How to Start Making Money Blogging – Tips For Beginners

Daria Kosych 27 April, 2021

Monetizing a blog isn’t the easiest thing in the world but is there something impossible? We know that some of us fear to start anything because of challenges waiting ahead, while others are always full of inspiration and strength to finally reach the end. Nevertheless, we believe in every one of you! Follow our guide on how to start making money blogging and achieve your goals step by step.

First Things To Consider

In case you create a blog to make money, you are actually starting an online business. You should think over a plan, choose the platform, invest in it, create and promote content, and use various monetization tools. Let’s get this sorted out. The best way to begin is to write about something that you love to do, for example, your work(promote your business), hobbies, or interests. Thus, it’ll be easier to choose your niche and targeted audience. If you want to turn your blog into a source of income but still haven’t found yourself, look through some tips that may be helpful.

How to Start Making Money Blogging – Get Inspired By Other Blogs

There is nothing wrong with attempts to make something similar. Anyway, your result will be unique and adjusted to your ideas.

 Surf the Internet

  1. Follow trends.
  2. Look for some demanded topics, choose the one that you like the most and start your blog.
  3. It’s cool to track on different forums what people need or interested in and give it to them.

Come Up with Challenge and Take Part In It

It’s easier to think over posts’ themes and keep readers interested as they want to know what will happen next. Try the demands of a challenge and describe the results in articles.

How to Start Making Money Blogging – Describe Your Life

You can write about some personal or professional events in your life. But to make an online diary enjoyable, you need your own “punchline” – a unique style of writing original content or a personal point of view. You risk otherwise not finding your target audience and not learning how to start making money blogging.

Tip: read our article on how to write a good blog in 5 steps successfully.

Comment Some Topical News

Some readers need deep research and an independent evaluation of the events that happen in a particular sphere or the world so that you can become their lifeline and spell the news out for them.

Write Reviews

Describe your experience after reading various books, completing programs, using cosmetics, etc. People will rely on your observations.

Most Profitable Topics To Make A Blog

  • Investing and finance
  • Insurance
  • Travel and tourism
  • Product reviews
  • Sport and nutrition
  • Beauty and fashion

As you see, there are just so many opportunities to choose from! After you’ve defined your blog’s main theme, brainstormed ideas for its name, and planned at least an approximate schedule, it’s high time to choose a platform for realizing your blog and learning how to start making money blogging.

How to Start Making Money Blogging – Create Your Website

There is no limit to earning money on blogs, but not everything at once! You’ll need some time and money for a successful start. MotoCMS blog website builder offers responsive templates both for those who need them for self-expression and business promotion.

Responsive Blogging Website Design

Make all the details (logo, blocks, colors, fonts, background) look the way you want to within the built-in admin panel.

How to Start Making Money Blogging


You can use your blog not only to share unique posts on specific themes but you can also:

  • point out several categories, e.g., lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel
  • present your courses/books
  • make forms for consultations or new offers.

Influencer Website Template for Bloggers

With MotoCMS, you become a blog professional who shares valuable tips, recommendations and presents novelties. Everything is created for getting users’ trust. Thus, you can share your story, tell about recent projects and collaborations, attach photos and add tags for people to find your posts faster.

fashion blog


Also, you can help brands grow their awareness, increase sales, and become successful.

How to Start Making Money Blogging – Travel Blog

Are you in search of a perfect platform for your travel blog? Then, you’re in the right place. MotoCMS website design will transform your ideas into a wonderful reality. You readers will stay pleased by:

    • your motivational quotes
  • posts on travel inspiration, travel tips, recommended gear
  • high-quality videos and photos
  • Instagram hashtags
  • free guides on tours; moreover, they will add their emails to download it, and you’ll build your base steadily

How to Start Making Money Blogging - Travel Blog


Perfect Theme for a Food Blog

It’s a brilliant blog that includes such elements as structured posts with the description of unique recipes, tag search, gallery, and author card. You’ll be able to distribute recipes by categories, add video instructions, broadcast your Instagram feed to the main page, and provide links to all blog profiles on social networks.

Perfect Theme for a Food Blog

Undoubtedly, it’s essential to make your website look professional and stylish.


Astonishing Photographer Web Template

An eye-catching design and broad functionality of the MotoCMS photography template will allow you to easily arrange your portfolio, pricing for different sessions, and valuable posts correctly. Thus, blogging helps drive traffic to your site – it’s an excellent way to interest potential customers in your style, services.

Astonishing Photographer Web Template

It’ll certainly impress customers at first sight and sell you like a professional.


Features Making Your Blog a Front-Runner

  1. comfy interface
  2. a user-friendly control panel
  3. drag & drop editor
  4. appealing design(read Basic Blog Design Elements You Should Consider )
  5. lightning-fast loading speed
  6. social media integration for you to get more followers
  7. built-in SEO options
  8. Google Analytics integration for you to observe statistics
  9. Media library with Stock photos from Unsplash
  10. free trial and 24/7 reliable support for you to understand how to manage your future site

Enjoy a free and robust domain and host for your blog website, adjust the design to your preferences and promote it.

How Much Money You Can Get in 2021

It depends mainly on the following things:

  • your blog traffic
  • your readers’ email list

Therefore, the more traffic you have, and the more email addresses of the audience that follows you, knows, and trusts you, the more money you get. It happens because they will come back, read your content, and buy products that you create/recommend or share (affiliate products).

Proven Ways On How To Start Making Money Blogging


Display ads on your website/blog and get money for every click users to make or per 1000 impressions. It’s the easiest way to make money for newbie bloggers, but it is impossible to make a lot of money. Nevertheless, it’ll help you boost traffic and brand awareness.

You can also sell private ads in the form of banners, buttons, or links, which will be more profitable.

Affiliate Programs

One of the most beneficial ways on how to start making money blogging is choosing an affiliate program. How does it work? You recommend some products or services and receive a percentage every time someone clicks on your link and performs an action(registers or buys something).

Besides, to become successful, you should recommend only the products or services that you use.

Sponsored Posts

Easy money is the punchline of this method. You have the opportunity to get from 50 to 300$ per post but be careful! Search engines don’t like overusing content that is different from the usual one. Also, please pay attention to these posts’ quality: the bad ads they might include can lower your traffic, and your readers won’t be thrilled at best.

In addition, you can write sponsored content. In such a case, at least the style and consistency of the past won’t differ badly.

Place Products Ads On Your Site

Why not help somebody sell their products and earn good money(starting from 100$)? If the advertisement banner matches your target audience and blog niche, it’ll be beneficial for your site, your readers, and the advertiser as well.

How to Start Making Money Blogging – Become an Influencer

If your blog is popular enough, you can get money for being invited to different projects.

Work With Brands

Familiarise yourself with the brand’s social media page, think about the formats of cooperation you can offer, and create a unique proposition that is brand-conscious and consistent with your blog as well. Undoubtedly, it’s a win-win.

Paid Membership Blog

You can create content for restricted members in the form of private forums or questions and answers communities. If you present unique and helpful information, there will undoubtedly be a demand for your blog.

Blogger Outreach Tools

You try to achieve your best, but the marketing strategies you’ve chosen don’t work? Choose other ones! For example, you can establish long-lasting relationships with influencers from your industry and become promoted by other bloggers. With some outreach tools, you will find experts to work with, popular topics, and search requests.

Promote Your Blog With Social Networks

It’ll be challenging to survive on the market without social media integration. You can’t miss such a chance to get new followers – you’ll spend money on advertising but earn at least twice more.

How to Start Making Money Blogging – Create And Sell Your Courses

Do you feel that you’re experienced enough and ready for something bigger? Think of creating a course. The main thing is to define the task of the course and the audience clearly. It’s essential to understand what your goal is.

Some Examples of Great Blogs For Inspiration

Have a look at an aesthetic and easy-to-navigate A Cup of Jo’s blog! According to several categories, she presents most popular posts, uses links to other sources, and earns money on affiliate programs(mainly key tags but there are also subpages for clothing, accessories, beauty, home, and books ads).

Blogs For Inspiration

The following blog belongs to Hayet Rida, keen on fashion, beauty, travelling, decor, and writing about her lifestyle. How to start making money blogging, according to her example? First, she has lots of partnership programs(head & shoulders, Native, L’oreal Paris, Eloquii, Booking.com, and many others!). Secondly, Rida sells her clothes there.

How to Start Making Money Blogging

What makes her blog even more popular? It’s social media integration, of course.

And the last blog we’d like to pay your attention to is The Good Trade. It provides:

  • Sustainable lifestyle content.
  • Annually reaching 50M+ highly engaged readers.
  • Daily newsletter.
  • Cross-channel social media presence.

All this gives them ground for successful advertising and brand partnerships.

How to Start Making Money Blogging

How to Run Your Blog

Get used to publishing new articles regularly. Several tricks will help you with it:

  • write down ideas that come to mind suddenly
  • make a publication plan
  • analyze blog statistics
  • optimize articles for search engines(by publishing SEO-optimized articles, you attract visitors from search and convert them into subscribers)
  • respond to comments(thank for the feedback, and answer the readers’ questions as discussions under the articles are a sign that the blog is alive)
  • set up a newsletter subscription form.

How Start Making Money Blogging – Challenges Waiting for You

You may have some problems on your way so you’ll be tempted to quit blogging. That’s why let’s consider the most painful issues new bloggers face and strategies to overcome these obstacles and learn how to start making money blogging.

Lack of Focus

Define the main focus and target audience of the blog. Once there is a focus and discipline, running your blog becomes much easier and more effective.

Lack of Knowledge

It’s ok not to know something, but it’s essential to learn. As your blog grows, your knowledge should continually improve and conform to higher standards. For ex., to increase your blog’s popularity, you will need to find out what SEO is, how to search for keywords, and manage monetization tools.

Blog Audience is Too Small

Blogging without a large audience may seem like a waste of time to you, but your efforts cannot fail to bring results.

Difficulties with Monetizing Your Blog

We’ve found out how to start making money blogging. You should only define the way that fits you best and work on it.

Content Quality and Frequency

Above we’ve discussed how to run your blog, and now you know it’s essential to have a scheduled plan. If you try to create content quickly to have more posts, it turns into a decline in its quality. All in all, despite lots of obstacles and difficulties, there is no reason why you cannot become successful.

Everything’s Possible – How Start Making Money Blogging

For your blog to be successful, you should think of it as more than just a way to make money, and it will grow faster. After all the things discussed, you know how to start making money blogging – you need patience, a plan, and a clear understanding of what you want, what you can, and what to wait for as a result.

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