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Check out the best actor website templates with a modern look and forward-thinking design. By using our actor website design, you get a ready-to-use solution with the backend tool for managing the content. Even those who have zero experience in web-development can create and maintain MotoCMS website templates for actors professionally by using an online app only.

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Fascinating Design of Website Templates for Actors

Are you looking for a website design that keeps in memory? Check out our collection of marvelous website templates for actors that have an unparalleled outline. The best actor website design uses all the newest features in web development and unique solutions from MotoCMS designers. Entertainment website templates have a multi-page website design. Thus, you can create an unlimited amount of pages and place a limitless number of widgets on each page. Moreover, more than ten pages with ready-to-use and mobile-friendly content come right out of the box.

Attractive Images & Appealing Fonts

All pictures come with website templates for actors. We provide images in the original resolution and royalty-free license. Thus, you can update photos from the entertainment website design template, adjust their dimension, and use them on your website with no restrictions. Images on MotoCMS website templates supplemented by shapes and visual effects to make them look modern and attractive. The system creates three versions of each image with different dimensions to display the content thoroughly on different screen resolutions. Also, this will help to increase a website’s loading speed on mobile devices.

MotoCMS actor website templates have a unique pack of pre-installed fonts for each design separately. Thus, you don’t need to pick up a font that will suit an entertainment website the best. To use a new font on your site, you need to navigate to the font manager in the admin panel and select a font for a text style. In case, none of the presented fonts meet your requirements, and you want to use a custom font on your site, add a new font from the Google library. Our website templates for actors support all Google Fonts. However, the ability to upload custom fonts is also presented in the website builder for actors.

Attractive Color Scheme on Actor Website Templates

The perfect combination of colors makes the podcast website template look professional and attractive. Also, it makes the process of using a site easy. Thanks to thoroughly picked up colors, make navigation buttons, and call to action elements highlighted on actor website templates. The leading-edge tool for managing color schemes of website templates for actors helps you to create professional-looking designs in a few clicks with no special qualification. If you want to update a color scheme on your website, you need to select five primary colors in the admin panel. The system will pick up all related colors automatically and apply them following the colors combination rules.

Fully Responsive Layout

Mobile devices become more popular every day and replace desktop devices significantly. Furthermore, mobile devices traffic implies more than 50% of the world’s internet traffic. To provide the best user experience, the system supplements all website templates for actors with a fully-responsive layout. The system supports all preview modes on various devices. Thus, a template will be displayed well on desktop monitors and laptops with any dimension, landscape and portrait modes on tablets and other mobile devices.

With the niche-leading functionality of website templates for actors, you don’t need to care about sizes and values. The system will adjust widgets’ size and spacings to display your website professionally. The best website builder for actors will create thumbnails of images to display images with smaller dimensions on mobile devices. It will reduce the amount of transferred data and increase loading speed. However, you can specify spacings and configure font sizes manually if you want to use a custom website design. Using the admin panel, you can set up a font size for each preview mode separately to make texts on smartphones look fine.

Stunning Features of MotoCMS Website Templates for Actors

A brand-new website launching process takes a few hours with MotoCMS actor website templates. Using the pre-built layouts, already designed elements, and easy-to-use admin panel, you can create a website without editing even a line of code. Update the content of a ready-to-use MotoCMS website template or create a unique design by placing widgets in a particular order and picking up a pre-built design. Moreover, website templates for actors have a large variety of useful third-party tools that increase a website’s functionality significantly.

Drag and Drop Admin Panel

Consider using the event website template if you want to launch your website, but have a lack of technical skills. With MotoCMS backend software, there is no need to hire a freelancer or sing a contract with a website building company. The advanced website builder for actors allows you to interact with a website by using only a mouse in your hand. The drag and drop interface of the admin panel allows change widgets’ placement, rearrange a website’s layout and update color schemes in one click. Moreover, you can set up pages to build a site’s structure and update the main navigation menu in a few clicks.

Widgets and Design Presets

All components of website templates for actors represented in the form of widgets. Each widget brings a particular element on your site. Thus, you can compose a website or update the existing event planner website template by adding blocks and putting widgets into these blocks. There is no need to learn CSS coding to change the appearance of widgets. A large assortment of ready-to-use design presets available right out of the box. Select a widget in the admin panel and pick up a design preset in one click. However, if you want to build an exclusive website design, you can update design presets according to your needs with no effort.

Convenient Navigation in Best Website Builder for Actors

MotoCMS website admin panel has a leading-edge user interface that allows using 100% of its potential with no additional education. The navigation in the admin panel is intuitive. It allows you can apply any modification to website templates for actors in just a few clicks. Dividing the admin panel by five sections helps to use the admin panel effectively.

Hence, you can easily find a particular setting without referring to the user’s guide. You can update a page’s layout or create new pages on actor website templates under the pages tab, change widgets’ appearance under the design tab, and set up a website under the settings tab. Also, you can manage your media files in the media library, create and post new articles in the blog.

Useful Widgets & Advantageous Integrations

MotoCMS website builder for actors gathers the most powerful website building tools in one place. The amount of helpful features on website templates for actors allows you to create a professional website and connect it with third-party services without editing even a line of code. There are a lot of widgets available in the admin panel. The presented widgets cover a wide variety of categories like structure, galleries, social, integrations, media, etc.

To connect an external service to your website, use integration widgets and set them up to work correctly on your website. The presented integration widgets allow you to connect the magician website template with AirBnB apartment, reservation by OpenTable, and appointment by Acuity Scheduling services in one click. Those services will provide your website visitors with the ability to schedule events and reserve places online. Moreover, actor website templates have integration with Google services. Show your location with the help of Google Maps, schedule events via Google Calendar and use Google Fonts on your site.

Google Maps on Website Templates for Actors

Every website should have a map on the home and contact pages to show the location of a place with an upcoming event and navigate your site visitors via the world’s popular navigation service. There are both simplified and extended versions of the Google Map widget available on website templates for actors. The shortened version adds a map with a default design and provides the ability to add a single address pointer on the map. Additionally, you can set up its height, zoom, and specify the devices that will display the map. The map’s width stretches according to the screen width.

The advanced Google Map widget provides you with the ability to configure the Google Map on website templates for actors according to all your requirements. You can customize the design of a Google Map on the TV channel website template and add multiply location pointers on the map. Pick up one of the presented map designs that include silver, retro, dark, and aubergine map styles. Also, you can adjust the spacings and configure control buttons on the Google Map in one click. The set of control buttons includes the map type switcher, street view, zoom, and rotate buttons. Thus, you can modify the Google Map on actor website templates easily.

Google Calendar and Appointment by Acuity Scheduling

Share your schedule and inform website visitors about upcoming events on your website with the help of the world's most popular online calendar. The Google Calendar integration will help you to keep your visitors updated about upcoming events without editing your website. A Google Calendar on website templates for actors synchronizes with your Google Account and updates automatically when the calendar updated on other devices. To add a calendar from Google on your website, you need to add the Google Map widget in the admin panel and specify a calendar’s ID. After saving the changes, your calendar will appear simultaneously.

Online Payments via PayPal

Website templates for actors provide the ability to sell tickets online or accept donations via PayPal. The inbuilt software allows you to add a PayPal button on your website and set up payment details easy. There are two types of buttons available in the admin panel. You can add the purchase button to sell products or services online or add the donation button on actor website templates. The purchase button from PayPal allows you to specify an item’s name, price, and default currency. The donation PayPal button provides the ability to contribute any amount by specifying it on the checkout.

Demo & Free Servicing

Create the best actor website design for free with MotoCMS. If you want to test the system before purchasing a template, register a free 14-day trial. Demo website templates for actors have no restrictions, so you can try all the features and create a fully functional website with an unlimited amount of pages. Once your demo mode is expired, you can purchase a template and receive all the changes from your demo account for free. Hence, there is no need to re-do all the changes on a live website.

MotoCMS Website Templates for Actors - Customer Care & Updates

We provide 24/7 technical support via live chat and ticket system. Thus, our customer care specialists will resolve any possible issues and help you to start working with actor website templates. Also, there is a great user’s guide with worthy instructions and step-by-step video tutorials on how to make an actor website.

Moreover, the MotoCMS admin panel receives monthly software updates that evaluate the system’s functionality and add new features to website templates for actors. There is no need to modify source files on your server manually to install new updates. The system uploads all data automatically and installs the latest update by itself. Just pick up a website template with the most appropriate design and use right out of the box.

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