provide detailed descriptions for each piece of accommodation.

10. Give Details of Projects with Rental Property Website Builder

To make their decision on the property to rent, clients need to find out as much information as possible. You can specify all the property details. Thus, instead of wasting time visiting various houses or flats, people will be able to learn all the details on the site. Surely, your customers will appreciate the possibility to evaluate the suggested variants on their own.

With rental property website templates, it’s possible to build astonishing pages for the property quickly. The detailed descriptions of the property can include many facts. You can specify the type of building and the time of its construction. Furthermore, you can state whether the accommodation is furnished and what furniture there is.

11. Organize Property Features

It is advisable to arrange some property characteristics in a list. There are a lot of variants of organizing these features. For instance, you can put such items on your list:

  • facilities and conveniences (air conditioning, heating, cable TV, Wi-fi, etc.);
  • appliances and electronics (fridge, microwave, dishwasher, iron, computer, etc.);
  • house parts and interior (e.g., balconies, alcoves, French windows, parquet, etc.).

12. Arrange Amazing Galleries

Describing property for rent with words is good, but showing its pictures is much more effective. When people have an opportunity to look at the photos, they get a real feel of the accommodation. Your customers can pay attention to various things, such as the condition of the accommodation, interior design, lighting, furniture position, etc. So, the more pictures you provide, the better idea of the property tenants will have. Using rental property website templates, you can upload as many pictures as you wish to create astonishing galleries. The use of media library created with the rental property website builder is simple and intuitive.

13. Integrate Videos to Show Property

Besides stunning photos, you can include videos to demonstrate the details of the property to rent. The rental property website builder features video integration. It allows you to post videos of the property on your website. In addition, you can include links to various video channels. So, the customers of your estate agency will be able to watch room tours or video reviews of property.

14. List Main Rental Property Services

Renting a property is connected with different services. An efficient arrangement of your services will let people know how you can help them to move into the desired apartment. As a real estate agency, your main services can include:

  • property search,
  • consultation,
  • renting procedure.

Your main services can also include helping customers with official moving into their rental property. To be more precise, your agency can assist tenants with changing their address. No matter which services you wish to display on your webpage, with the rental property website builder you can do this effortlessly.

15. Add Assistance Services with Rental Property Website Templates

If your real estate agents provide any additional services, it is also reasonable to display them on your website. For some tenants, the property of their dreams turns out to be too expensive. In this case, your estate agency can provide mortgage services. Using a mortgage website template designed with the mortgage website builder, you can present money loans estimation, showing mortgage rates and calculators. You can also offer refinancing and property insurance services.

Among your supplementary services, you may also give people roommate share assistance. Using your website, people will be able to choose a roommate depending on their preferences.

16. Allow for Home Inspection and Maintenance Services

If you want to be fair with your tenants, you should indicate the condition of the rental property honestly. Home inspection services are essential for estate agencies because they help to evaluate the state of accommodation and premises. Your realtors can provide these services themselves or cooperate with other agencies. In any situation, with a home inspection website template you can illustrate all home inspection services. They may include the estimation of foundation and structure, roofs, attics, and basements, heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems, etc.

Besides, you can work with home maintenance agencies. Your tenants will have no trouble in choosing from a list of such services when you have a website created with property maintenance website templates.

17. Specify Pricing Plans with Rental Property Website Builder

The range of your services for renting a property can be extensive. Some customers will need only the basic services, while others may opt for a long list of them. So, it is recommended to have various pricing plans for your services. These pricing programs can be:

  • standard,
  • advanced,
  • premium.

Depending on the chosen plan, tenants may get access to the property listing and a particular amount of hours consultation. Furthermore, clients can get a specific number of houses showings, real price estimation, and the help with the documents. With the rental property website builder, your pricing plans will look clear and appealing.

18. Introduce Your Team

When clients address rental property agencies, they will work with real property agents. You can give your potential clients a possibility to meet your realtors before coming to the agency. Introduce your staff on your website efficiently with the rental property website builder. You can create a general page showing pictures and short information about all team members. Additionally, you can have separate pages where you will provide more facts about each real estate agent. Moreover, it is possible to connect the information about your realtors with their profiles on social networks.

19. Include Contact Details with Rental Property Website Builder

To encourage people to address your real estate agency, you should indicate your agency’s contact details. You can show telephones, emails, and addresses. Additionally, you can include a contact form. It will give your clients a possibility to make an inquiry and contact you quickly.

20. Attach Maps

The importance of maps for real estate agencies cannot be overestimated. Maps are a vital tool for showing the location of the property. When people don’t know the addresses of the place very well, a map becomes handy. So, including maps for each rental property will guarantee tenants’ satisfaction.

21. Write Informative Blog

The rental property website builder has blog functionality that allows you to have an impressive, efficient blog. Your agency can write different advice on choosing the property in the blog. You may explain to customers what they have to pay attention to when planning their rent. Additionally, you can clarify new tenants what the price of the property depends on. You may also demonstrate different kinds of property for various budgets. Furthermore, a blog is an excellent place to suggest the whole variety of your services.

22. Demonstrate Testimonials with Rental Property Website Templates

If you have happy tenants who have found the rental property with the help of your agency, you can demonstrate people’s reviews on your website. With the rental property website builder, you can be sure that testimonials will look attractive. So, you may showcase people’s opinions on your realtors or your agency’s work in general.

Request the Demo and Start Today with MotoCMS

Summing up, you have to take into consideration various steps when you are creating a website for a rental property agency. With the rental property website builder from MotoCMS, you’ll get a fantastic rental property design and incredible functionality.

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