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MotoCMS Templates with Blog Functionality Are Here!

MotoCMS Editorial 29 December, 2015

It’s been one of the main options our customers asked to add to our templates. And finally we have it! Blog section is added to a row of selected MotoCMS 3 templates. This whole new functionality allows users to create posts, structure the content on a blog page and set up other options. MotoCMS templates with blog functionality contain all the features to create a highly-functional page with posts listing and recent posts section.

MotoCMS templates with blog - main


MotoCMS Blog Functionality

MotoCMS Blog Functionality

For today only a set of the most popular MotoCMS 3 templates were updated with Blog functionality. But there’s good news too: more and more new templates that appear in MotoCMS store get Blog from the beginning. And more updates for blog website builder will appear inside your admin panel for free. Let’s get a short overview of blogging features in MotoCMS 3 templates.

Blog Posts

MotoCMS Blog tab contains three sections: Posts, Templates and Settings. Posts section includes the entire functionality and widgets for creating new posts and customising the existing ones.

Creating a new post is a snap. Click the “Add New” button and you’ll get the popup with two fields for entering a Post Title and URL. URL will be generated automatically while you’re typing your title in the Title field. But you can modify a URL manually the way you need.

MotoCMS templates with blog - post creation

After creating a post you will be sent to the page where you can modify it. With the use of the right side panel you can type its name and short description (via pop-up window) as well as to edit and remove the entire post with the use of an “Action” button. You can view your post any time through the use of a “View Post” button. But note that short description is only visible on the main blog page.

You can also add a preview image that to show it on the main page of your blog. SEO functions are also available on the right side panel and allow you adding meta description as well as using “no-index,” “no-follow,” and “canonical” attributes. Code Injection function is also available within blog posts.

After you created your first post you can fill it with content. You can drop any widget that MotoCMS admin panel offers into the Content section on a post page. Add images, text, galleries, buttons and other stuff to make your blog post valuable and attractive. After you’re done with the post content you have two options – to save it as a draft or publish it immediately. Just choose the post status on the right panel.

Templates Section

This section allows you to manage the main page of your blog where all your posts will be shown.

MotoCMS templates with blog - templates section

You also have here a Content section where you can drop two main Blog Elements widgets: Post List and Recent Posts. Post List contains all your posts feed (with the newest on top) and the Recent post widget includes your latest posts info.

Aside these two blogging widgets you are free to use any other widgets MotoCMS admin panel offers. But you cannot add them INSIDE the Post List or Recent Posts containers. Just drop those widgets below or above them.

MotoCMS templates with blog - widgets

Within a Post List widget you’ll find a specific post presentation structure with the following elements (from up to down): post name, its publication date and author name, preview image, “Read More” button. It also includes divider for posts and pagination on the bottom of the list. Please, note that you cannot change this order.

You can customize Post List properties (on the right) and Design. Add, modify or delete header and footer styles, background style, and inject custom code for header and/or footer. While pagination style can be modified within the Widgets section in the Design tab.

Other properties for Post List widget include the amount of posts to be shown on a Home page (1 to 20), Button Label (type your own text for show more function) and Spacing. In the Design tab on the right you can choose among presets for Post Name style, Date style, Image, Divider and Button presets.

Recent Posts widget bears pretty same properties as a Post list widget. You can change a title for this section and choose the title style in the Design tab, as well as modify post name style and thumbnail image preset.

Post Template tab defines the look of a post page. You can choose the style for any element in the post structure (post name, its author, publication date, image etc.). You can also drop widgets on this page from the Blog Elements section (Recent Posts, Author, Date, Published On and Comments) as well as other like social sharing buttons widget etc.

Settings Tab

In this tab you can modify global settings for the entire blog. Thus, here you can enable or disable comments for all posts (you can choose “Show Comments” setting for a specific post right on its page).

You can also choose the date format for all posts to get the most useful style for you.

It’s the first step to the fully-functional Blog on MotoCMS. Now we added this functionality only to a few selected templates that you can find below.

Business Services Web Template

MotoCMS templates with blog - 52342

Global Business Website Template

MotoCMS templates with blog - 53732

Minimalist Business Web Template

MotoCMS templates with blog - 55498

Financial Consultant Web Page Template

MotoCMS templates with blog - 55644

Photographer’s Portfolio Website Template

MotoCMS templates with blog - 55137

Marketing Agency Web Template

MotoCMS templates with blog - 55857

Professional Business Consultant Web Template

MotoCMS templates with blog - 54892

Web Template for Car Repair Service

MotoCMS templates with blog - 55858

In future we are to offer you more templates with blog section and, of course, we will improve its functionality to provide you with the best blogging opportunities.

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  1. This is great news! I love these themes, and feel they are one of the best ways to get an affordable website that looks fantastic. Gorgeous designs and I use them for clients often

  2. SpearsComputer says:

    I recently just canned my WordPress site and installed one of your themes! I’m satisfied with the results!

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