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The podcast website design has a wide range of useful components that provides the ability to launch a professional website in one day. MotoCMS podcast website builder provides the ability to modernize the content and update the design of your website with no coding skills and technical background. Browse the collection of podcast website templates and get started with your web project today!

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Multifunctional Podcast Website Builder by MotoCMS

Explore entertainment website templates along with the best podcast website builder developed by MotoCMS. The best website builder for podcast sites makes the content editing process smooth and easy. The backend interface allows you to rearrange the layout of your website and create new pages from scratch with no special qualification. Also, there are a lot of integrations with third-party services that gain the functionality of the entertainment website design template significantly.

One Click Modifications with Podcast Website Templates

Drag and drop MotoCMS website builder helps to apply any modifications and update the design of particular elements on podcast website templates in one click. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, so you can start creating your website with no additional education. The podcast website builder launches online in any browser. Moreover, the system stores all the modifications and media files on a server. Thus, you can easily launch the admin panel in any browser to customize the club website template.

Video Exposing

Broadcast videos from YouTube and Vimeo on your website with no effort by using the podcast website builder. To add a new video on the podcast website template, you need to navigate to the admin panel, place the video widget, and specify a video’s URL address. Once the widget is active, a video from YouTube or Vimeo appears on a website with all the control buttons.

Moreover, you can easily upload a personal video to the media library and publish it on your website by using the video player widget. The built-in video player widget has a full pack of control buttons and displays videos well on all devices.

Audio Player and SoundCloud Integration

Create a podcast website with charts and update the list of trending songs in a few clicks using the podcast website builder. You can create multiple chart pages and place an unlimited amount of tracks on the event website template. The audio player developed by the MotoCMS team download songs from your server and plays them online. Additionally, you can transmit songs from SoundCloud without editing even a line of code. The SoundCloud widget requires a track’s ID only. Once this widget is active, the SoundCloud widget adds on your website automatically.

Third-Party Services in Podcast Website Builder

There are a lot of external services integrated into the admin panel that will help to improve your website significantly, track visitors' behavior, schedule events, and sell products online. Google widgets and integrations allow you to upgrade your website and convert it into a full-featured web resource with no effort. With the help of MotoCMS podcast website builder, you can perform the following actions:

  • apply any Google Font;
  • add your site to Google Webmaster tools;
  • connect your website with Google Analytics;
  • add Google Captcha to contact forms;
  • add Google Search and Google Search Results widgets;
  • integrate Google Tag Manager to podcast website templates;
  • place a Google Calendar
  • add both simplified and pro versions of Google Map.

Additionally, you can add timetable by Acuity Scheduling, broadcast slides from SlideShare, and enable comments on your website. The commenting system provides by Disqus. To accept online payments and receive donations, add the PayPal button on your website. Moreover, you can gather user’s emails and launch promotion campaigns at MailChimp, browse & download images for free by using the Unsplash integration and edit pictures directly in the admin panel.

Exceptional Design of Podcast Website Templates

The best podcast website design created by proficient MotoCMS designers and UX specialists. Thus, MotoCMS website templates look professional and attractive at first sight. There are a lot of appealing design elements, and a large pack of design presets for each widget in the podcast website builder. Also, there is a wide range of animations and hover effects applied to podcast website templates. The available visual effects highlight particular elements and attract users’ attention to certain blocks on the radio station website template.

Full Screen Banners & Galleries in Podcast Website Builder

Create podcast website that has a modern design by using MotoCMS. All podcast website templates equipped with full-screen banners and attractive galleries. The system stretches any block with content vertically as well as horizontally by itself. Thus, you can easily add a banner that takes the 100% screen area on any device. Moreover, MotoCMS website builder provides the ability to add a gallery on your website by using pre-built gallery layouts. A gallery with images adds to the DJ website template in a few clicks in the podcast website builder. To add a gallery, you need to add one of the gallery widgets and select images from the media library.

Standing Out Fonts and Icons

Fonts on podcast website templates professionally picked up by MotoCMS designers. Additionally, all the texts supplemented with attractive icons designed for each website template individually. You can change the color of icons on your website easily by updating a color scheme in the podcast website builder.

There is a large pack of pre-built icons in the admin panel, so you can add distinct icons on your site and change their size in a few clicks. MotoCMS podcast website templates support all Google Fonts. However, you can import any custom font and configure its appearance in the website builder.

Feature-Rich Popups

MotoCMS podcast website builder has the leading-edge functionality that helps to add different popups on your site. A popup is a block with extra content that hovers over the video production company website template.

With the help of popups, you can show additional information to your clients in the most convenient way. By using a dedicated popup manager in the podcast website builder, you can create an unlimited amount of popups, configure their width, and add various widgets. Additionally, you can set up the popup to appear automatically after loading a website, with some delay or per request.

Rich Content Widgets

There are two rich content widgets available in the podcast website builder. By using rich content widgets, you can place a large amount of information in one section on the drone website template. The tabs widget presented in the form of a block with content with tiles that shows specific content when a particular tile is active. You can place tiles vertically or horizontally according to the block with content and configure the positioning of all elements.

If the design of the tabs widget doesn’t suit your website design, use the accordion widget in the podcast website builder. This widget adds multiple horizontal rows with a label and supplemented with an icon. When a user clicks on the item, this element expands, showing the content. MotoCMS admin panel allows adding a large variety of widgets to the accordion widget like images, buttons, contact forms, image galleries, video players and Google Maps.

Online Promotion Features of Podcast Website Templates

Сreate website for podcast that brings new clients from the web and social media by using the built-in tools only. MotoCMS podcast website builder has a large variety of tools for online promotion and launching marketing campaigns. Let’s check how to make a podcast website that takes leading positions by using the built-in tools of the website builder.

MailChimp Subscription Form

Collect users’ email addresses and launch promotion campaigns by using the most popular email marketing service. MailChimp is the niche leader company that gathers all of the marketing tools in one place. This company offers both paid and free plans. The free plan will perfectly suit all the needs of a small business or an online startup.

To start collecting users’ emails, you need to add the MailChimp subscription form on your website. The subscription form implies the input field for requesting a user’s email and a submit button. Additionally, you can add the first name & last name input fields and add the agreement checkbox into a MailChimp subscription form. Extra input fields can be set as mandatory in the podcast website builder in one click. There is a lot of design presets for each component in the admin panel. Thus, you can easily tune up a subscription form on your website without editing even a line of code.

Social Media Integration in Podcast Website Builder

All podcast website templates have a deep integration with social media that helps to promote your site online. The built-in functionality allows you to lead website users to your profiles on social media and share the content from film production company website template in one click. The social link widget allows you to add an unlimited amount of social media icons on your website and link them to the profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. There are up to five ready-to-use design presets in the podcast website builder. Each design preset is fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit the design of your site with no effort.

Moreover, you can add the ability to share content from your site in one click by adding the social buttons widget on podcast website templates. MotoCMS admin panel allows you to share the content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To set up the appearance of shared content, you need to specify Open Graph Meta tags for each page individually. MotoCMS podcast website builder provides the ability to add Open Graph Meta tags directly in the admin panel. Hence, there is no need to edit source files of your website template.

Extra Benefits to MotoCMS Podcast Website Templates

Our customers have full-board access to all MotoCMS services provided for free. Each customer gets a personal account for free. By using a MotoCMS account, you can manage all trials and demo templates, participate in the loyalty program, and submit requests to the customer support team. Moreover, you can administer your MotoCMS subscriptions and replace all MotoCMS logos in the podcast website builder with no effort. Those features, are highly appreciated by those who resell podcast website templates.

Free Software Updates and Customer Care

If you have any questions regarding MotoCMS podcast website templates or meet any issues editing the video blog website template, feel free to contact our support team. The customer care team works 24/7 and accepts requests via live chat and emails. Also, you can contact us by phone.

Highly-qualified MotoCMS agents will help you to pick up a suitable website template, install it, and resolve any possible issues. Furthermore, all clients get access to the complete user’s guide and step-by-step video tutorial on how to create your podcast website with no coding.

Free Trial of Podcast Website Templates

Pick up the most suitable website design and create website for podcast for free using the 14-day trial provided by MotoCMS. You can change demo templates in your MotoCMS account an unlimited number of times to find the best website template. The two-weeks trial provides ample access to all the features available in the podcast website builder. Thus, you can create your website, fill it with content, and save your progress! Once the website template is purchased, we will provide all the changes from your demo account for free!

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