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Website Builder Sites Made on MotoCMS – Top 5 Examples

Daria Kosych 6 July, 2021

Today, we won’t discuss the essential topics and changes in the web development market. In contrast, we offer you to forget about all the stresses Google algorithms present website owners with and have a look at some examples of real website builder sites. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s time for our rubric #madeonmotocms. Let’s observe all the functionality users get without effort.

Rosia Bay Using MotoCMS Template

Rosia Bay Home Page

RosiaBay has made the most of the MotoCMS template to present all the necessary leadership and team coaching information maximizing business performance. The company’s founder helps people develop professionally, supports them in achieving goal aspirations and overcoming depression and stress. And the website pages help to divide the content into logical blocks and gain trust.

Website Builder Sites Features for User Interaction

  • buttons for easy website navigation;
  • email subscription form for users to receive the latest news, tips, and advice;
  • social media integration for customers to follow them on social media accounts;
  • useful links to the information about stress support, team coaching, etc.;
  • contact us form and a map;
  • client testimonials page with genuine feedback.

Logo Design

The company uses a simple but attractive logo that works like a magnet. Combining the letters R and B, the designers have created a catchy image associated with Rosia Bay. MotoCMS specialists are always ready to present you with unique ideas if you need a custom logo design.

Blog Functionality

A quality blog is another helpful tool for business development. By launching your blog, you can shed light on topics considering your services, attract potential clients, get additional traffic to your site, and even start making money blogging.

MotoCMS Blog Functionality


By the way, MotoCMS templates include all the blog elements widgets (Post List, Recent Posts, Tag List, and Category List) for users’ convenience and engagement. Therefore, you get all the necessary tools to succeed. Just use them properly.

Tip: look at MotoCMS templates with blog functionality to understand how the admin panel looks and how simple it is to manage.

Besides, now you can set the blog as a home page if necessary and choose from various layouts to adapt it to your preferences.

Sygentis Website Builder Sites

Sygentis Website

Sygentis is a company that specializes in marketing, sales, trade, and communication. It offers consulting project management and comprehensive solutions for business owners. We are glad that the owner has chosen one of our templates to present their services.

Bold Design

Dark interfaces look impressive, stylish, and elegant. Sygentis combines a black background design with blue inserts, which is a good solution for those who want to stand out. It works exceptionally well for describing a company’s strengths. Thus, unique icons on the site show why to choose their services (simple, straight, professional, innovative, etc.).

We hope you remember that you should always consider the context to make the dark theme appropriate. Thus, the choice depends on the content and the situation: what, when, where, and what device. What you can achieve with a dark theme:

  • Get a vivid visual effect.
  • Convey a sense of style and elegance, luxury and prestige.
  • Create intrigue and mystery.
  • Help the user stay focused and keep their attention.
  • Emphasize visual hierarchy and information architecture.

All in all, it’s essential to follow appropriate websites color combinations to achieve contrast and readability and make it convenient for scanning.

Advanced Contact Form

Adding your name and email address makes it easy to contact the company’s managers and answer all questions. Also, Sygentis presents necessary information(email, opening time, phone number, and office location) for users to take action.

Besides, MotoCMS offers an advanced contact form plugin to improve website performance. Thus, you get an unlimited amount of fields, files attachment options, automatic notifications and protect your website from spam.

Annelis Oberson Website Builder Sites

Doctor Website Builder Sites

Praxis Dr. Oberson website has a nice, light, and simple design with orange inserts. And it’s an excellent decision as white background is considered to be a primary medical website color that calms and ensures clients get necessary consultation and the problem solved.

Annelis Oberson is a practicing doctor for gynecology and obstetrics who has chosen the MotoCMS template to get new clients and tell more about her experience.

Use of Gallery on Website Builder Sites

Some people may be scared of a new place, a new doctor, and their experience and postpone their visit until they find a professional. By adding real photos to the site, Annelis Oberson shares the office’s pleasant atmosphere, which truly wins clients over.

Website Builder Sites Gallery

In the MotoCMS admin panel, you can choose from:

  • Carousel
  • Grid Gallery
  • Slider
  • Tile Gallery.

MotoCMS Admin Panel


On the screenshot above, you can observe the Tile gallery with easy-to-change Columns, Slide duration, Margins, its display, type of animation, and design. Please, follow the link in case you want to delve into widgets galleries settings.

SEO Built-In Tools

There is no need to hire a SEO specialist or agency to optimize your site anymore. You can do it on your own in the admin panel. After you’ve defined the most appropriate keywords for your website(you can use Ubersuggest free plan, for instance), think about a meta description of your site. Every MotoCMS template’s page has fields for adding meta title and meta description and Alt attributes for optimizing images. Website Builder Sites SEO Analysis

Besides, now you can generate sitemaps & robots.txt files for your sites right in the admin panel, which makes improving your site ranking easier.

Mira Munt Website Builder Sites

Website Builder Sites Home Page

Mira Munt specializes in therapy, training, body & soul work and helps a broad audience to lead a better and more straightforward life. Thanks to MotoCMS template, Mira presents her team of therapists and current courses/lectures with detailed information:

  • by whom
  • where
  • when
  • how much.

Therefore, the users know what to expect.

Drag&Drop Editor

We provide our users with various tools, options, and widgets that they can apply to their site by dragging required blocks and adding their content. Is it possible without programming skills? Of course, it is! With an intuitive drag & drop builder, you can change the design and quickly adapt any template according to your wishes and get a unique website with fantastic functionality.

Using Pop Ups

The website owner uses a pop up for newsletter subscriptions, which is a good tool for gathering users’ emails. Nowadays, it may be risky as it seems annoying for some people but if you understand what is a pop up, its structure, types, when to use it, how to create a form, and what mistakes to avoid, you’ll succeed.

Mira Munt Newsletter

Adding Google Maps

Adding a responsive Google Maps widget can help consumers find a business organization, build trust, and improve the overall user experience. Embedding a map on a site can also lower bounce rate and assist in search engine optimization.

Today, many people use Google maps when it comes to finding an address or location. Users prefer this platform because of its directions clarity. Here are some of the benefits that make business owners implement Google Map on their site:

  • the resource is trustworthy since it is chosen by the majority of users from all over the world;
  • it saves time for explaining to each person/client/guest where to find a particular shop/center;
  • there is a chance that a potential client will use your service since an interactive map on your site looks more professional and modern than a regular line with an address;
  • it is free, and you can do it without effort and spending lots of time.

The built-in maps on the site will be helpful for any business, whether it’s an IT company startup or vapor shop, a farm website, or a tea website. People always prefer simplicity and a quick, convenient solution.

Sterizar Website Builder Sites

Desinfection Website Builder Sites

STERIZAR company provides effective hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection. Moreover, it ensures secure and fast protection of electronic devices, flowers and food, and acts against bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi. Therefore, Sterizar can eliminate dangerous germs quickly and sustainably without alcohol, which is an ideal solution for infection prevention.

By using the MotoCMS template, the site owner has the opportunity to develop business and boost sales. Let’s have a look at it.

Free Icons for Your Site

To present the advantages and benefits of their services clearly, Sterizar has chosen icons that attract attention and make people read the text. There is an Insert icon feature in the Widgets section to add necessary words in a Search field and choose icons essential for your site.

Website Icons

Ecommerce Functionality

Sterizar disinfection company has decided only to present images and characteristics of their hygiene, hand disinfection, surface disinfection, and cleaning products. However, MotoCMS provides an eCommerce plugin that allows you to turn your site into an online shop in up to 3 hours. After installing it, you get:

  • an easy-to-understand dashboard,
  • customizable admin panel,
  • carefully organized products catalogs,
  • a section for managing orders and clients’ information,
  • settings to change the design, payment methods, and any block on a page.

With our eCommerce templates, you’ll launch an online business successfully and get profits in the shortest possible time. A good, responsive, and eye-catching theme will competently present your product and increase sales. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Examples of Website Builder Sites


Website for Selling Organic Products


Template for Machinery Shop


Some Tips for Website that Sells

  1. Create a FAQ Section. Even if you present all the information clearly, visitors always have questions. Therefore, it’s better to answer the most frequent questions and guarantee a good user experience.
  2. Add a live chat widget. It’s a good decision for those who want to turn potential clients into real ones. As some customers may doubt, instant answers and arguments can persuade them.
  3. Clear discounts. The management of discounts and their successful presentation doubles the chances of a sale.
  4. Add search field. If the client doesn’t get what he’s looking for, he leaves a site. Thus, the tool for easy search can extend the time spent on the page. Make the search process more accessible and add the opportunity to insert category, name, ID, description, price, etc.
  5. Using customer search history for personalization. In eCommerce, creating personalized pages is an essential task. Data such as location, traffic sources, purchased items, and pages viewed can dramatically improve customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and improve sales.
  6. Use large and beautiful images. Images play a significant role in online sales. Make sure your template can display large product images and various galleries.
  7. Use accurate and attractive CTA elements. Product images are just part of a giant puzzle. Another part is good CTA elements. Make sure each product has a call-to-action element attached to it so that the user understands what to do next.
  8. Add customer reviews. Before making a purchase decision, people want to see what others are saying about a product. It’s inherent in human nature. If you have customer reviews, don’t be afraid to show them. They can be placed at the bottom of the product page or on a testimonials page .
  9. List precise shipping methods and return policy. Users want to clarify all the details before making a final purchase decision. Don’t hide these terms, and create a section on your site that clearly states your shipping methods and return policy, as well as your contact and customer support information. Convince users that it is safe to buy from you.

Responsiveness of MotoCMS Themes

We guarantee that your site will work flawlessly and adapt to all screen resolutions. Due to templates’ adaptability and mobile-friendliness, every user stays satisfied with websites’ performance and usability.

Good Page Speed Rates

According to Google core web vitals, it’s essential how fast your content loads(LCP), how users interact with it, and how stable website layout elements are. With MotoCMS, you’ll undoubtedly get good speed results and search engine gratification.

Suppose you have some problems with website performance(it’s necessary to optimize images, change hosting settings, enable gzip compression, boost website traffic, etc.). In that case, you can appeal to our specialists and get a robust page speed optimization service.

Third Parties Integration

We offer our clients to track and analyze visitors’ flow and activity on the website with the help of third parties like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

In fact, there are six blocks with different options:

  • by adding your tracking ID, you can monitor your traffic flow in Google Analytics;
  • if you specify your HTML Tag, you get the opportunity to check your site’s search performance in Google Search Console;
  • Google Tag Manager helps you cope with tags on your site;
  • if you have Facebook Pixel ID, you can also track how your Facebook ads work and improve their performance;
  • you can also use Yandex.Webmaster and Yandex.Metrica to evaluate your site’s indexing and ranking, monitor search results, and help avoid mistakes.

MotCMS Admin Panel

Various Categories

MotoCMS template is a ready-made solution for any business niche:

  • finances sphere;
  • beauty industry;
  • photography;
  • medicine;
  • restaurant and food;
  • sport;
  • web design;
  • freelancers, etc.

Easy-to-Edit Website Template


Responsive Website Builder Templates


Opportunity to Choose a Web Host

Today, we offer free hosting and SSL certificates to all our clients. Still, we never impose a particular opinion so that you can choose the web host that matches your wishes and business needs. Any hosting that corresponds to MotoCMS requirements is acceptable.

Reliable Support from MotoCMS

We pay attention to every client’s request and are ready to help you solve a problem 24/7. Please, contact us via mail/phone/live chat and get answers to all questions.

Besides, we offer a free 14 day trial period for you to understand all the templates’ functions and decide whether it fits your company.

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