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When people have Internet access, they not only search for educational organizations online but also take courses and acquire further information online. So, creating a website for educational institutions nowadays becomes a vital issue. Fortunately, with the e-learning website builder, you can create elearning website in a couple of days. Browse the collection of e-learning website templates and get started today!

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Who Is E-learning Website Builder Appropriate for?

Nowadays, staying up-to-date and getting new knowledge is essential for being successful, that is why people continuously learn new things and improve their expertise. Current technologies and modern means of communication provide us with new ways of giving and obtaining information.

E-learning website builder is appropriate for anyone who wants to create a website connected with education. This builder and all the e-learning website templates can boast of drag-and-drop functionality. It will let you create your educational website even if you don’t have any coding skills. You can always consult a simple, understandable tutorial and follow its advice in building sites. To be more specific, any organizations and people connected with education and learning can use the e-learning website builder for launching a website. Let’s have a look at these organizations and people.

First of all, MotoCMS education website templates powered by the e-learning website builder will be useful for different educational establishments who want to be represented online, i.e. to have their own website. These establishments are nursery, primary, elementary schools and kindergartens; secondary and high schools; colleges, universities, and scientific institutions. You can have a look at an elementary school website template that you can use for building elementary schools website.

MotoCMS E-Learning Website Builder for Your Web Project

It doesn’t matter whether your institution is state or private. The e-learning website templates will help you to create an excellent website where people will be able to read more about your organization and find out your contacts. An online page is essential if you want your organization to be accessible and easy to discover.

Secondly, the e-learning website builder is an easy way to create a website for language schools and test centers. On your website created with a language school website template, you will be able to present all the information about your language courses and exams. Additionally, you can create a website for book centers and describe your assortment of goods.

Thirdly, the e-learning website builder is handy for launching websites of driving schools, art and dance studios, etc. Using such templates, e.g. driving school website template, you can inform people about the variety of classes at your organization, as well as about class schedules and prices for lessons.

Fourthly, if you need a website for childcare centers and courses for children, such as toddler education programs, you can create it with the e-learning website builder. On such sites based on the e-learning website templates, you can specify various details, such as types of classes that children can attend and the duration of such programs.

Build E-Learning Website Effortlessly with MotoCMS

Additionally, the e-learning website builder can be used for creating web pages not only for large organizations but also for individuals involved in education. You can launch personal pages for researchers, professors, book writers, consultants, trainers, life coaches, etc. Such websites will become a decent and respectable portfolio with the help of which you can present yourself.

Moreover, with the e-learning website builder, you can create websites for social communities that offer scholarships and financial support to various establishments. You can provide details about the ways of getting scholarships and eligibility for them. Also, such websites can be used for fundraising, so you can use e-learning website templates to encourage others to donate money to different educational organizations.

Besides, the e-learning website builder can be applied for creating a webpage for organizing various educational events. These can include conferences, trade shows, educational exhibitions, meet-ups, workshops, negotiation, etc. Here, websites will be handy for gathering and exchanging information quickly. Without a doubt, websites are crucial for educational establishments and educators providing their courses online. Using the e-learning website builder, you can quickly create a website for online learning and start sharing your knowledge.

What Are the Advantages of the E-Learning Website Builder?

The website builder from MotoCMS has been developed for those who want to create their website fast. Its intuitive design and incredible functionality will turn the creation of a website into an enjoyable experience. No doubt, you’ll understand how to create e learning website that will suit all your needs. Let’s consider the advantages of the e-learning website builder in more detail.

Large Collection of E-learning Website Templates

E-learning website templates are the products that you can use to create various educational websites. Whatever your organization specializes in, you can create e learning website effortlessly. E-learning web templates take into consideration all the requirements of educational institutions, so your needs will be met. You can find various templates for:

  • schools, centers, and courses;
  • professors, researchers, and tutors;
  • conferences, events, and fund-raising.

Functionality and Flexibility of E-learning Website Templates

The e-learning website builder is a modern, powerful tool for creating websites. All e-learning website templates created with this builder have drag-and-drop functionality. It is as easy as it sounds: you drag elements and drop them into the desired position to create your perfect website. You see all the changes you make without having to change the code of the webpage.

Moreover, the templates’ flexibility will let you modify them as much as you like. If the style of the template doesn’t match the style of your organization, you can customize it. It’s possible to edit the layout of the webpages and their color schemes. Also, you can adjust fonts, icons, buttons, and add any elements you find appropriate.

Responsive Design of E-learning Website Templates

Usually, people use different devices to browse the Internet, so you have to think about the look of your webpage on different screens. If you choose e-learning website templates, you don’t have to worry, because the e-learning website builder takes care of your website. Your website will automatically adjust to various devices. So, it doesn’t matter if your visitors use a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. You may be sure that your website will look awesome on any screen. This is especially important if you have a website for online courses, as people will spend a lot of time on your website using different devices.

Additionally, e-learning website templates are SEO optimized. It means that your website will have a high rank in search engines. As the e-learning website builder has got advanced SEO settings, you can apply the best SEO practices to promote your website right after its creation. To do this, there is an all-embracing SEO guide to lead you through the whole process.

High Speed of E-learning Website Builder

To provide your users with the best experience, e-learning website builder creates speedy webpages. People dislike waiting, so there is a risk of losing customers if you have a slow website. However, when using e learning website templates, you may be sure that your website will be as fast as lightning.

Advanced E-Commerce Functionality of E-learning Website Templates

Educational establishments sometimes need to get payments. In this case, the more convenient for users the payment is, the more they are likely to choose this organization. Online payment is a simple satisfactory solution for payments. It is especially important for online schools and courses, as people can study and pay for their classes without leaving their homes. The templates for e-learning website have advanced eCommerce functionality which means you’ll be able to receive your clients’ payments on the website.

How to Create Your Own E-learning Website?

With the e-learning website builder from MotoCMS, the process of launching your website will be trouble-free. Just follow the steps below to turn your dreams into reality.

Select Your Template

Start with setting your aims and choosing from a collection of e-learning website templates. Pay attention to the design and functionality of the templates. Definitely, the website of an art school will be different from the website of a researcher created, for instance, with an academic personal website template, because their purposes are not the same. Spend some time browsing the templates, and you can always choose the best e learning website templates that meet your needs.

Adjust the Design of Your Webpage

Use the drag-and-drop functionality of the e-learning website builder to make your webpage look perfect. You can modify your page as much as you like to get the desired look. It’s also possible to add necessary widgets to ensure the website’s best functioning.

Introduce Your Professionals

In any educational establishment, educators are the fundamental part. People want to know educators who give them knowledge. Sometimes customers may choose tutors or teachers themselves. This situation is true, for instance, for dance studios where people come to classes to the trainers they have chosen. So, creating convincing pages that introduce your team is a must.

You can present different kinds of information when you introduce your staff. Use e-learning website templates to tell visitors the following details about your team members:

  • education and experience;
  • achievements and certificates;
  • methods of teaching;
  • life goals and interests.

When people know some information about your staff, they’ll regard teachers not as a list of names (probably with some photos) on your website, but as real-life personalities. This helps to establish better relationships between your organization and people, thus promoting your company.

Describe Your Services in E-learning Website Templates

This is one of the most important parts of your e-learning website. To give people an idea of what you do and what knowledge they can get, you should describe your services in as much detail as possible. You can present information about:

  • programs and degrees
  • types of courses
  • levels of studies
  • tools and materials used

Firstly, if you are a university or a college, you can present your programs and degrees. In this way, people will know what professions they can get and what type of degrees (for instance, bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D.) you offer. If you are an elementary school, you can offer such programs as science, literacy, social studies, grammar, art, or afterschool activities.

Secondly, even if you are a small or middle-sized organization specializing in a certain sphere, you may still offer various kinds of courses. For instance, an IT school can offer such courses as Hardware, Software Engineering, Databases, Game Development, etc. Likewise, a language school may offer such courses as English, Spanish, German, or even Ancient Greek and Latin.

Thirdly, people may come to you with different levels of knowledge, so they should know what you offer. For instance, if you are a language school or a dance studio, you may have courses for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students.

Fourthly, people will be glad to find out specific details about the process of education. So, you may specify what kinds of textbooks you use in your language courses, or what kind of cars people can drive in your driving school.

Assign Categories

With e-learning website templates, you can easily assign categories to your courses or programs. In such a way, it will be easier for people to find what they are looking for. This is particularly significant for large organizations that have a great variety of courses. Also, it will be useful to display the most popular courses to attract students.

State Prices

It is much easier to choose courses and programs when you know the prices. So, when presenting your courses, remember to indicate the prices. You can do this by editing the store general settings. People will be able to count how much they need to pay without contacting you. Moreover, you can explain why your prices are higher or lower than the competitors’ ones. It’s always pleasant to know what exactly you get for a certain price. Besides, you can have discounts and promote your courses.

Showcase Your Achievements

If you have something to be proud of, you should let people know about this. E-learning website templates will help you to showcase your achievements in a visually attractive way. So, you may indicate the number of students who have successfully passed your courses, the number of certificates issued by your school, etc.

Display Testimonials

To prove your success, you can include people’s reviews. The e-learning website builder includes testimonials widget that will help you to include appraisals of your clients. When others see such opinions, your company’s reliability and credibility will increase.

Create Galleries

Galleries are created easily with e-learning website templates, and they are visually appealing for website visitors. Hence, you can show pictures of your staff and let others meet your team virtually. Furthermore, you may post pictures of your students and graduates. Additionally, photos may give more information about:

  • premises;
  • classes in action;
  • events of your institution.

Involve Social Media

Social media is a magnificent way of promoting your organization. Thus, when you want to create your own e-learning website, think about the connections of your website with a social network. With e-learning website templates, you can easily connect your educators’ pages with their profiles on social networks. Also, you may add social buttons, so people will be able to share information in different networks.

Write a Blog

Your blog can be a powerful tool for keeping your students up-to-date and informing people. You can post information about your new courses or new materials. Also, you can demonstrate and share impressions about events and activities. Furthermore, you can give advice to your students. You can write tips on how to choose necessary courses of levels of knowledge.

Display Your Schedule

It is very convenient when students can see the schedule of classes directly on the school website. When you launch your page with a school website builder or with any other e-learning website builder, you’ll easily arrange your classes and time. People will appreciate the possibility to look at the schedule and choose the time appropriate for them. Additionally, e-learning website templates will allow you to include a booking form. Thus, your students or visitors will get a chance to book an appointment or a class.

Provide Your Contact Details

To get in touch with you, people need to know your contact details. You may state your telephones, emails, website, etc. Using e-learning website templates, you can also provide visitors with a contact form to get in touch with you directly via the website.

Indicate Your Location

To facilitate the process of finding your institution, you should indicate your location. As e-learning website templates have got map integration options, you can mark the location of your organization on the map on your website.

Get Started with MotoCMS E-learning Website Templates Today

All in all, with e-learning website builder from MotoCMS you can create any website for educational organizations without any trouble. Choose your ideal e-learning website template and start creating your website to attract new students.

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